Table of The Miracles of Dr. Dahesh

Healing of Diseases:

The Miraculously Written Answers:

Transmutation of Things:

Creating Life and Reviving the Dead:


Teleportation of Objects:


The Non-Human Personalities of Dr. Dahesh:


  • The Miracles of Dr. Dahesh

Before treating this subject, it is necessary to start with three explanatory remarks:

a)    The majority of those who have seen and witnessed Dr. Dahesh’s prodigies were educated, well-cultured and perfectly enlightened. Among them were physicians, engineers, journalists, professors of universities, bishops, learned men, keen reporters, attorney generals, judges, lawyers, and a great number of deputies (Members of Parliament), ministers and executive officers—all of them have declared that what they have seen was certainly the objective truth, undeniable, even if their interpretations to these phenomenal miracles differed at certain points.

b)   A huge number of these witnesses who had their faith affirmed in the same manner as St. Thomas, and who had the Daheshist truth illuminating their souls, believed in Dr. Dahesh's mission and did not waiver no matter what the sacrifices were. They endured persecution, suffering and disagreements of all sorts.

  • As for the lady of letters, portrayer and author, known as Mrs. Marie Chiha Haddad, she had to suffer persecution from her own sister, the late Laura, wife of the late Besharah el Khoury who was the President of the Lebanese Republic at that time. Her sister imprisoned her for the sake of compelling her to abandon her new faith, but as Mrs. Haddad insisted on keeping her convictions; her sister circulated the rumors that she was mad and ordered her to be confined in a hospital for mental diseases; but soon Marie went out from the hospital, perfectly sane, faithful to her belief, respected as she was before, and continued to profess literature and arts and kept on maintaining her relations with the miraculous man.


  • Mr. George Haddad, her husband, at the time of the persecution, preferred to leave behind him the terrestrial glory and wealth, and be jailed for months for the sake of his beliefs. He also witnessed a great number of miracles, and the spiritual teachings of Dr. Dahesh brought back to him his faith in God, in the immortality of the Soul and made his life a decent one.


  • The late Dr. George Khabsa, the well-known specialist in skin diseases, renounced his chair as Professor in the French Faculty of Medicine and gave his resignation as a protest to an article published by the Jesuit newspaper “El Basheer” defaming Dr. Dahesh.


  • Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman resigned his official post as Government Medical Officer after he was left with the choice of either doubling his salary or renouncing his Daheshist faith.


  • The famous poet Halim Dammous suffered for more than a year in prison because of his tenacity in his faith. He preferred preaching the Daheshist truth over the vanities of the world.


  • The former Attorney-General in Beirut, Mr. Dimitri Hayek was forced to renounce his post after he had refused to direct a false accusation against Dr. Dahesh. He had witnessed a great number of the miracles and had believed in Dr. Dahesh’s mission.  


It is not necessary to enumerate further the names of those who made sacrifices to the cause of the new Spiritual Mission. 

Now, would it be reasonable to consider all those named above as victims of imagination during tens of years? Would they all renounce their important positions, their considerable wealth their pacific way of living, their friends, and their own relatives, preferring the trials, the sufferings, and the discomfort for a fictitious goal?
No and a thousand times no. Had the truth not been so obvious, they would not have testified for it! Had they not touched it with their own fingers, verified it with their intelligence, and accepted it as something superior and to the welfare of this world, they would not have left, with no regret at all, the glory of this earth and its inducements.

c)   The miracles which took place were are not of one kind, but rather of hundreds of types embracing men, animals, plants and inanimate objects. These miracles are of a materialistic nature, palpable, unchanged as to their existence, unchanged when examined and unchanged when in photographic pictures. The one who can throw a glance at the ensemble of these miracles cannot but bow down with respect and glorify this grand and extraordinary spiritual force which created them. If we were to register all the miracles of Dr. Dahesh, we would have needed numerous huge volumes.

