Daheshist Ideology: Sayyals Part 2

Daheshist Ideology: Sayyals Part 2

Sayyals (Spiritual Fluids): Their meaning, types, activities, and interaction according to Daheshist concepts. Excerpts taken from an article published in Dahesh Voice magazine, Vol. 9, No. 4, 2004.

By: Dr. Ghazi Brax

In part 1 of the series, I have clarified the Daheshist meaning of the Sayyal and stressed its importance in explaining every situation, condition, or issue from the physical or psychological aspect and regardless of its existence in a human being, Earth, or the entire universe. I have also showed that it is through the hidden radial Spiritual essence of the Sayyal that the entire physical universe is interconnected as well as the corresponding connections to the Spiritual Worlds. “Matter,” itself, is nothing but a physical form taken by the Sayyal and its characteristics are determined by the Spiritual level of the Sayyal—such an idea or a variant of this idea, had been adopted, past and present, by certain philosophers and scientists.

From the human aspect, I have clarified that the most important Sayyals of the conscious self (consciousness) is the Main Sayyal that extends life to man and provides him/her with specific characteristics that include: a variety of propensities, intellectual and perceptive abilities, and a faculty for will. The Spiritual level of each Sayyal varies from one individual to another.

In this part of the series I will continue my discussion of the Main Sayyal by highlighting certain psychological factors that affirm its independent existence prior to entering the fetus and providing it with life. I will discuss how the Main Sayyals affiliate to each other and the difference between the Main Sayyals of men and women. I will also discuss the reason for the morphological differences between human beings and discuss Secondary Sayyals and certain distinctive properties of the conscious self, such as, talents and conscience. I will end this part by discussing the Daheshist understanding of age and death.

Scientific and psychological proofs to the
existence of the Main Sayyal prior to birth:

It is widely believed in the Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), that the soul is created at birth and did not exist prior. However, this traditional belief is not based on an inspired and clear basis. On the contrary, there are many signals in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible as well as in the Holy Qur’an that lead to the existence of the soul prior to birth and asserts the validity of reincarnation. I have presented this aspect in an article published in Dahesh Voice magazine, in March of 1996 however, it is sufficient to present here the scientific and psychological proofs to the preexistence of the Main Sayyal that Daheshism calls for and then I will present the reader with Daheshist proofs.

With James Hillman leading the pack, there are many contemporary psychologists that have gone beyond the Freudian and Behaviorist theories. They realize that psychologists, in their attempt to understand the power of the soul, have diverged from logic and to the point that they have made Psychology “soulless.” Hillman sees no way out of the divergent stipulations and contradictory opinions in Psychology except through the summation of tens of scientific researches on thousands of identical twins and hundreds that possess excellent abilities in every discipline. The results of these researches confirm that there is a dynamic psychological power that is provided with intellect, propensities, predispositions and will, that takes over the fetus and forms its personality and gives him distinctive traits that bear no relationship to genetic transmission through the parents and with little influences by the environment (educational, upbringing…etc.).

This dynamic psychological power—that Hillman deduced through a systematic study of identical twins and individuals of superior abilities—is credited by Hillman to Plato, who was the first to discover it through logic and philosophy and later on to Plotinus who elaborated on it. In chapter 10 of the Republic, the disciple of the great Socrates used mythological stories to talk about a dynamic psychological power that carries the fate of an individual stemming from choices in a previous life—a fate determined by merit as well as by the choosing of future parents and the time and place of his/her living.

Hillman deduced from the tens of studies on 400 individuals of superior abilities in science, technology, literature, art, politics, military command, etc., that 60% of them had miserable childhood and that many abandoned their formal schooling in favor of studying on their own or to concentrate on a practical successful career. From those who excelled were Thomas Mann and Rabindranath Tagore, who both received the Nobel Prize in literature; Robert Browning, the famous English poet; Edward Grieg, the famous Norwegian Composer; Thomas Edison and Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize recipient in Physics.

