Daheshist Ideology: Turn of Events and Spiritual Causality Part 1

Daheshist Ideology: Turn of Events and Spiritual Causality Part 1

Turn of events and Spiritual causality according to Daheshist concepts.

Excerpts taken from an article published in Dahesh Voice magazine, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2005.

By: Dr. Ghazi Brax

I have clarified in two previous studies (see the December ‘1995 and March ‘1996 issues of Dahesh Voice) that in general, human beings attribute the circumstances leading to turn of events to be the consequence of natural causes, however, Daheshist teachings go beyond the senses to inform us that behind the physical causality is a Spiritual causality that is beyond our realization and that there is absolutely no such a thing as chance in the turn of events—whether in good health or sickness; gains or losses; poverty or wealth; stupidity or intelligence;…etc. It is the Sayyals of each individual that reward or punish him in the current life (or in the next life/lives) in accordance to an Order of Spiritual Justice. The oppressor, greedy, thief, adulterer, deceiver, and the committer of other vices will each be punished by his degraded Sayyals. However, does Spiritual causality apply to groups and nations as it does to individuals? Does it influence the turn of events [for humanity] and change them? This is the subject of this study.

General principles

Just as life not constrained by [one cycle of] birth and death, where the current life resembles a single wave traveling on the surface of the river [sea] of eternal life; and just as the individual’s current condition and destiny are tied to his deeds, desires, and thoughts in the current life and all previous lives; so it is for groups, nations, and humanity who are tied by their present and historical activities, inclinations, and habits. There is no escape from Divine reward and retribution on the group level as well as on the individual level. For this reason, in the general history of humanity, the cycles of civilizations are dynamically interlinked and are influenced by each other and explain the rise of one with the fall of another. Divine and human will interfere in determining the rise and fall of civilizations in accordance with a just Divine Order and a universal Spiritual causality.

The spontaneous formation of small groups—unrelated to unions that are formed on the basis of preserving common interests—takes place according to either a system of hereditary attraction, as the case with clans and tribes where the Sayyals extend from grandparents to grandsons and with it carry on the act of reward and punishment; or according to a system of Spiritual attraction based on encounters and attractions between Sayyals of the members from previous life cycles—this is what we see in Prophetic Missions, as well as in the emergence of artistic, literary, and philosophical schools of thought that transcend hereditary and geographical boundaries (to be discussed later).

The formation of advanced societies and nations are subjected to repulsion or attraction between them in accordance to an Order of Divine Justice. An Order that will allow the Sayyals to gather in groups within a nation or several nations in exhibiting a war or peace attitude in order to exact justice by settling the score from previous life cycles. The oppressed [in a previous life cycle] reincarnates and inflicts punishment on the oppressor in natural ways that take on the form of social, economic, or political interactions, or may take the form of revolutions, clashes, or wars, all with the aim of punishing the oppressor. Natural disasters also take part in exacting Spiritual Justice and I will discuss this topic in details at the appropriate time.

As a general assessment, a glance through recorded history reveals a world flooded by tragic incidents. The killings, lootings, assaults, tyrannical acts, torture, and repressed freedoms seem to dominate historical events during wartime and peacetime. The explanation for this behavior in human beings is their possession of degraded Sayyals (i.e., psychological powers)—who represented and still represent the majority in every society. However, through an invisible Divine will, there arise from time-to-time within Spiritually degraded societies movements of noble desires, intentions, and values that attract sympathetic groups to their cause. These elevated Sayyals are contrasted from the people around them by their refined awareness, noble goals, and Spiritual inclinations. These groups are chosen human bodies with Sayyals extending through the ages from the Sayyals of Christ. They are Prophets, Messengers, and Guides who come to being in order to give life to emerging civilizations and plowing a path in this world for Spiritual progression. Each time people deviate from the Divine purpose behind their existence, these Sayyals redirect them toward the Spiritual essence of pure origin.