Among the miracles which were accomplished, I would like to mention the following few examples:

—Curing instantaneously incurable diseases.
—Saving from death or from damage to bodily injuries.
—The reproduction of life’s happenings and the recording, in a most astonishing way, of people's talks no matter how secret and how far they were.
—The predicting in details of forthcoming events.
—Knowing the hidden thoughts and the dreams.
—The ability to speak any existing language.
—The giving of life to plants, dead animals, and inanimate objects.
—The creation of things prior to their palpable existence and the bringing them back to life after their annihilation.
—The growing of plants, the ripening of fruits within an eye glance.
—The changing of the nature of things and their functions, making them bigger or smaller and changing their form and color.
—Transformation of ordinary ore into precious one, the ordinary paper into real currency notes.
—Changing a losing lottery ticket into a winning one, no matter how much the value was.
—Tracing lost things and making them appear within a glance.
—The transfer of material objects from one place to another regardless of weight or distance and so on.
—But the greatest of all these miracles is, in my opinion, the plurality of “The Personalities” of Dr. Dahesh and their miraculous power.

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Healing of Diseases:

No doubt medical science has attained a very high degree of progress during this century. But there are limits and obstacles which cannot be cleared yet and which should be taken into consideration. On one side, there are numerous diseases and natural disablements which are beyond any medical control; and on the other side, although medicine can cure numerous diseases, it cannot cure them without the application of drugs or within a glance. The miracle differs; it cures abruptly and can turn incurably refractory illness to permanent cures. I shall relate only one example:

  • Mrs. Mary Mizrahi, a Palestinian woman, living in Jerusalem, suffered from officially identified leprosy. She was treated for a long time by several doctors, but the horrible disease invaded her whole body. Her fingers, nose, ears, and part of her lips became putrefied. The woman was in a desperate state and her appearance became horrific. She heard about Dr. Dahesh’s miracles. So, she went with her brother to see him. A spiritual session was held for her. About 30 well-educated persons attended this session. Among them were five Doctors, namely: Abdul Ahad, Khoury, Ashy, Abu Sleiman, and Khabsa. All confirmed that the nature of her disease was incurable. During the Spiritual Session Dr. Dahesh touched with his hand the body of the woman and immediately a new flesh began to appear replacing the putrid one, and the empty hollows in the body started to get filled with every suffering member being healed. The worn-out body, which was calling death, regained its agreeable aspect of good health.

There were dozens of such miraculous cures. Different persons who were attacked by incurable diseases and different disablements were cured. Among them were Elie Ma'alouf, Zeina Haddad, Magda Haddad, Ceylani Rahmeh, Suzan Kamburji, Grace Gabriel and many others.

  • The young Elie Ma’alouf, who was paralyzed and mentally deranged,  was cured by a miracle after all medicine and specialists gave up on him.

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The Miraculously Written Answers:

  • Mr. Edward Noon, an ex-Minister, after having seen and witnessed several Dr. Dahesh’s palpable miracles, wanted to increase his spiritual knowledge. So he wrote at home 72 questions relating to the history of humanity, its obscure ages, origin, and about the unclear matters about man and religions—things which science has not been able yet to report on their final truth. Mr. Noon had spread those questions on approximately 30 foolscap [about 8”x13”] pages, typewritten, with a space between one question and the other to allow for inserting the corresponding answer.

He went to Dr. Dahesh’s house. There were many people there. Among them: The Haddads, Halim Dammous, Doctors Abu Sleiman, Khabsa and Ashi. All went through Mr. Noon’s difficult questions. The question papers were put in a sealed envelope and the spiritual session was held. Suddenly, Dr. Dahesh touched the envelope and said: “You have the answers.” This did not take more than a glance. Those present were deeply surprised when they opened the envelope and saw the 72 answers, clearly written and set properly under 72 questions distributed over approximately 30 foolscap [about 8”x13”] sheets.

Dozens of persons who have witnessed such written answers.

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Transmutation of Things:

Hundreds and thousands are the miracles through which the nature and the function of objects were changed.

—A visitor brought with him a chinaware dish bearing identification signs and it was changed during a spiritual session into a wooden, glass and golden dish. The original signs and identification remained unchanged.
—Water was changed into wine.
—Paper into stone.
—Stone into precious metal.
—Several were the times when I cut white ordinary paper into small dimensions and registered my name on them with other written indications. These papers were changed in the presence of Dr. Dahesh into Lebanese currency notes of different values, bearing my name and the written indications.

Such miraculous transformations occurred in the presence of hundreds, amongst them were the delegate of the “Arab Weekly” magazine and Mr. Hafiz Khairallah, the delegate of “An Nahar” newspaper. They both photographed the different stages of the miracle at the time of its occurrence. Its veracity was confirmed in the photographic picture, as it was also confirmed to the public eye.