The talents of those particular superior individuals were slightly influenced by heredity and the environment. They may have been normal during their childhood or youth, or they could have been geniuses. From the first group: Mahatma Gandhi, E. Rommel, the German commander with the nickname Desert Fox; Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Franklin Roosevelt and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations; and the great French laureate Emil Zola who used to get a failing grade on his homework in French Literature. The talents of these individuals did not appear until they passed their teenage years. From the second group whose talents appeared very early in their life and could not be attributed to heredity or environmental factors, we mention from the scientists: Avicenna, Blaise Pascal, Enrico Fermi, Thomas Edison, and John Watson. From the thinkers: Auguste Comte, John Stuart Mill, and Voltaire. From the literary laureates: the sisters, Emily and Charlotte Brontë, Pablo Neruda, Alexander Pushkin, and Arthur Rimbaud. From the artists: Lorenzo Gian Bernini, Albrecht Dürer, Alberto Giacometti, and Andrea Mantegna. From the composers: Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Richard Strauss.


Daheshist Proofs:

What Hillman concluded in his book The Soul’s Code (1996), the founder of Daheshism asserted 60 years earlier and made it an integral component of the foundation that he built his teachings upon. The dynamic psychological power that carries the seeds of the main traits in the human personality is nothing but the Main Sayyal that provides him with life upon birth and regardless of whether or not the person is average or genius. It is not easy to separate the independent presence of this power from the other Sayyals obtained through genetics except in those who are superior. It is difficult to distinguish in the average individual the psychological traits derived from his Main Sayyal and those gained from his secondary Sayyals—will become clear later—derived from his parents or grandparents through hereditary genes or through his upbringing and educational environments.

What I have concluded from my conversations with the founder of Daheshism that if we set aside the miracles of the Prophet Moses and Lord Christ, we would not be able to find any hereditary agent or contemporary educational agent that can explain the Spiritual Messages that they had provided. The same thing applies to the Arabic Prophet [Muhammad], Socrates, and Gandhi. This fact asserts that whatever provided those with their distinguished psychological self could not have been their parents; the contradictory environment to their lofty ideals; or the materialistic culture that contradicted their Spiritual values yet controlled their contemporaries, but rather it was elevated and advanced Sayyals that did not originate from Earth. I further add that whatever applied to them also applied to the founder of Daheshism who did not have more than 6 months of formal education and despite that, he wrote over 100 inspired books and presented to the world a Spiritual Message that unifies religions and calls for freedom, justice, and brotherly love for humanity; explains many ambiguous issues found in the Holy Books; and precedes science in unveiling serious truths about existence and beyond. Because of this, he suffered severely for the sake of his Mission and was persecuted and made homeless, however, he returned victorious and caused the fall of the [Lebanese] President that persecuted him. He did all this without drawing a sword other than the sword of truth and righteousness.

There were various geniuses throughout the ages that faced religious or none-religious tyrants with bravery, patience, and perseverance in order to change human conditions by liberating man from, his delusion, superstition, deviance, and aberration. The struggle of these individuals is what drove civilization forward—an observation that leads me to believe that the Main Sayyal of most of these individuals did not originate from Earth, but rather descended to Earth at various times in order to accomplish a mission, be it in literature, art, science, reform, or even disciplinary in nature, that would help the Prophets and Messengers in their quest to elevate humanity. This doesn’t mean that the Main Sayyals that descend to Earth from Lofty Worlds must always lead to accomplishing a distinct lofty mission, because the will of human beings plays a very significant role in maintaining the elevated Sayyals or to degrade them. I have learned from Dr. Dahesh that many who had their Main Sayyals descend from Lofty Worlds had degraded them by becoming slaves to worldly desires and vices. From those were literary artists, poets, and disciples of Prophets.

If Plato resorted to mythological story telling to clarify his theory on this important issue—an issue supported by some psychologists—the founder of Daheshism proved this truth through inspired story telling in conjunction with palpable miracles. In the story “The Secret of the Cane Basket,” a Sayyal belonging to a Spiritual Angel said: “I have known the Prophet Moses before his birth. His pure Spirit was praising God in Heavens before it reincarnated on this world.” In “Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth,” young Jesus said: “I was ordered by my Father to descend to this unbelieving world, and I did.” In the story “The Dream that Descended to Earth,” we remember the mythological stories of Plato on this subject. An Angel told Ahlam, who is an inhabitant of a Lofty World, that the Divine Will required her descent to the East and that she had to choose the family she would like to belong to. He gave her a Spiritual Power to choose and all of a sudden, her Sayyal began to flow throughout all the cities of the East and seep into the souls of their inhabitants in order to test their desires and aspirations, until she finally settled on a family in Jerusalem and she informed the Angel of her choice. At that instant, Ahlam was born while screaming the usual scream of every newborn baby on Earth.”

