Introduction to "Reflections On My Life" By Joseph Henri Chakkour

Reflections On My Life

To believe in a truth that goes against the tide when, and because, everyone believes in it is not that much of a feat. The real exploit, in my view, is to believe in it when deep in our heart we know we are facing a revelation, though the whole world might think otherwise. When my time came to choose what to believe, I chose not to close my eyes to the obvious, and it turned out to be my life. And here I am now, lifting my voice as one who was touched, to relate what I witnessed and what I felt. I come also to relate the very instances Doctor Dahesh cared to share with me, because to live them again and again is a joy in itself.

In his book Words, Doctor Dahesh says, “My word is part of my heart, shard of my soul, essence of my whole. ”

That is how I meant my words to be. I know they are not perfect, but they are true to form—my form, or soul.