These elevated Sayyals may take on a religion form; at other times a philosophical form; yet at other times forms of literary, artistic, or political and social reform, nonetheless, they are the same Sayyals that nourish true human advancement and provide societies with the most noble and beautiful of things. There is justification in saying that human civilization, from its inception until now, is the creation of these chosen Sayyals. They pass through Earth just like an amazing comet that crosses the darkness of the night sky and provides us with visible light and adds beauty to the Heavenly scene. History would have been devoid and existence trivial without the genius of some of the giant builders of civilizations. No matter how many times the forces of oblivion, avoidance, and understatement act on them, they will eventually return to glitter in the world, because in them are reflections and flashes of the Great Divine Truth. They are carriers of Heavenly Messages of Spiritual Guidance. They are not gods, however, they are witnesses to Divinity by their greatness. They belong to the present as well as to the past, for they carry the seeds of Truth that grow with the passing of time and approach perfection. The task of each one of them is independent from the other, nonetheless, each complementing the other. They face each other at the epochs of history and they meet each other in the Spiritual Kingdom. On the path of progression of any civilization, it is impossible to do away with any of them due to their necessity. They are different from other geniuses in that their greatness is built on the extent of their noble guidance and its influence in molding the human civilization, as well as in the greatness of their personality that integrates their actions and thoughts.

The progression of any civilization on Earth as well as on other worlds is tied to a lofty goal that it must move towards—that of Absolute Truth, Perfection, Knowledge, Power, and being the Loftiest Entity in Truth, Good, and Beauty, namely, God, Glory to His Name. However, this ultimate goal cannot be achieved by the efforts of human beings alone—no matter how much they try, due to the restrictions that are forced on them by their Spiritual level. As a result, throughout the progress of civilization there had to be great Spiritual beacons that took on a variety of forms—most visible in Divine religions, guidance, and Spiritual wisdom—that act like hidden power poles and cause events of historical, religious, cultural, political, social, economic, and military aspects to be created, complemented, and interlaced, all with the wisdom of leading and moving humanity in a certain direction in accordance to a Divine Spiritual Plan determined by the merit of humanity and the Will of God.

Since people are unable to anticipate the appearance of Spiritual beacons—those who cause events to take place and direct the course of human civilization, because it is impossible for human beings to forecast the future—they are always surprised when such Spiritual beacons appear and in most cases, they deny, ridicule, and persecute them and not realize their truth and Spiritual value until a significant period of time elapses. At that point, it becomes clear to humanity the great Spiritual role these Spiritual beacons have played in affecting historical events and the formation of a modern civilization, as well as, any negative group consequences for refusing their message. Such is the case with every Mission of guidance, and such is the case with Daheshism during its early period.

According to Daheshism, the ultimate purpose of life throughout the universe is the Spiritual elevation through the continuous struggle to control lowly desires and to resist temptations in order to gradually cleanse ourselves from the physical bodies and reach the happy and glorified Spiritual World and consequently, to merge with the Creating Force. The Spiritual Missions of Prophets and Guides are the most effective vehicles to reach this ultimate goal. According to this principle, every new authentic movement in a civilization must have had a Spiritual Prophet or Guide to launch it. When the subjects of guidance in a particular society or group endorse the movement and benefit from it, they make it the center of their civilization. This reality is confirmed by historical facts and this is exactly what happened to the Hebrews with the Spiritual Message of Moses, the far east with the Messages of Confucius, Lao-tzu, and Buddha, for the Greeks and then the Romans with the Message of Socrates, to Europe and then America with the Message of Christ, and to the Arabs with the Message of the Arab Prophet (Muhammad).

However, the Sayyals of the majority of people remain lagging from the religious aspect—even when they become believers—due to the difficulty in overcoming their weaknesses by resisting the temptations of life and those of the physical body. With the passing of time, such weaknesses are passed on to the majority of believers where the attraction of materialism and elements of evil and vice take control of their lives, so they adhere blindly to religious rituals and forget about the religious essence, or they may alter their religion to match their attitude. By doing so, they degrade their Sayyals and become of the same level as that of evil people—except for a few who remain steadfast with their Spiritual values and are able to fight the temptations and corruptions of society. Those few are rescued by Providence through inspiration to migrate to another place in the world or reborn again after death in a different society where the conditions are set to receive their elevated Sayyals and safeguard them. In this fashion, the society that used to endorse Spiritual guidance, becomes on the verge of a civilization collapse after being devoid of the noble Sayyals from the essence of religions, science, philosophy, literature, and art, while the civilization of the new society begins to emerge as Spiritual reinforcements nourish it.