Among one of the amazing miracles of Dr. Dahesh is the materialization miracle that took place in 1943 in the presence of several individuals known for their intellect, to include: the known literary artist, Marie Hadad; the famous dermatologist, Dr. George Khabsa; and the known lawyer, who later became the minister of education, Mr. Edward Noon. During a Spiritual Session held by Dr. Dahesh, a young woman materialized in front of their eyes under bright lights. First, they thought that they are imagining things and remained in doubt until they touched her and heard her say: “Don’t think you are imagining things, because what you see is a definite truth. My name is Nada and I came to you from another materialistic world.” After 19 years, the same young woman visited the mansion of the Mission, a year before I met the founder of Daheshism. The three witnesses that I mentioned their names earlier are the ones that told me about this miracle. It is worth mentioning that when she materialized, she was at the same age of her visit and was wearing the same dress and handbag—that were not in style in 1943. In other words, it was permitted for her to materialize during a Spiritual Session before her Main Sayyal took over the fetus that was forming, thus her birth. As to the family of this young woman, it is a well-known family that preferred to remain private due to social and political circumstances. This miracle is a decisive proof of the existence of the main psychological self (Main Sayyal) of every human being prior to birth.

The previous incident relates to the transfer of the Main Sayyal from one world to another, however the Main Sayyal that took over a fetus and causing its birth could have existed elsewhere on earth in the body of another person who had just expired. It also could have come from a bird, an animal, a tree that was just cut, or any other form. The possibilities are endless and no one knows them except God Almighty. This form of birth is the most common, because the great majority of human beings are common—meaning that their Sayyals are of the same Spiritual Level as that of earth and that the Spiritual Laws that are in place dictate affiliation so that no Main Sayyal could enter a fetus that does not affiliate to the father or mother.

In 1970, while working on my Ph.D. dissertation on the psychological analysis of Gibran Kahlil Gibran’ personality, his art and literary work, I stumbled upon information that Gibran used to believe that he is a reincarnation of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) and that Rossetti is a reincarnation of William Blake who died in 1827. He reinforced his belief by the fact that all three were poets and artists and share many spiritual and artistic elements and that the birth of each one followed the death of the other by about nine months.

The Main Sayyals and their affiliation:

However, to whom was Rossetti’s Main Sayyal affiliated to: Gibran’s mother or father? There is not doubt that it was to his mother and this explains the close relationship he had with his mother—a relationship that psychologically became a dynamic nucleus in his life, creative literature, and drawings. The closeness of the Main Sayyal towards one of the parents is indicative of the affiliation of the Sayyal. Likewise, when the father shows certain closeness to one of his children greater than that of the mother is a true indication of the origin of the Sayyal and vice versa. Also, the sharing of more than one brother or sister in the affiliation of their Main Sayyals from either the father or the mother will make them closer emotionally to each other than the other siblings that do not share in the affiliation of their Main Sayyals.

On a different subject, I once asked the founder of Daheshism: “Was it possible for you to be born in a different time and place?” He said: “no, because my birth in Jerusalem, moving to Lebanon during my childhood, and then spreading the Daheshist Message there is determined by my personal fate. This personal fate is determined by my previous reincarnations and Sayyals. I then asked him: “I wonder, if we were not born as your disciples in this time and country, would it be possible for others to be born to accompany and support you? He said: “Nothing is difficult for God, because He is Almighty. Didn’t Lord Christ tell his disciples: “I am the Vine and you are the Branches?” John (15:5) As the vine grow, the branches will grow along with it. Likewise, you follow me because you are in me. As to the ones that fall, they are more like the branches or twigs that harden because the sap does not flow through them and will break and fall from the tree.”

