Dr. Ghazi Brax is a professor of literary psychology and art of writing at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of the Lebanese University in Beirut.
He is a prolific writer, whose literary production neared fifty works in the varied fields of literary research and critical studies, poetry, fiction, and dramas, as well as religious, social, and psychological studies.
He made the acquaintance of Dr. Dahesh, the founder of Daheshism, in 1963, and was closely associated with him for about twenty years during which he studied the personality of Dr. Dahesh and his teachings.
He has witnessed the miracles of Dr. Dahesh with a discerning eye, and has met with many other witnesses to these miracles. He has recorded his observations and the marvelous truths he has known, and became even more confident of these truths after carefully analyzing them and studying all the details related to their occurrences, such as the dates of their happenings, the names and testimonies of the witnesses. He, in person, has attested to hundreds of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh.
And as a result to this cognitive effort, he has put together a voluminous book about Daheshism, its founder and his miracles that amounted to 1500 pages in size, and is being prepared for printing.
He also has published quite a few studies about the works of Dr. Dahesh, among which we could mention:
- "Dr. Dahesh, the miraculous writer: A comparison between two gigantic books - `The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh,' and 'Dante's Inferno ".
- "The Gardens of the Gods, and the Paradises of the Goddesses," which is a study of a 20-volume series of the same title written by Dr. Dahesh."

"In the Temple of Dr. Dahesh and the Mihrab of his Literature".

Besides the aforementioned writings, Dr. Brax has given about 60 lectures concerning Daheshism, one of which has been given in 1970, at the American University in Beirut under the title: "The Miracles of Dr. Dahesh, and the Unity of Religions". Another lecture was given, in 1971 at the Faculty of Law of the Lebanese University in Beirut, under the title: "Daheshism, a Spiritual Truth Attested by Miracles." These two lectures have been translated to several world-known languages.
It would not then be strange to say that Dr. Brax combines in his person, a kindled yearning for knowledge, a forgiving nature, a missionary reforming spirit, and a conscious perception for the conveyance of the new Spiritual Message: Daheshism.
It would be interesting, in this context, to mention that one of the first published works of Dr. Brax, was a collection of lyrical poetry that opens with a dramatic stimulating prayer, in which the tragedy of our Age is reflected. Its theme is that the face of the Lord although engraved on our very pupils, yet the Lord Himself is nowhere to be found. I quote
I held out my heart within my hand,
while its blood was streaming down upon my people, And I have wandered away... My face was like a tattered flag upon the winds; I went about searching throughout my land for Love, For Your face, engraved upon our own pupils, Crucified over the East and the West; Alas! The Light died out upon my bleeding eyes,
And I found you not, 0 my Lord!
However, not long after the publication of this poem, and in the same year, 1963, Dr. Brax made the acquaintance of Dr. Dahesh. Like a Paul, he seemed to have been waiting the Guiding Light of Dr. Dahesh, and his wondrous miracles to open his eyes and let him see. And there he stood, face to face, with the Divine Spirit revealing itself and proving the great Truth of his existence and the reality of the other world, by way of palpable miracles, the Scriptures had borne no witness to anything greater in number or more dazzling and astonishing. Daheshism brought peace of mind and soul to Dr. Brax, for it brought him convincing answers to basic eternal questions that have always puzzled man, and it has unlocked for him mysteries hidden since the dawn of Creation. This has been done not by the way of abstract theological or philosophical speculations, but by concrete tangible evidence made possible by the supernatural power manifesting itself through Dr. Dahesh. As for Dr. Dahesh himself, like the sublime central figure of the Gospels, he is extraordinarily human by his infinite true humanity, gentleness, caring and love for his fellow humans, yet at the same time, he is unlike any other, and no human scale could ever measure his greatness and sublimity, because he comes from another purer, mightier, much more elevated and glorious world. About him, as well as about Daheshism, I will speak no further, for this is the task of our speaker now, Dr. Ghazi F. Brax.