Just before a civilization cycle ends, religions pass through the ebb and flow of Spirituality. When the horrible end nears, humanity suffers bitterly from agonies, tragedies, disasters, turmoil, conflicts, and worries. Providence interferes by sending a new Guide or Prophet endowed with Sayyals that can Spiritually attract individuals with Sayyals lofty enough to enter into their domain. In this fashion, a new religion or Spiritual Mission of guidance is born on Earth in order to provide humanity with certain Spiritual knowledge harmonious with their level of comprehension and knowledge at the time, as well as to extend them with a new faith to renew the sap in the tree of civilization, after it had started to decay and harden.

No matter which true religion or Spiritual Mission of guidance it is, its roots are planted into the Sayyals of Spiritual Power that Holy Books call “Divine Word” or “Divine Guidance” that gives birth to the Missions of all true Prophets, Messengers, and Guides. For this reason, Lord Christ was referred to in the New Testament as well as in the Qur’an as “the Word of God,” because his words and deeds are personifications of the Divine Word. The Holy Qur’an added clarity by saying that all Spiritual Messages are God’s “Guidance” and followers of any of them should not worry. The Qur’an also asserted that the Words of God (i.e., His Messages or Guidance) are boundless by saying: “Say: If the Oceans were ink (wherewith to write out) the words of my Lord, sooner would the ocean be exhausted than would the words of my Lord, even if we added another ocean like it, for its aid.” (Sura el-Kahf 109) As well as in the Saying: “And if all the trees on earth were pens and the ocean (were ink), with seven oceans behind it to add to its (supply), yet would not the Words of God be exhausted (in the writing): for God is Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom.” (Sura Luqman 27) The Qur’an eliminated any misconceptions in the meaning of “Words of God” by asserting that it means “Guidance” in saying: “And the unbelievers say: “ Those who disbelieve say: ‘ Why has no sign been sent down to him from his Lord?’ You are only a warner; and for each people there is a guide.” (Sura Ra’d 7) This leads to the understanding that salvation is attainable through every Message or Guidance—provided that the believer is able to extract the Spiritual essence and live by it.

Lord Christ said: “I am the gate. Whoever comes in by me will be saved…” (John 10:9) Or his saying: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.” (John 14:6) According to Daheshism, salvation is not denied to those believing in other Divine Messages or Spiritual Missions of guidance, rather it is denied for the believers of any religion with superficial faith who follow blindly the rituals without applying the teachings of their faith in daily life, for Lord Christ did not come to negate the Laws of Moses, rather to fulfill them and to supplement words with deeds. He personified his faith through the practice of virtues, such as: love, mercy, abstinence, contentment and not by being satisfied with apparent faith or by abstaining from such vices as: killing, inflicting harm, adultery, and greed without living a virtuous life.

In light of this, the true believers (i.e., the ones who are able to extract the essence and adhere to it) in every new Mission of guidance are a minority if compared with the total number of ordinary believers (i.e., the ones who are satisfied with the rites and rituals instead of the essence). The minority believers become strangers in this world, just like light in the midst of darkness or a stream of water in the desert. For this reason, Lord Christ addressed his Heavenly Father regarding his close disciples, who were extensions of his Sayyals, saying: “I gave them your message, and the world hated them, because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world. I do not ask you to take them out of the world, but I do ask you to keep them safe from the Evil One…Dedicate them to yourself by means of the truth; your word is truth. I sent them into the world, just as you sent me into the world.” (John 17:14-18) We shall see later on in this exposé that lofty Sayyals that are extensions from the Prophets and Guides are not necessarily limited to the learned in a religion or its missionaries, but are most likely to be found outside of the religion in philosophers, great writers, poets, artists, scientists, and reformers in leadership positions—especially as time elapses from the start of the Mission and corruption seeps into the clergy.