I asked him if this applies only to Spiritual Guides only or is it a general truth? He said: “It is a general truth. Those who were close to Alexander the Great and accompanied him, their personal fates prepared them to be born in his time and country. The same applies to those who accompanied Napoleon, Washington, Lincoln, Hitler, or Saladin. Likewise, within the same common family, the Main Sayyals are affiliated with the mother or father and this affiliation continues to the grandchildren—even to the grand grandchildren if the affiliation continued in a linear fashion. However, this affiliation does not mean that the Main Sayyal of the recipient is weaker than that of the donor or Spiritually lower in rank. What happens between Prophets and their followers is more of an exception than the rule, because the Spiritual arrangement is from God and not from human beings.”

Morphological differences between human beings and the
differences between men and women:

I have concluded from my conversations with the founder of Daheshism, as well as from the inspired Daheshist texts that contemporary human beings all descended from Adam and Eve, as mentioned in the Old Testament. However, the clergy committed horrible mistakes and created a conflict between scientific “facts” and religious “truths”. These mistakes resulted from their literal interpretation of the Holy Books as well as their calculations of the ages of the early fathers mentioned in Genesis between Adam and Noah and then between Noah and Lord Christ without taking into consideration that the scribes could have dropped many names intentionally or unintentionally. This made the time elapsed since the creation of Adam shorter. The clergy insist that the time frame that separates Adam from Lord Christ is about 4,000 years and that the Great Flood happened before Lord Christ by 3,000 years. This is contradicted by scientific discovery based on archeological findings. As to the Daheshist truth, Adam died 8,000 years before Christ after he had lived for about 2,000 years. The Great Flood took place in the sixth millennium before Christ. A recent archeological finding dates the Great Flood to about 5,600 years before Christ. This is what Daheshism had declared more than half a century before this discovery. Adam is the father of creation that modern man—to include all historical accounts—is attributed to. Prior to this creation, Earth had witnessed 759 creations over millions of years, each ended with almost total destruction after their civilizations had reached a very advanced state of scientific discovery. It is only natural to find remains and artifacts from previous civilizations that predate Adam.

As to the morphological differences, it is not attributed to the diversity in the physical environment, as researchers tend to believe, because the environment may impact the tonality of the skin to a certain level, but it cannot impact the morphology of the human being (i.e., the shape of the skull and body parts). The morphological differences between human beings are attributed to two reasons: 1) The Sayyals of human beings descended from Adam and Eve, who had Sayyals in different worlds prior to their descent in the form of Adam. The morphological differences in modern human beings are due to differences in the original Sayyals of different origins. 2) The insemination of human females by men from other worlds far more advanced, yet with a spiritual level close to that of earth, who descended via spaceships a long time ago after the creation of the last Adam and left a morphological trace in their descendants.

As to the differences between men and women in physique and certain psychological qualities, according to Daheshist teachings, it is because the Main Sayyal of the woman is one-half that of man. This is the direct reason for the differences in the feminine and masculine physique. This difference did not develop as a natural mechanism to preserve the sexes, as many researchers tend to believe, but rather due to a Divine plan to place Adam and Even in the Earthly Paradise and subject them to a very tempting trial: Either obey Divine instructions, or be swept by evil deception. The victorious outcome of this trial would have returned the Sayyals of Adam and Eve to the Lofty Worlds they have descended from, after living for a specific period of time in the Earthly Paradise. The failed outcome of this trial would cause them to fall again and lead them to a life of misery and suffering. In fact, this is what really happened and they fell to the level of human beings who had populated the earth at the time and they [Adam and his descendents] were permitted to reproduce.

It is worthy to mention here that until recently, genealogists rejected the idea that there are differences in the genes of men and women, however, they have discovered recently that the difference in the genes to be between 1% to 2% of the total, which is a very serious percentage. However, the Main Sayyal of the woman being one-half that of the man does not mean that she is inferior or lesser in intelligence. There are many women of prominence in every field, current or throughout the ages. The reason why is because Sayyals differ in their Spiritual elevation (intellect and propensities), for one-half a lofty Sayyal in its intellect and propensities is better than a million ignorant and lowly Sayyals. In addition to that, the personality of every human being is not only made up of the Main Sayyal, but rather includes a large collection of Secondary Sayyals that enters the fetus through genetics and I will talk about this shortly.