Also, the changing of losing lottery tickets into winning ones occurred more than once. One of these miracles happened in my presence and that of Mr. Mohsen Sleem, an M.P. of Beirut, and in the presence of many others. A losing lottery ticket was converted into L.P. 10,000 [Lebanese Pounds] winning number. Many still remember the great fuss which resulted from this change in the presence of the two judges Mahmoud Bekai and Mahmoud Na’aman and the lawyer Chafik Sardouk and Dr. Farid Abou Sleiman, to such an extent that the National Lottery Directorate was compelled to deny the rumors, fearing that the people might not be any longer interested in buying the lottery tickets. The National Lottery Directorate had to pay nevertheless the L.P. 10,000 to Dr. Farid Abou Sleiman when he presented the miraculous ticket after they had examined it for several days and ascertained its complete validity.

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Creating Life and Reviving the Dead:

  • It was prior to the campaign of persecution launched against Dr. Dahesh, and in the presence of Sheikh Mounir Takieddin, Alexander Riachi, Youssef el Hajj and Halim Dammous that the astonishing man stood in front of a cage for birds and with a movement of his hand converted all the birds there in into dead ones. He said addressing his visitors: “This is what we can do also to people.” It was the Spirit which spoke. That same afternoon, and in the presence of Mr. Edward Noon, a spiritual session was held during which all those present requested that life be returned to the dead birds. Their corpses were brought in from the garden and were placed again in the cage. The miracle took place and the birds returned to life singing.


  • Once Dr. Dahesh referred to a painting made by Mrs. Mary Haddad, and which showed a bird on a tree. The colors of the painting moved and took the form of flesh, blood and feathers and the bird in that painting was converted into a living bird which was placed in a cage and remained there for several years. Its place on the linen remained white.


  • Another miracle happened as follows: Dr. Dahesh went into the store of Messrs. Elie and Hady Hajjar where toys and stuffed birds were sold. He placed his hand on one of the stuffed birds. The bird began to move, left its perch to which it was nailed and was later placed in a cage where he lived several months.

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 —Creating something not existing.
—Creating a newspaper several days before its appearance.
—Creating something after its annihilation.
All three are identical vis-à-vis the Spirit. For the one who can create and who is master of life and death can accomplish anything.
Documents, currency bills and pictures were burnt in the presence of several people and were recreated within a glance.
It happened to me more than once when I filled a piece of paper with different writings, and then burnt it with my own hands and kept its ashes. Dr. Dahesh used to bring it back to existence with all my handwritings appearing thereon. This used to happen either in his presence or at home far from him.

  • The Second miracle took place in 1943 in the presence of Messrs. Edward Noon, George Haddad, Dr. Khabsa, Mrs. Mary Haddad, and many others.


While they were all gathered around Dr. Dahesh during a Spiritual Session, a young beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front of them. They were surprised and thought they were victims of hallucination. But the girl told them that they were not and that her name was Nada and that she came from another material world other than theirs. They could not believe their eyes, and everybody hastened to touch her to ascertain whether she was in fact a reality. They all found that she was of flesh and blood, wearing a dress and carrying a sack, which were not of the fashion of that year 1943. Nineteen years later, the same young girl who had now become a member of the inhabitants of this earth, visited Dr. Dahesh. She was putting on the same dress and carrying the same sack and was the same age she had been 19 years ago.

Dr. Dahesh explained to those present that this miracle confirms the continuity and renewal of life and the principle of reincarnation of the soul, its transition from one stage to another whether on earth, or from one planet to another, depending upon the merit of the soul.

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Teleportation of Objects:

  • These miracles induced many to become believers. Dr. Khabsa had lost his agenda in Paris 12 years before he came to know Dr. Dahesh. During a Spiritual Session, his agenda was brought to him and all of a sudden there it was in his hand.


  • Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman lost his right-hand glove and could not trace it. After he became acquainted with Dr. Dahesh, three years later, a Spiritual Session was held during which Dr. Farid wanted to examine and ascertain the real existence of the Spirit and its power; and therefore asked Dr. Dahesh to indicate the whereabouts of his glove. Dr. Dahesh immediately replied: “You have it on your hand.” Dr. Farid took the glove home, compared it with the other part of the pair which he kept at home. It was really the lost glove!