Even if some groups claim the ability to establish a refined civilization based strictly on political, social, and economic foundations unaffiliated with religion, their claim will be invalidated by any objective historical research on civilizations with similar foundations and their results. The greatest proof to what I am saying is the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, because the human Soul longs, consciously or unconsciously, to its Spiritual origin. Even if Souls do not worship their Creator in His Absolute Creating Force, they will worship idols that they erect on their own or from nature, political groups, nations, or leaders subject to imperfection and mortality. As to whatever faults and obstacles religions face, they are not inherent in the religions, but rather introduced by the believers or by the clergy—a subject that will be discussed in details at the appropriate time.

In light of what I have presented, people can form a glittering civilization based on a strong materialistic frame, however, this frame remains devoid from Spirituality, i.e., from universal humane virtues, such as: justice, love, compassion, brotherhood, contentment, chastity, and humility—noble virtues that elevate the individual Spiritually and originate from the springs of true Divine Missions of Spiritual guidance. Nonetheless, no real civilization can emerge in any society unless two fundamental conditions are met: First, the appropriate refinement of the individual and consequently that of groups conducive to elevate their inclinations and to direct their desires toward virtue and benevolent knowledge and not through the guise of human conditioning and false social cordiality that keep the individual with his primitive desires and vile motives. Second, the free expression on progress, good, and talents, to include: sciences, literature, and art, as well as free expression while involved in decent political, social, economic, and media activities.

Finally, it is important to stress that the true value of a human being; the extent of his influence in history; and the continuous praises by future generations is neither relative to his wealth, social, or political position at the time, nor relative to his reputation and the commotion he is able to produce due to his position, but rather relative to his humane values and the extent of his Spiritual influence on improving the course of civilization. History teaches us that scientists from the likes of Newton, Galileo, Maxwell, and Einstein; philosophers, from the likes of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Bergson; poets from the likes of Shakespeare, Lamartine, Hugo, and Goethe; writers, from the likes of Voltaire, Tolstoy, Tagore, and Gibran; artists, from the likes of Michelangelo, Rodin, and Cézanne; and military leaders, from the likes of Alexander, Omar Ibn el-Khattab, Napoleon, Washington, and Lincoln—all such individuals will be immortalized more than great historians, and great historians more than rulers, politicians, or military figures—except those whose personalities had influenced philosophical and humane values and there are many examples [in history] of such individuals from different nations and periods.

However, of all the individuals I mentioned, no one surpasses the Prophets, Messengers, and Spiritual Guides in true humane greatness, historical continuity, and effectiveness in advancing civilization. When human beings stop reading the great philosophers, poets, and writers; when they see that every scientist is either surpassed, complemented, or disproved by his successor; only then will they realize that Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Christ, and Muhammad remain complementary and supporting each other and pointing to One Truth through different windows. The impact of periods full of Spiritual thrust or marked with Spiritual guidance remains stronger and more effective in the lives of nations than contemporary periods lacking such forces, for the greatness of Prophets, Messengers, and Guides is the only true greatness, because it is derived from the eternal Spiritual World.

In one of his writings titled “Bubbles,” the founder of Daheshism says: “In a state of retrospection, I reviewed in my mind the names of individuals that we label in this mortal world of ours as “great.” From Ramses, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, Darius the Persian, Titus, Augustus Cesar, Genghis Khan, Timer Lenk [Tamerlane], Hulagu, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and other great leaders and conquerors…all these passed through our globe just as clouds pass by! They remind me with bubbles where one bubble forms on the surface of water for a while then the air causes it to burst and disintegrates little by little…By the mention of the name Christ, Muhammad, Moses, or Buddha, the mention of those written down in history as great individuals immediately diminishes along with their fake greatness…Those are the Prophets and Guides who established religions and preached the brotherhood of man. There are no bullets to take the lives; guns to tear things apart and cause people to wail and cry; or military planes to turn men into ghosts…rather comprehensive love, complete compassion, and hands firmly shaking other hands. Only the Prophets are not bubbles, for they are the Messengers of God, Who sees and hears everything. Their mention fills our world and bestows upon it tranquility and peace. Those are the Great Ones and their Spiritual Greatness is as boundless as eternity…”