Supplemental Sayyals:

After birth, Supplemental Sayyals may enter the human being at any stage of life and in a Spiritual way that has nothing to do with natural heredity. I have learned from the founder of Daheshism that a Sayyal from Voltaire, the great French thinker, had entered Marie Hadad, the Daheshist heroine, along with another Sayyal from Leonardo Da Vinci. Both Sayyals reinforced her power of thinking, criticism, bravery, and painting. I have also learned that many men and women who attended Spiritual Sessions held by Dr. Dahesh would also be recipients of new Sayyals of lofty origin through the power of the Holy Spirit that would appear. I have already mentioned in the first part on Sayyals that after three months from meeting the Man of Spirit and Miracles, I had received six Sayyals all at once in the form of rays that infiltrated my body through the power of an Angelic Spirit. I had also received a large number of Sayyals in different periods and situations.

It is worthy to mention here that the appearance of Supplemental Sayyals in some people at different stages of their lives is not rare and it explains the sudden appearance of a talent of some sort in an individual. However, some talented individuals may be given more to conform with the saying of Lord Christ: “For the person who has something will be given more, so that he will have more than enough.” Matthew (13:12) As an example, I knew that three Sayyals that belong to Lord Christ had entered Gibran Kahlil Gibran due to their relationship to his Main Sayyal and it is those Sayyals that gave his writings and drawings that powerful spiritual aspect and made him prepare the way for the founder of Daheshism in the same way “The Forerunner” paved the way to “The Prophet.” As if Gibran felt the Sayyal of Christ within him, he wrote his pen pal, Mai Ziyadeh, saying: “This Prophet shaped me before I attempted to shape him; created me before I thought of creating him; and made me walk in silence behind him 7,000 leagues before he would stop to fill me in on his interests and intentions. Please ask my friend, The Ethereal Element about this Prophet and he will tell you his story.”

There remains to mention that after a human being is born, no Supplemental Sayyals are given to him unless they have a link with his Main Sayyal. There are no free endowments and only those who merit the Sayyals and for Spiritual reasons, would receive them. Such were the Spiritual endowments that took place in Christianity when the Disciples of Lord Christ were gathered days after his crucifixion and burial, with all doors closed he appeared to them all of a sudden and he blew in their faces saying: “Accept the Holy Spirit.” In Daheshist teachings, what appeared to the Disciples was not Jesus, but rather a Lofty Spiritual Personality (i.e., a Lofty Sayyal) that descended from its Glory and materialized in his exact form to take his place on the cross. For this reason, the Qu’ran clarified this aspect by saying: “…they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them….” (Sura: Nissa’ [Women]: 157).” As to Jesus of Nazareth, he lived in disguise for more than twenty years after his Personality was crucified.

Hereditary Sayyals:

Most Sayyals that form the psychosomatic traits and aspects of a human being are passed on to him through genes that carry the particularities of the parents and their lineage. The essence of Hereditary Sayyals is just like that of the Main Sayyal, meaning that they are aware units of rays with propensities, predispositions, and properties of strength or weakness. They assist the Main Sayyal in molding the genes and sharing in forming the initial psychosomatic traits and character. However, the effects of these Sayyals—just as the Main Sayyal—are not fulfilled until the human being is fully grown and even if some sort of genius behavior is apparent during childhood.

Sayyals vary in their number, power, and Spiritual rank as well as in the kind of capabilities and talents they carry and in their packaged disposition to certain intellect and propensities as well as to health and disease. This is the cause of psychosomatic differences between siblings subjected to the same upbringing, social, and economic conditions. The similarity is strongest among identical twins that are born from the same egg. There is no need to elaborate on this subject, because there are hundreds of available medical publications that explain the DNA programming through chromosomes.

It is worthy of mentioning here that parents transfer to their children genes that they had received from their parents, grandparents, and up to an unknown lineage. For this reason, there are certain traits that are latent for several generations because of a certain genetic structure formed for an unknown Spiritual reason. Also, there may appear in a particular family a child that is totally different from his parents physically or psychologically. The agent for this deviation is either the Main Sayyal, that Daheshism preceded science in confirming its existence, or to an unknown Spiritual reason.

It is important to mention that every common Sayyal between the parent and child remain at the same strength between all individuals sharing it and regardless of their number, for it does not weaken through its extension from parent to child to grandchild to grand-grandchild—even if all were alive at the same time—in contrast to anything physical that is distributed. This affirms that the hereditary dynamic is not material—even if it has taken a material form.