  • Mrs. Edward Noon had lost her golden fountain pen in the snow while skiing in Laklouk,Lebanon with Mrs. Fouad Khoury, brother of the former Lebanese President, Sheikh Bisharah el Khoury. This was long before she came to know Dr. Dahesh. During a Spiritual Session and in the presence of several people, and upon the request of Mrs. Noon, the golden fountain pen reappeared on the spot. This miracle was sufficient to spur Mr. Noon to go and inform the then President of the Republic that what Dr. Dahesh was doing was not the product of witchcraft or hallucination, and that his relatives, the Haddads and others were not misled but were convinced with palpable evidences and proofs.


  •  Miss Odette Karah had lost her watch in Libya three years before knowing Dr. Dahesh. The watch was miraculously restituted to her during a Spiritual Session.


  • Mrs. Fatima Baltaji, wife of Mr. Mahmud Baltagi, had lost her valuable diamond ring. She called on many socalled wizards for a year or so without succeeding in recovering it, until finally she was introduced to Dr. Dahesh. A Spiritual Session was held in the presence of her husband and her son, Ali, and Messrs. Wafik Zantout, Salah and Hassan Baltagi and Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman. Dr. Dahesh addressed her husband saying: “Open your hand.” Mr. Baltaji did. Then he was told to close it and again he did. Dr. Dahesh touched his closed hand and told him: “Open it now.” There it was! The valuable diamond ring itself. All who were present witnessed this miracle.


  • The English Quaker, Daniel Oliver, Principal of the Friends School at Ras el Metn, attended a spiritual session on the 10th of January 1944 in the presence of Sheikh Mounir Usseiran, Doctors Toufik Rizk, Antoine Gedeon, George Khabsa, Farid Abu Sleiman, Najib Ashy, Shaheen Saliby and Mrs. Rose Salibi and Messrs. Edward Noon, Naser Razzouk, Secretary to the Iraqi Consulate in Beirut, Boulos Francis, Amine Nimr, Sharif Baidawi, Commissioner of the Police, George Najjar, Tanios Majdalani and many others of both sexes.

During the Spiritual Session Dr. Dahesh spoke in a general way saying: “If any one of you wants anything let him ask for it.”

Daniel Oliver said: “There is a world war at present, the financial help which used to be sent to me from America for the upkeep of the Orphanage had not been received for more than two years, because of the present circumstances and the lack of safe means of transportation. I demand a spiritual help which could transfer to me a sum from the existing funds at the Association in the States, so that I may be able to carry on the work at the orphanage. As soon as Mr. Oliver had finished his words, Dr. Dahesh told him: “Put your hands in any of your pockets and you will find that your wish has been fulfilled.” Mr. Oliver drew from his pockets Lebanese Pounds 23,000. He came to Dr. Dahesh as an unbeliever and went out fully convinced, believing in God, in the Spirit and its force, as well as in the Daheshist faith.

  •  Dr. Dahesh went once to Shbaniyyeh Woods,Lebanon accompanied with Dr. Khabsa, Youssef el Hajj and Halim Dammous. They all sat on a big rock in Hajj’s property and began to chat. Mr. Dammous wrote two verses of poetry on the rock.

After they had gone back to Dr. Dahesh’s house, the three of them told him that it would be pleasant to sit on that rock again if another opportunity arises.

  •  Dr. Dahesh said: “Nothing can prevent us from doing so right now, as long as it is your wish.”
  •  “But how can this be done and the rock is in Shbaniyyeh Woods and we are in Beirut?” They asked.
  • “Look at the ceiling,” he said.


And there they saw an enormous block coming down gently, as if it were a piece of cloth floating in the air. As soon as it reached the floor of the room, the three of them rushed to touch it and to their great surprise they found it solid unmovable rock. They also found the two verses of poetry written on it by Halim Dammous. They realized then that it was the same rock on which they sat when they were at Shbaniyyeh. They bowed and glorified God and understood at that moment what Jesus meant when he said: “For verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Matt. 17:20). The rock remained for a long time in Dr. Dahesh’s house exposed to hundreds of visitors who came to see it. Later on, it was crumbled by workers and taken away.