Daheshism asserts that the turn of events in the lives of people and the conditions leading to their occurrence are not subject to historical dialectical materialism represented in specific economic and political systems, but rather the presence of such systems is a direct consequence of specific Sayyals interacting within the people. Many are the times where one or more individuals within a nation are able to influence the course of civilization for that nation. If Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, George Washington, Saladin, or even Shakespeare and Beethoven did not come to life, history would not have been able to produce others like them during their specific time periods—as researchers tend to believe, because the Sayyal that possesses a leadership, reformation, or artistic talent is not given to anyone except the individual it belongs to. The conclusion rests in the Sayyals possessing specific talents or the Sayyals that are given a chance to rule or direct certain people in accordance to a Divine plan based upon the merits of the Sayyals of the people involved.

Origin of present-day man

Spiritual causality covers the entire universe and controls it in accordance to a very strict Divine Order. However, it is very difficult for man to comprehend what is not unveiled through Spiritual Inspiration, because the human mind is made to evaluate the laws of nature and their interactions thereby unveiling only natural causality. As long as the mind is trapped within a physical brain and no matter how advanced this human being is, it is unable to comprehend on its own the Spiritual Truths. The first step that must be taken to remove the obstacles blocking our understanding of Spiritual causality—that controls the turn of events in this world—would be the need to understand the causes and consequences of our human origin. We can do this through a very important inspired Spiritual revelation titled “The Fall of Angels and the Creation of Adam.” The content of this revelation was not disclosed to any Spiritual Guide before the founder of Daheshism. It is not possible to publish here this writing in its entirety, yet at the same time its concise form may lead to misconceptions. It is sufficient for me to say here that a rebellion of angels preceded the creation of Adam. The cause of this rebellion was their ambition to reach Absolute Divine Knowledge before their prescribed time and the consequence of the rebellion was their descent to Earth as punishment in one conglomeration, thus creating Adam. After 1000 years of living in the Earthly Paradise with animals that obeyed and understood him, he was provided with companionship, i.e. certain Sayyals were taken from Adam to create Eve (this is what the Holy Bible refers to as “some of his ribs”).

In light of what I have learned from the founder of Daheshism, God Almighty and most Merciful did not wish to place Adam at the same Earthly level as that of human beings at the time to intermingle with them. They were the survivors from the disaster that was inflicted on Atlantis about 10,000 BC—who at the time held the most advanced technology, knowledge, and art known to man—and as just punishment, they were subjected to misery, struggle, and primitive civilized conditions. God placed Adam in an “Earthly Paradise” and although he is on Earth, he is not from Earth because his level equated to the first level of Paradise. Divine Might raised the vibrations of this Earthly Paradise so that it is invisible to the human eye [a different dimension]. In this manner, Providence distinguished Adam (and Eve later on) from all human beings on Earth and provided them with comfortable means to live happily for 2000 years and then for their Sayyals to return to the Lofty Worlds of Paradise that they came from. All this was contingent on their abiding by a new Divine Order of not eating from the tree of knowledge between good and evil whose fruit will ignite in them sexual desires. However, they have disobeyed Divine Will for the second time and fell to temptation. Consequently, they were punished by their expulsion from the Earthly Paradise—that immediately became invisible to them—and found themselves in a primitive Earth of the human being level. Soon after, they intermixed with the human race and shared with them their diseases, pains, and struggles.

During a Spiritual Session held by the founder of Daheshism and in a miraculous way, an inspired Spiritual message appeared on November 6, 1943 and stated that the creation of Adam was the beginning of a new human creation and that it was the 760th creation on Earth. This clarification distinguishes Daheshism from all other Spiritual beliefs in that it concurs with scientific findings that affirm that human beings existed on Earth for millions of years. However, Daheshism affirms the exceptional creation of Adam; that Earth have seen many civilizations before Adam; and that they all ended with a massive or semi-massive extinction due to the merits of the human race at the time.