Fares A. Zaatar

The Second World War was at the zenith of its fury. Tens of millions of the sons of Adam were being slaughtered by the sons of Adam. And the civilization built by humanity stood at the verge of total ruin. The peace for whose sake Jesus Christ had come and suffered its flag had been brought down and humiliated, and peoples began to weep over the hopes fastened upon it like a mother weeping for her children who have just come to pass away before her very eyes. What is more sinister yet, is that the nations which had embraced Christianity for long generations, had a crucial role in undermining the edifice of love erected by Christendom upon the earth.
At the apex of this international tragedy, at this darkest and most despairing time in the history of humanity, and precisely on March 23, 1942, the Divine Providence sent down a Heavenly Spirit upon a man chosen from Lebanon. This man is Dr. Dahesh. That day, he performed a number of miracles before the man of letters, Yusuph el-Hajj. Among what happened was a sudden impression of spiritual writings: At a glance, upon a plain, blank sheet of paper, the Divine Providence proclaimed the birth of a new spiritual mission in the world - this mission is Daheshism.
Thus was fulfilled what the Divine Spirit had foretold through the Prophet Isaiah when he said: "It is not yet a very little while, and Lebanon shall be turned into a Carmel, and the Carmel shall be esteemed as a forest1? And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity and out of darkness" (Isaiah 29.•17-18); and the prophetic vision of
king Solomon, in his Song of Songs, has been fulfilled as well,
for he said: "Come with me from Lebanon, my bride, with me from Lebanon" (4:8).
When the Divine Command of establishing the new Mission came down, Dr. Dahesh was thirty-three years old. But the miraculous signs which had preceded the proclama¬tion of the mission manifested themselves in the person of its founder since his childhood. That is why it would not be possible to grasp the dimensions of Daheshism and its truth without having had first an overview of the general outlines of the life of its founder; for his life is intermingled with his Mission, and his person is integrated into it..
Therefore, we have, first, to provide a brief outlook of Dr. Dahesh's life; second, to give a short exposition of the Spiritual Mission he brought about, attested to, and clarified by his miracles.



His Childhood:

There is nothing in the universe or in life that can be called "blind coincidence". This is a truth, which has become scientific. But Daheshism believes, also, that behind the physical causality, the laws of which scientists try to discover, there is a spiritual causality concealed from the humans.

In this light, we could see that it was not a "blind coincidence" for the life of the founder of Daheshism to have its most important setting in two contiguous countries attracting nowadays the eyes of the world: Palestine and Lebanon. Palestine, which two thousand years ago, had persecuted Jesus of Nazareth, then witnessed its destruction at the hands of its own people, and those of the foreigners afterwards. And Lebanon which persecuted its new Messen¬ger, is witnessing its destruction at the hands of its own people and those of the foreigners.

Dr. Dahesh, was born in 1909, to a humble Christian family, in Jerusalem, city of the prophets. He was but a few months old when his parents moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where he was to live most of his life. However, he did return to Palestine where he spent a number of intermittent years of his childhood and youth, especially in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

In 1920, when his father passed away, Dahesh was eleven years old. The orphan was then enrolled in the American orphanage and school in the Lebanese town of Ghazir. A few months later, however, his health deteriorated, so he quit school, and was not to re-enter any educational institution throughout his life.

This orphan, who has not studied in schools, is now the author of over a hundred and fifty works, which are displayed annually in most of the World's book fairs.

However, the highly prolific, and creative writings, with their humanitarian subjects, and lofty purposes, are not the most wondrous that this man has produced; more amazing even is his life that abounded with miracles and prodigies.

Among the scores of miracles recounted by eye-witnesses of his prodigious acts, I shall confine myself to relating the following:

A - Miraculous Healing:

In 1920, at the Musaitby district, in Beirut, where Dahesh was living with his mother, the Christians were celebrating the holiday of the prophet Elijah. A child, riding his bicycle, was crisscrossing the street back and forth amidst the people; suddenly he had an accident: he fell to the ground, was injured, and his bicycle was completely twisted. The child started crying loudly.

People gathered around him in order to help him, but his crying grew louder and louder. The eleven year old Dahesh forced his way through the swarming crowds up to the injured child, and laying his hand upon him, said:

Get up and go home in peace. Your injuries have been healed by God's permission.

And his injuries were healed immediately.

Then, the prodigious child laid his other hand upon the bicycle, and at once the distortions and cracks disappeared.

This miracle was not the first that Dahesh had performed in his childhood; however, it was the first of his miracles performed in public. And for a long time, the inhabitants of that district kept recounting it; they were baffled and perplexed by the miraculous power of the child. Among the many witnesses to this miracle, are some members of the Baroud and el-Ashquar families.

B - The Re-creation of a Book from Ashes:

The child, Dahesh, mastered reading on his own, and became passionately fond of knowledge. The economic condition of his family did not allow him to buy books, so he used to borrow them for pay from bookstores, and stay late into the night reading them.