  • During the persecution campaign launched against Dr.Dahesh, The Speaker of the House of Parliament, Sabri Bey Hamadeh, had decided to visit Dr. Dahesh to see in person and witness his miracles. A Spiritual Session was held. There were about 30 witnesses, of these were the following Members of Parliament and others: Adib Firzli, Wadi’ Shoucair, Mohammed Abboud, Baheej el Khateeb, the ex-president of the Syrian Republic, Messrs. Philip Andraos, Khalil Ma’atouk, George Najjar, Sheikh Hassan Makki of Al Ahar, Mrs. Gwen, Wife of the ex-American Consul, and other ladies and gentlemen.


 Dr. Dahesh turned towards Sabri Bey Hamadeh and asked him what he desired to see. The latter replied: “I would like to see here a thing which I have in mind.” Dr. Dahesh replied that he knew exactly the thing, which the Speaker was thinking of, and asked whether he would like to see it all. Sabri Bey replied: “Only part of it, please!”

Dr. Dahesh then said to him: “Open your hand, close it; and reopen it again.” And there he found in his hand five Ottoman Dinars of an antique date. He was amazed and the people who witnessed this miracle asked Sabri Bey whether it was the thing he was thinking of. And Sabri Bey replied that he was thinking of the boxes which were hidden in his land during the World War I and which were full of golden Dinars as he was told. Apparently, no one was able to locate the hidden treasure. Of those who were present one of them asked Sabri Bey: “But why did you not ask for all?” And Sabri Bey replied: “I was afraid the golden treasure would be shared with you all.” And of course, he kept the five golden Dinars with him.

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1- The Prophecy of President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination:

A week before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the founder of Daheshism gave a folded “Ramz (prayer)” placed inside a sealed envelope to Mr. Edward Noon, a lawyer and an ex-Minister in the Lebanese Government. He also instructed him to keep it sealed inside his metal safe. As soon as the American President was assassinated on November 22, 1963, world news agencies and broadcasting networks spread the news of the assassination and all the mysteries surrounding its causes and motives. The Lebanese press resorted to the Miracle Man looking for answers. He directed them to the office of Mr. Edward Noon and instructed them to ask him to open the sealed stored envelope in his safe. On November 28, 1963, they visited the office of Mr. Edward Noon. Once they made their request, Mr. Noon telephoned the founder of Daheshism requesting his permission to open the sealed envelope stored in his safe in front of all the reporters. Mr. Noon opened the sealed envelope and unfolded the “Ramz” paper in the presence of Mr. George Skaff, Edward Hunein, Francis Francis, and Ernest Karam and read the contents that turned out to be a detailed prophecy of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, exact to the hour and minute along with clarifications. The following is its content: “President Kennedy will be killed on November 22, 1963 during the passing of his motorcade from the airport to the Dallas Convention Center to deliver a speech and Harvey Oswald will be accused of his killing. President Kennedy will pass away at 1 PM Dallas time, that corresponds to 9 PM Beirut time. Which means that he will remain alive only for 40 minutes after he was shot. One bullet will hit him next to his reproductive organs, another bullet in the back of his head, and a bullet will enter his neck and exit from the backside of his head. As to the accused of Kennedy’s killing, he will be killed in turn by a single bullet in the stomach shot by Jack Rubenstein. Harvey Oswald will sway and then fall unconscious at 11:20 AM Dallas time, that corresponds to 7:20 PM Beirut time, on November 24, 1963. Oswald will pass away at 1:07 PM, in the same hospital Kennedy had passed away in. As to why Kennedy was assassinated by Harvey Oswald, its causes go back to previous reincarnations.” It is worthy to mention here that the day the content of the prophecy was published in the Lebanese “Al-Jareedah” newspaper on November 29, 1963, the location of the bullet penetrations of the American President have not been publicly announced. In addition, the prophecy asserts that the real motives for the assassination are of causes pertaining to reincarnation. Despite the lengthy investigations in Kennedy’s assassination, none resulted in connecting the motives for the killing with any national or international political conspiracy or with any nonpersonal causes—despite the political circumstances surrounding the Kennedy Presidency were conducive to the presence of such a conspiracy. I have been assured that many people have received from Dr. Dahesh the same prophecy prior to Kennedy’s assassination by periods ranging from several weeks to several months. They were urged not to open the papers before the specified time fearing that the contents would find its way to the press and thereby creating tangents, complications, and chases that may be damaging.