Consequences of the Second Fall

The consequences of the second fall continue to take place in a chain-like reaction. From “Genesis” we know that Cain, Eve’s eldest, killed his brother, Abel, out of jealousy, then Eve gave birth to a third son, Seth. Today, after a multitude of generations, we stand as the descendents of Cain and Seth. But, to whom did Cain and Seth marry? Interpreters of “Genesis” stipulate that they married their own sisters because they couldn’t imagine any other way for their marriage. The truth according to Daheshism, they married daughters of the [original] human race that they had intermixed with and with time, the descendants of both intermarried until the Sayyals of Adam and Eve overpowered the Sayyals of the [original] human race. Another truth that Daheshism unmasked is the visitations that Earth have had, from time to time, by extraterrestrials from civilizations far more advanced than ours and with inhabitants that bare physical resemblance in form to the human form. They came to Earth on spaceships and developed sexual relationships with some human females who bore them children. For this reason, in “Genesis” it is mentioned: “When mankind had spread all over the world, and girls were being born, some of the heavenly beings saw that these girls were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked.” (Genesis 6:1-2) However, the descendants of Adam and Eve overpowered in their shape the descendants of the extraterrestrials and undoubtedly, this would not have happened without Divine permission.

In light of this explanation we can understand that the hereditary origins of historical people trace back to Adam and Eve, however, their Sayyals blended with primitive Sayyals of their contemporary human beings, as well as, with advanced Sayyals of the inhabitants of other planets with advanced civilizations. In addition to this, the Sayyals of Adam and Eve are of elevated Spiritual origins that belong to the 150 Worlds of Paradise that they had descended from. No doubt these Sayyals merited the same punishment and struggle from the moment Adam and Eve were expelled from the Earthly Paradise, however soon after these Sayyals began to separate from each other and were extended to their descendants. That’s because the destiny of every individual is tied to his Sayyals and consequently to his deeds, desires, and thoughts. It is through these activities that Sayyals are either elevated or degraded. Also, the individual is subject to the predispositions and talents that are contained within his Sayyals that descended from hundreds of Lofty Worlds of varying levels of disposition and talents. As an example, in “Genesis” we find the following: “Cain and his wife had a son and named him Enoch. Then Cain built a city and named it after his son. Enoch had a son named Irad, who was the father of Mehujael, and Mehujael had a son named Methushael, who was the father of Lamech. Lamech had two wives, Adah and Zillah. Adah gave birth to Jabal, who was the ancestor of those who raise livestock and live in tents. His brother was Jubal, the ancestor of all musicians who play the harp and the flute. Zillah gave birth to Tubal Cain, who made all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron.” (Genesis 4:17-22) There is no mention that they have learned these talents from anyone. There is no doubt that the variety of dispositions and talents traces back to the diversity in the Spiritual origin of their Sayyals.

There is also no doubt that the Sayyals of Adam were very elevated, if compared to the Sayyals of his contemporary human beings. According to Daheshist teachings, the reasons for the disparity are because the Sayyals of Adam descended from Lofty Worlds and possessed dispositions, propensities, and talents that were not present in the Sayyals of his contemporary human beings; in addition, the Redemption Sayyal of Lord Christ of the 20th Spiritual level blended in with the Sayyals of Adam during the Fall in order to save and guide him through the suffering, unhappiness, and persecution in an estranged world from his. From the Sayyals of Adam that maintained their righteousness and superiority in his descendants were the Sayyals of Prophets, Messengers, and Spiritual Guides as well as wise men and geniuses. For this reason we find the following verses in the Qur’an: “God did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of ‘Imran above all people.” (Sura ‘Imran 33) And “those were some of the Prophets on whom God did bestow His Grace, of the posterity of Adam…” (Sura Maryam [Mary] 58)

The Flood

Did the Flood really take place or is it a fictitious story invented by human beings and is not supported by science—especially when the story of the Flood is mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh in the third millennium BC? If it really took place, does its occurrence trace back to natural causes that are totally unrelated to Spiritual causes? People are free to believe what they wish, however, the story of the Flood is asserted by the three Abrahamic religions who trace back its causes to the immorality of humans who brought on themselves the Wrath of God. The Flood was a group punishment inflicted on those who merited punishment by Divine Justice. I will show that the inspired messages of Daheshism affirm what is written in the Holy Books as well as provide a recent proof that the Flood did take place.