The sharing of Hereditary Sayyals takes place between siblings is proportional to the share each one of them received from the parents. Likewise, Sayyals are shared between married couples and those who are engaged in sexual relations outside of marriage. The sharing of Sayyals between two or more individuals could lead to grave consequences—especially if one of the individuals severely degraded his/her Sayyals. This point will be explained in details in another part of this series.

The personality of a human being or his complete psychological self:

The personality of a human being or his complete psychological self consists of: a Main Sayyal that enters the fetus at birth, extends him with life, and gives his personality particular traits; Hereditary Sayyals; and Supplemental Sayyals. Therefore, the overall personality of a human being, according to Daheshist teachings, is made up of partial personalities. In other words, the human greater self includes smaller selves—psychological entities of Spiritual essence i.e., Sayyals. The understanding of partial personalities has been observed by several psychologists lead by Jung, Cattell, and lately, Zohar. Jung considered “complexes” to be partial personalities with independent behavior to a certain point. Cattell showed in his studies of personality that the human being is a summation of psychological entities that vary in their strength and tendencies residing within the greater personality. As to Zohar, she resorted to the use of scientific explanations based on “Quanta” to show that the human being’s psychological self consists of sub-selves and their unity forms the greater self, which is the personality of the individual.

Our partial selves are likened to complementary segments that every once in a while each segment attempts to assert itself. Sometimes the personality of the individual seems more fragmented and acts childishly, rebellious, or depressed…at other times, it seems more coherent after these fragments became accustomed to the other fragments and coexisted together peacefully. Any individual that lives in a semi consistent state of conflict between his sub-selves will lack the energy to reunite his sub-selves and as a result, loses balance and a psychological or mental malfunction takes place. The explanation of mental malfunctions according to Daheshism will be explained later when I talk about the reaction of Sayyals and their relationship to each other.

There were many signs in Holy Books about the personality of man made up of many fragmented personalities and what we call Sayyals in Daheshism. In the Old Testament, Elijah, the Prophet told Elisha: “Tell me what you want me to do for you before I am taken away.” “ ‘May I receive a double portion of your spirit,’ Elisha answered.” 2 Kings (2:9). A share (or portion) of Elijah’s power refers to the Sayyal. If the Soul or the Spirit is not made up of sub-Souls, how could they be fragmented?

In the New Testament: “As Jesus went along, the people were crowding him from every side. Among them was a woman who had suffered from severe bleeding for twelve years; she had spent all she had on doctors, but no one had been able to cure her. She came up in the crowd behind Jesus and touched the edge of his cloak, and her bleeding stopped at once. Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” Everyone denied it, and Peter said, “Master, the people are all around you and crowding in on you.” But Jesus said, “Someone touched me, for I knew it when power went out of me.” Luke (8:40-46) This power that leaves an individual to enter another is the Sayyal.

In the Holy Qu’ran: “O people, fear your Lord who created you from a single soul, and from it He created its mate, and from both He scattered abroad many men and women…” (Sura IV:1 (Nissa’[Women]). These Souls that are derived from one Soul and multiplies to become millions then billions are nothing but fragmented Souls or Sayyals. In light of this, we now should understand what was meant by “the rib” that God took from the body of Adam to create Eve, for she is part of his Sayyals that have taken a physical form.


In every human being there exist a special Sayyal called the Higher Sayyal. This Sayyal is what is referred to as “conscience.” It could be a Main, Supplemental, or Hereditary Sayyal and it has the quality of being the Sayyal of the highest Spiritual level of all the Sayyals that compose the human psychological essence. The conscience has an inner voice that can be strong and effective relative to its Spiritual elevation and vice versa, it could be so faint that it can hardly be heard due to the degradation of every Sayyal within a human being. This explains the variation in Souls that assign blame among human beings. The conscience of Gandhi was the higher reference for his behavior and inspired him in his work as well as in solving his problems and unlike the conscience of a common human being that sometimes hears his conscience and cause him to refrain from evil and at other times he does not hear it—let alone the conscience of a professional criminal that loses every sound of blame or to urge him to stop. Undoubtedly, the conscience in human beings is a measure of his Spiritual elevation.