2- A prophecy in Dr. Dahesh’s handwriting, which was handed over to Mr. Basheer Osman, later on Member of Parliament, long before the Lebanese legislative elections and in which he [Dahesh] predicted his success In the elections by 11856 votes.

3- Mr. Philip Hadshiti who entered once Dr. Dahesh’s house carrying along with him the French written Lebanese daily newsier “Le Jour.” While reading and turning the pages, he was writing on the margin questions which he wanted to ask during the Spiritual Session which he was promised. The session was held in the presence of several persons when Dr. Dahesh asked Mr. Hadshiti whether he believed in God?

  • “To tell you the truth,” answered Mr. Hadshiti, “I do not believe in God and I announced that frankly in Paris during my sojourn there.”
  • “What do you want me to do to make you believe and show you that you are greatly mistaken?” Asked Dr.Dahesh.
  • “A miracle,” replied Mr. Hadshiti.
  • “Very well,” said Dr. Dahesh. “Look at the newspaper you are holding.”

Mr. Hadshiti looked at it and suddenly his voice shrieked with surprise. The newspaper’s edition, which he brought along with him, was dated 28th of November and a new edition bearing the date of December 3rd superseded the first, i.e. four days before its issuance. All the questions, which he inserted on the margin of the first edition, were reproduced and appeared on the new one he now had in his hands. On December 3rd, he compared that day’s edition with the one which was miraculously created four days ago and found both issues identical containing the same happenings and events, same local and world news. This miracle, in itself, contained thousands of prophecies.

Philip Hadshiti entered Dr. Dahesh’s house as a nonbeliever and went out believing In the Omnipotence of God.

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The Non-Human Personalities of Dr. Dahesh:

Jesus of Nazareth performed many miracles, and Dr. Dahesh performed similar ones, and others quite different. Yet the most wondrous of his miracles are his non-human Personalities.

After the Founder of Daheshism had been stripped of his nationality, and expelled out of Lebanon, he was forced to live in hiding, in order to complete his Mission. Consequently, he entered the Iranian territory, on June 28, 1947, and was arrested at Azerbaijan where a bloody revolt was taking place. Since he had no official papers on him to identify his nationality, he was accused of being a spy making an unauthorized entry into Iran. He was therefore executed by a firing squad on July 1, 1947 and was buried in Azerbaijan. This was confirmed by an official proclamation issued by the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, as well as by the Lebanese authorities. The Arab press published the pictures of his execution.
But, on that same day, Dr. Dahesh reappeared in Beirut to his disciples; and after some time, he began receiving visitors again.

Jesus Christ died on the cross, about two thousand years ago, and was raised from the dead on the third day; he reappeared to his disciples, at intervals, for forty days. And Dr. Dahesh was killed and buried in Azerbaijan. He came back from the dead immediately, and continued receiving his followers, visitors, and people of the press, who have photographed him and his miracles for a period of about thirty years.

However, despite all of this, the Daheshists do not say that it was Dr. Dahesh, the human being, who died and was resurrected after his burial, but they say that a divine Sayyal belonging to a divine world, a Spiritual Fluid that is one of Dr. Dahesh’s spiritual extensions existing in the Paradisiacal worlds, that had descended thence, and took exactly his identical form and sacrificed itself for him, pinning down the blame for the crime of murder upon his persecutors. Yet, this Divine Spiritual Fluid is not subject to death, for death is but an Earthly law, whereas this Spiritual Fluid is from a world where human death does not exist; and that is how it was resurrected from the dead to go back to its world.
The same thing, the Daheshists believe, happened to Jesus of Nazareth. And this clarification eliminates the doctrinal conflict between Christianity, that affirms the Crucifixion, and Islam that says that Jesus of Nazareth was not killed, and was not crucified, but an identical person had taken his place. The Koran reads:

And because of their saying: we slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s Messenger - They slew him not, nor crucified, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! Those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain (Surat 4 Women: 157)