Not all the descendants of Adam preserved their inherited Spiritual loftiness, for the wick of envy and killing lit by Cain continued to burn through many of his descendants. The descendants of Seth did not fare better due to their intermixing with the original human race as well as with the descendants of Cain. All we have to do is look at the Spiritual reasons behind the Flood and its consequences to see that it had punished many with lineage to the two sons of Adam and spared no one in that region save Noah and his family. As the descendants of Adam multiplied over many generations, immorality spread through them. God sent them a Prophet from the lineage of Adam, namely, Noah. However, they ridiculed him and laughed at this teachings, directions, and warnings. During a Spiritual Session held by the founder of Daheshism on November 6, 1943, a revealed Spiritual message by the same Spirit of the Prophet Noah unveils to us much more about this important issue and the extent of evil prevalent at the time. I will only provide excerpts not mentioned in “Genesis.” The following is what the Spirit of the Prophet [Noah] mentioned:

“My beloved:

I had completed five hundred years of age when the Almighty ordered me through inspiration to build an Ark in order to save my family and myself from His impending Wrath, for God saw that human beings had become immoral and deviated from the path of righteousness. He viewed their evil deeds and their dark thoughts that only revolve around vile matters. God, Glory to His Name, guided them to righteousness and waited on them for ages, however, they did not care for anything but their lowly desires, thus meriting the Wrath of the Eternal. As to myself, I have obeyed the Divine Order with all of my might and energy and gave to the building of the Ark everything I can possibly give. I worked with diligence in building it assisted by my three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. We spent on this endeavor one hundred years without losing interest or weakening of our resolve. Throughout the one hundred years that I spent with my sons in hard work building the Ark of survival, my people would mock us and would not stop ridiculing and laughing at us. The sayings and advices that I gave them have all gone with the wind…they would not listen to my sermons and directions and they would not stop their vile actions, rather, they labeled my sons and I as crazy, stupid, idiots, and silly. Many were the times that they have destroyed the sides of the Ark, however, we would rebuild them with an amazing patience and without complaining. When I turned six hundred years of age, the building of the Ark was completed and we finished covering it with tar, as I was ordered to do…”

The rest of the Flood sequences are known and written in the Holy Bible, however, it is good to provide here portions from the conclusion of the miraculously written message of the Prophet Noah, because in it is a confirmation of Spiritual Causality that governs individuals and groups. In addressing Daheshists, the Spirit of the Prophet Noah said:

“My beloved:

I would like to congratulate: you and whomever remain steadfast till the end; whomever is able to overcome and trample temptations; whomever is able to cast away the enticements that intercept the flow of his life; whomever, with the spear of his faith, can stab and kill his weak inclinations from inception, before they become difficult and destroy him with their deception and treason.

I have done good deeds in my life, so God, Glory to His Name, rewarded me beyond description. I am now in a lasting Paradise reciting verses of praise to the Creator. Some verses are familiar to you, while others are not and will remain so until your final hour of knowledge arrives, that’s when you’ll despise Earth and its occupants and will bless the Name of Mighty God. Ages and ages will pass you by while you are submersed in a lasting Paradise living a life…Oh my God, what a glorified life it is!

As to those who were driven into [the hands of] the horrific evil spirit and allowed themselves to be controlled by their mortal materialistic desires, their pains will be great and so is their sadness and unhappiness! Many long ages will pass them by and they are in a lasting inferno suffering from mental, physical, spiritual, exhausting, and horrific pains!”

As to the position of science towards the Flood, it had fundamentally changed towards the end of the 20th century. The two geological physicists, William Ryan and Walter Pitman, while working at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University along with a team of Bulgarian, Russian, and Turkish scientists studying the Black Sea with sophisticated modern equipment, they discovered that the Black Sea was at one point in time a sweet water lake that changed with the occurrence of a mega-flood towards the middle of the 6th millennium BC and caused the water of the Mediterranean Sea to rise significantly and pour through the Bosporus region into the Black Sea with a force exceeding 200 fold the force of Niagara Falls and causing the sweet water turn salty. What followed was a devastating destruction in the entire region and forced migration into other regions. By this finding, science and religious inspiration are in agreement with each other and to make it clear that there is no escape from Spiritual causality that administers retribution and punishment.