In 1925, the fifteen year old Dahesh was the guest of his maternal aunt in Jerusalem. One night, he stayed up late reading one of the Holy Books. It did not take his illiterate aunt long to put out the kerosene lamp in a rush, prodding him to go to bed, to preserve his health and the lighting fuel as well.

The youth obeyed her wish. However a part of the night had not yet been over, when the aunt woke up, and saw gleam lighting up the corner of the room. There, the youth was sitting reading. She got up angrily to put out the lamp and hide it away, and she awakened her husband so that they may together discipline the disobedient youth.

They suddenly stood riveted to the ground, baffled and terrorized, for the lamp was not lit, but a strange shining beam of light was radiating out of the prodigious child's eyes!

They did not understand what was happening, and reaped nothing but fear. In the morning, they contacted a few clergymen, and explained to them what had occurred. The clergymen ascertained to them that the youth must be afflicted by "demonic madness", and that the book itself embodied an evil spirit.

The woman and her husband came back home during the absence of the youth; they immediately fetched the book, and set it to fire in one of the house's corners.

However, no sooner had the youth returned than he requested the book from them. They denied any knowledge of it. He angrily went straight to where the ashes were, and striking upon them with his hand, the ashes became the same book they were before.

This miracle of creation had been witnessed by the adolescent's neighbors’, the Murad family, who happened to be visiting his aunt at the time of the spiritual manifestation. Its news spread out in the vicinity, sowing fear of the prodigious youth in the souls of ignorant people. This miracle was the first to draw the attention of the clerics in Palestine to the wondrous youth, and aroused their hostile feelings against him.

C - Dr. Dahesh's Walking On Water:

The following year (1926), Dahesh moved to Bethlehem. One day, the banks of Prophet Solomon's lakes, situated close to the city that had seen the birth of Jesus, were overcrowded with visitors and strollers among whom were many Assyrians. The prodigious youth was also there. And it was that someone mentioned Christ's walking on the water, to which the wondrous youth said:

What would you say about me, if I walked back and forth on the waters of the lake?"

They felt the matter too magnificent to believe, and very unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless, he immediately began walking gradually on the surface of the water, as if he were walking on the ground, until he had crossed the entire lake, and then turned back to the starting point.

Many baffled witnesses examined his shoes, and found them unwetted, so their astonishment grew even greater. And one of the witnesses, Mr. Kourieh Melky Abdullah, asked him:

- "How did that happen?" Dahesh answered:

"I walk upon waters, as I walk upon solid ground".

On November 6, 1964, the aforementioned witness gave an interview to the Beirut magazine, "Al-Liwaa," testifying to what he saw, and mentioning the names of a number of other witnesses, who had seen the miracle with him.

The Dawn of the Daheshist Mission:

At fourteen, Dahesh began to increase his association with the youths of Bethlehem, where he was living with some members of his family. He would narrate to them the miracles of Jesus of Nazareth, preaching his return, and the necessity of preparing and purifying themselves to receive him. He used to perform miracles before them, and rebuke many of the Christian clerics for their hypocrisy, deviation from Christ's teachings, and for commercializing his religion. He exposed their shameful conduct, and their atrocious hidden acts, warning the youths not to be deceived by their words. His campaign against them reached its peak in Bethlehem in 1927. The clerics raised a hue and cry, inciting the men in power against Dahesh. They began to threaten him in the churches of Bethlehem, and to intimidate everyone associat¬ing with him, warning people, and counseling parents not to let their children communicate with him, on the pretext that he embodies a demonic power. But Dahesh's miracles increased among the children, and his influence among the people became even greater, despite his youthful age.

When Dahesh approached his twentieth year, a number of educated Palestinian young men, whose hearts inclined them to spiritual matters, began to gather around him and became his disciples even before his proclamation of the Daheshist Mission. Among them was the well-known Palestinian Poet Moutlaq Abdu el-Khaleq, who besides having written a poetry collection entitled "Ar-Rahil" (the Departure), also transposed into poetry one of Dr. Dahesh's first literary works, the Repose of Death. Another distinguished Palestinian, Tawfiq el-Israwi, had been so much touched by the spirituality of his prodigious Master that he distributed all his possessions to the poor, and then spent the rest of his life as a hermit in one of the caves of Petra in Jordan.

In 1930, after the fame of Dr. Dahesh spread out, and the news of his prodigies reached the scientific circles in Paris, the "Sage Institute" granted him a doctorate degree in psychic research on May 22, 1930, after scores of Frenchmen interested in spiritual and psychic matters witnessed some of his miracles. And that is how this scientific title came to be united with his spiritual name.