Daheshism affirms the Crucifixion clarifying that the “Identical One” who was crucified was but one of his Spiritual Fluids. The appearance of Dr. Dahesh in identical incarnations is an incontestable factual truth as far as the Daheshists are concerned, and even to many who are not Daheshists; because it is a truth which they have seen and touched. It has been proven to me, and to hundreds other than myself, that Dr Dahesh has six non-human Personalities, other than his own human person. These Personalities are Spiritual Fluids belonging to him, existing in different sublime worlds of Paradise, and by God’s permission they are sometimes permitted to be incarnated in Dr. Dahesh’s identical human form in order to accomplish spiritual objectives or purposes of crucial importance. And he, who happens to be in their presence, can converse with them, touch them, and eat with them, but he cannot distinguish them from Dr. Dahesh the human being except if he notices what Dr. Dahesh is wearing befoe the appearance of one or more Personality. And many are the times when they would suddenly appear or disappear before us, while we are looking at them, or addressing them. Two, three, or more Personalities up to six, may appear together in one place, and they may be incarnated at the same time in different far apart places. It has been proven to me as to many others, that these Personalities are not subject at all to the natural laws of the Earth: For they pass through barriers and walls, move with the speed of lightning from one location to another, even if it were to be from farthest East to farthest West. And they control gravity: Go up in the air, walk on water, increase or decrease their weight immensely. And they are able, by God’s permission, to perform, what the Spirit performs, of miracles.

One of the most astonishing of the miracles of these Personalities is what happened to Mrs. Zahid, a highly cultured lady. Once, in 1966, from her home, in Beirut, she called the home of Dr. Dahesh to speak to him. The call was answered by Miss Zeina Haddad, daughter of Mrs. Mary Haddad, who said: “Dr. Dahesh is in Tripoli (which is about one hundred kilometers from Beirut), visiting the Al-Mullah family. He went there yesterday and spent the night at their home. If you want to speak to him, here is Al-Mullah’s telephone number.”

Zeina gave Mrs. Zahid the Al-Mullah’s telephone number which begins with the digit (9) as do all the numbers of the Tripoli region, whereas the phone numbers in Beirut begin with different digits.

Mrs. Zahid dialed the number which begins with nine. Dr. Dahesh answered her directly. She had a conversation with him, and then hung up. She called back the home of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut to thank Zeina for giving her the Tripoli number, and to tell her that she had actually spoken to Dr. Dahesh at the Al-Mullah’s. And here the surprise was! For it was Dr. Dahesh himself who answered her call from his home in Beirut! She was greatly astonished, because, only a few moments ago she was speaking with him; but he was in Tripoli then.

She asked him: “How could this be, for a few moments ago, I was speaking with you, and you were in Tripoli?”

He answered: “Never mind, never mind, you can call me at any number you wish, and you’ll find me there.”

Mrs. Zahid could not believe what she heard, because it is beyond the limits of reason. She hung up, and again dialed a number, which was that of the home of one of her friends living in Hurj Beirut, situated at seven kilometers from Dr. Dahesh’s home. And, suddenly, the great surprise recurred, for it was Dr. Dahesh himself who answered her at her friend’s home! Mrs. Zahid could not utter one word from her surprise, yet, she controlled herself, and asked him in amazement and confusion: “How could this be possible, while we are still subject to the natural laws of the Earth?”

The man of miracles answered her: “Wherever you call me, there you will find me; for I will be everywhere you would look for me.”

No sooner had Mrs. Zahid hung up, than her home’s doorbell rang, she hastened and opened the door; and there she stood face to face with Dr. Dahesh!

The persons, she had called at their homes swore to her that Dr. Dahesh was with them at the very minute she had called, thus affirming his simultaneous presence at four different places far apart from each other.

Based upon the truth of the Personalities, the Daheshists believe that the same thing happened to Jesus of Nazareth. For, the one who walked upon the sea, and appeared to his disciples after his crucifixion, then reappeared to them several times, then was lifted up from among them disappearing into space, was but one of his non-human Personalities; in other words, a glorious Spiritual Fluid who used to descend from the worlds of Paradise taking identical form. However, it seems that the matter of the Personalities was not explained by the Nazarene to his disciples for some spiritual reason. Yet, Jesus himself had lived in hiding after the crucifixion and resurrection of his Divine Personality, for more than twenty years, and it was he who had directed the expansion of Christianity. His survival remained a secret in order to assist, in the best possible way, the accomplishing and spreading out of his Mission at the hands of his disciples and the believers in him. This matter is one of the revealed truths in Daheshism.

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