Introduction to " Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth" Volume 1


Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth:



O Lord Christ

Two thousand years ago
they crucified you unjustly
for your teachings,
and to this day they declare themselves
the enemies of all reformers.
Enraged, they howl, curse, and stone.
No good can be expected from these straying,
beguiling and deceitful humans.
They are mired in sin
and cannot be saved from its foul swamps.
They trifled with your commandments,
ridiculed your counsels,
and mocked your laws.

Dr. Dahesh


This extraordinary book unveils the unknown life of Jesus Christ- his life as a child and an adolescent. The four Gospels relate accounts of his miracles after the age of thirty; however,
we know nothing of the years preceeding that.

When I read this book, I was totally captivated by its eloquent style, its amazing secrets and astonishing events. I read it avidly and wished it were a thousand pages long.

But how did Dr. Dahesh come to know the unknown life of Jesus Christ? This matter will be revealed to the readers and to the whole world at some point in the future. When it will be reported by all the news media of the world, its impact will be far greater than that of any nuclear bomb. Whether or not the world now believes that what is written in this book is true, the truth will remain true even if attacked by all of humanity. As for
myself, I loudly proclaim that Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth undoubtedly contains authentic memoirs: their secret has been
revealed to me, and their evidence is unassailable. And when in due time it is made available to the whole world, people will be as convinced of its authenticity as I am. Mountains will shake and crumble before I doubt this truth.

Until that day, which I hope will be soon, I am certain that whoever reads this wonderful book will be delighted by its style
and captivated by its events.

I eagerly await the appearance in print of the second volume of this book. I hope Dr. Dahesh will publish it shortly to satisfy my desire and that of the readers to discover another hidden chapter in the life of the founder of Christianity.

Translated from the Arabic original of Eliya Hajjar
Beirut. January 22, 1979; 9 p.m.

A Fervent Prayer of Thanksgiving

O Father Eternal,
in supplication and humbleness,
I prostrate myself before You,
raising to You
my most devout feelings
of deep reverence,
giving thanks for the utmost protection
bestowed upon me through the past year,
even to this very hour,
beseeching You to watch over us all
with Your ever vigilant and caring eye.
Guide my steps and theirs in the path of Truth.
Remove from our depths
the thorns of deadly greed.
Direct us towards Heaven,
where greed is no more
and desires cease to exist.
Give me strength
and guide me onto the straight path.
Encourage the faltering and the weak-willed.
Enlighten darkened hearts
with rays of Your everlasting lights.
Let everyone persevere in love of the Just Truth.
Lift from their eyes the veil of ignorance,
that they may behold
the rich meadows of Your guidance,
and they will praise and glorify You
for ever and for evermore.