A specific talent here is an elevated ability in creative literature, art, or science. In general, it is a lofty Sayyal that descends to Earth from a world of loftier Spiritual rank. This Sayyal could be a Main, Supplemental, or Hereditary Sayyal and creates a dynamic motivation in the human being, i.e., a persistent desire to express what it wants to express and where satisfying its needs would become a fundamental necessity, just like eating and drinking. Whoever obtains such a Sayyal will find happiness in feeding it through expression in a semi permanent basis. For this reason, talented literary, scientists, and artists live to give and immerse themselves in their talents to find self-relief. They may not object to being poor, as long as they are not prevented from being fruitful. It becomes clear to us from reading the story “The dream that descended to earth,” that I referenced earlier, that the Sayyals of the exceptional talents reside in special elevated and glorified planets [Worlds] and from there they inspire comfort and progress on Earth. They assist Prophets and Spiritual Guides in an indirect way by refining the sense of beauty in man; the elevation of his mental faculties; reforming his improprieties; and help heal the wounds of the wretched and victims of oppression with their lofty balsamic elixir.

If the Sayyal of talent happened to be the Main Sayyal in an individual, he will continue to provide by creating masterpieces as long as he is alive and provided that he is not inflicted with a disease or mental condition. As an example; Victor Hugo remained fruitful producing masterful prose and poetry until the end of his life; Giuseppe Verdi composed the opera Falstaff in his eighties; Michelangelo was sculpting the statue Pieta before he died in his 89th year; Titian was still painting his beautiful paintings throughout his late eighties; and many others. If the Sayyal of talent is either Supplemental or Hereditary, it can depart from the individual at any period of his life due to Spiritual reasons that can be traced back to negligence on behalf of the individual or his attempt to degrade it. This is the secret as to why the talents of many literary and poets dried up after a fruitful period. As to the primary elements that form the Sayyal of talent and with that I mean the mental ability, imagination, memory, linguistic, verbal, or colorful skills, there are plenty of publications by researchers available and there is no need here to elaborate on them.

Spiritual Alienation:

An Expatriate may feel the pains of separation from his native homeland; an oppressed individual may feel expatriated in his own homeland if his rights are usurped and he could not find a defender; and a woman may feel expatriated within her own people if she is treated like a maid; however, all these forms of expatriation have nothing to do with the Spiritual Alienation that I am referencing. Spiritual Alienation here is the alienation of Prophets in their homeland and among their people and families. It is what Lord Christ referred to when he addressed his Heavenly Father at Mount Olive and just before his materialized Spiritual Personality was arrested: “I gave them your message, and the world hated them, because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world.” John (17:14). It is the same alienation that the founder of Daheshism felt at the age of 24 when he said: “Yes, I am a stranger in this life that is foreign to me. Yes, I came from a bright world other than this sad world….” He also said at the age of 35: “I look at myself and I find myself foreign to this world that is far from my aims. I walk lonely in its desert without a companion that feels what I feel and senses what I sense in this universe….” He repeated his feelings and his expression of the Spiritual Alienation until his last days.

Spiritual Alienation of Prophets and Spiritual Guides is the same Alienation, but to a lesser degree, felt by writers, poets, artists, and scientists of brilliant and lofty talents. Many of them felt Spiritual Alienation despite their fame and honor. It is sufficient to consider the French poet Lamartine; the English poet Yeats; Gibran Kahlil Gibran; and Mutlaq Abdul-Khaleq to comprehend the depth of their Spiritual Alienation. It is the longing of a Lofty Sayyal to return to its original extraterrestrial homeland—a longing that is affirmed by the psychologist James Hillman.


Lifespan and death:

There is no doubt that surgical medicine has progressed considerably since the beginning of the 20th century and with credit to the multitude of surgeries that took place during wars and natural disasters and that the expanded knowledge-base of researchers on cells, sub-cells, and genes increased by many folds just in the last half century and to the point that some experts, such as Ben Bova and others began to preach about the impending immortality; however it is not what the Spiritual truth is. According to the Daheshist teachings, death takes place when the Main Sayyal leaves the human being, which is the Sayyal that initially brought life to him. The time for the departure of this Sayyal is determined by the genetic structure of the individual as well as with his behavior and desires. As to his genes, they are programmed according to his previous reincarnations, while his behavior and desires alter the programming since he is able to judge between good and evil and the beginning of his responsibility for his behavior, thoughts, and desires. Then there is a Spiritual Order that would be impossible to change by human beings. As to lifespan, it is relative to man’s merit and could be delayed or shortened in accordance with the limits set for planet Earth.

From the Spiritual Truths that I was given, the inhabitants of the highest level of Paradise live 2 million Earth years. This lifespan is gradually reduced over 150 levels to arrive to the lifespan that we have here on Earth, which is on the verge of the lower levels (i.e., directly above the 1st level of the lower worlds). There is no such a thing as immortality (absence of death), except in the Spiritual Worlds, where there is no presence for matter at all. In light of this, whoever seeks real immortality, he must aim to reach the Spiritual Worlds of eternal happiness, glory, and all knowledge and power. However, he cannot enter them until he is able to bypass all the material worlds to include the 150 levels of Paradise. Such a thing is impossible unless the person lives a life of content, asceticism, integrity, humility, inner and outer truthfulness, as well as a life of spiritual courage and service to mankind similar to the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Such individuals are rare throughout the ages.

When the Main Sayyal separates from the physical body, it takes on a phantom-like shape and is given Spiritual knowledge to realize the individual’s mistakes and their consequences; the causes of his unhappiness; as well as knowledge to know what is in the minds of those who he used to deal with and their true nature and evils, to include those of the clergy. Then he would go to the world he merited if the level of his Sayyal is loftier or lower than that of Earth, or he would take on a new body on Earth if he falls within its Spiritual level.

One of the best Spiritual texts that clarify Death is a miracle that took place on August 1, 1942, and was recorded by Halim Dammous, the poet and the recorder of the Daheshist Chronicles. Briefly, he was at his home around 10 pm along with Dr. Dahesh and Youssef el-Hajj, where the founder of Daheshism was staring in the sky and soon after, they heard faint whispering followed by the formation of a cloud that gradually condensed to reveal an odd looking person with a red face…His face was like a mirror and he was about their same height. He started to talk to them with speed in a strange language. They asked him to talk to them in Arabic if possible, so Dr. Dahesh put his hand on the mouth of the red-faced visitor and he started talking in Arabic. He said: “I am one of the inhabitants of a world that is invisible to your human eyes. Many thousands of years ago, I used to be one of the inhabitants of Earth and then what you call “death” happened to me. In reality, it is a “transition” from one world to another. As soon as I closed my eyes for the last time in your world leaving behind my body to earth worms, that I found myself in a bright world exquisite in beauty. If you ask me: “How come, as living human beings, we can’t see those who took off their material form and took on an Etherial Spiritual form?” I would say the answer requires many volumes of explanations and would require my presence with you for many long hours that cannot take place because the time of my departure from you has come…However, I will make you understand that for every human being there are two bodies, one “material” and the other “Spiritual.” There is a great difference in the frequency vibration between the material and the Spiritual… the frequency vibration in your “material” world is far less than of the Spiritual World.

When “death” takes place on Earth, the “Spiritual” entity that represents your second personality separates and takes off to its world that matches his frequency and vibrations. That’s why you can’t see this entity, because your “material” vision is subject to the laws of your “material” world and to its slow frequencies, if compared with that of the Spiritual word and its fast frequencies. To make things even clearer to you so that you can understand it, I say to you: “Imagine yourself standing on a particular street and imagine a car moving at a crazy speed passing by you without you being able to know who is inside it because of its incredible speed. If you are able to ride another car and follow them until they are caught and your car is now traveling side-by-side to the other car, then no matter what your speed is, you will be able to see who is inside it and they will be able to see you, because the two speeds are the same. Likewise, in our “ethereal” world, you cannot see it with your eyes as long as you are subject to the material laws of Earth and its slow frequency compared to our Spiritual world.” He then disappeared from their sight.

Death then is not a state of none-existence, because the Sayyals do not seize to exist, but rather a transition from one state to another and from one reincarnation to another. This reincarnation could be in a Lofty World as the case with the miracle just mentioned, or it could be on Earth, or in a lower world. The explanation given in the miracle confirms Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as well as what science confirmed about the inability of human senses, to include vision, hearing, smell, and touch to exceed certain limits.