On the first day of the year 1937, Dr. Dahesh wrote the following great oath:

I swear by you, 0 my Creator, that even if there were to be
Millions of disloyal fools, and hypocrite traitors, who came to write on all the papers of the Earth, Nay, but even if they would chisel into all,
The stones of this entire universe, that:
`This Mission of mine is untrue,'
I would but keep marching on with my head high,
And with full dignity,
And I shall persist in my preaching,
And the propagation of my Mission,
Until it encompasses the whole Earth, and spreads out in the
Heavens as well.
Not even the entire Creation would be able
To prevent me from fulfilling it, 0 God
So long as you are the One Who supplies me with His divine power.
This is my oath, 0 my Creator,
I rise to you from the depths of my heart, that does not throb but with recollection of Your Holy Name
In total awe and humility.



Persecution of Dr. Dahesh and his Followers:

About five years and three months following this oath,

(That is on March 23, 1942), the Divine Command, proclaim¬ing the Daheshist Mission to people, was revealed. Conse¬quently, the miracles of Dr. Dahesh increased before crowds of highly-educated visitors, such as physicians, lawyers, politicians, and men of letters; those spiritual manifestations comprised prophecies, healing of incurable diseases, brea-thing life into inanimate objects, transmutation of matter, transportation of things irrespective to their distance or weight; and many others, each of which occurred at a glance.

These miracles took place before the believer as well as the unbeliever, for the conviction of the witness is irrelevant to their occurrence, and they are not accompanied by any of the aspects of charlatanism, such as mumbling, burning of incense, darkening of rooms, staring into the eyes of people, and tricking in general. These prodigies occur in an absolutely simple and clear way. Their purpose is to prove the existence of the immortal Spiritual World, the affirmation of the truthfulness of the Daheshist Mission, and the clarification of its teachings.

In consequence, a great number of well-educated people believed in his mission succeedingly; and the new tide of belief began to invade the Lebanese society in all its confessional groups, uniting them, shaking off their superstitions and outworn traditions, and triggering off resounding echoes in the Lebanese and Arab press.

Among the new believers was the chairwoman of the Lebanese Syndicate of Fine Arts, the lady of letters, Mary Haddad, and sister of the wife of the ex-President of the Lebanese Republic Beshara el-Khouri. She embraced Daheshism together with her husband and children. Conse¬quently, the Christian Clergy began to fear for their influence to weaken and be swept away in Lebanon, a country ruled and torn apart, on every level, by blind sectarian fanaticism in its ugliest manifestations. They began to weave shameful plots against the founder of Daheshism, in co-operation with the head of State, Beshara el-Khouri, and his myrmidons.

However, after the authorities failed in luring Mary Haddad and the other pillars of Daheshism to relinquish their faith, they attempted to turn Dr. Dahesh over to trial upon falsified despicable allegations; yet, here too, they failed. Thereupon, the head of State resorted to trying to pass a law project in the Chamber of Deputies that would prohibit the acts of the Man of the Spirit - noting that laws are established for the sake of the many and not for the one - but the Deputies failed him, in spite of his colossal pressures.

Then, the authority, in concert with the Christian Clergy, worked together to distorting and defaming the reputation of Dr. Dahesh, by inventing sordid allegations against him and propagating them among the people through newspapers, churches, and schools. As for the Daheshists, they were forbidden from replying to the campaign of lies against them.

And after the authorities had exhausted all of their schemes, they arrested the founder of the new Spiritual Mission, on August 28, 1944, and had him thrown with the pillars of Daheshism into prison, without any trial. And after thirteen days of flogging, torturing, and degradation, the authorities expelled Dr. Dahesh outside the borders, following his divestiture of his Lebanese nationality in a tyrannical arbitrary way whereby they violated the Constitution.

After a month of his expulsion, the Man of the Spirit, succeeded in returning secretly to Beirut, where he waged a terribly punishing public opinion campaign against the despots, during which he wrote and distributed 66 black books exposing the men of power and religion who had conspired against him, laying bare their secrets, shameful acts, and plots against the people. These black books, with what they contained of authentic documents, contributed to stirring up the people against the ruling despot; for they brought him down from the presidential seat in 1952. And in the beginning of the new regime (1953), Dr. Dahesh got back his Lebanese nationality.

However, the Man of the Spirit had previously published on January 4, 1948, in the Beirut newspaper "Al-Hayat," and in a number of other Lebanese newspapers, a prophecy foretelling that Beirut shall be consumed in sulfur and fire, and that destruction shall overwhelm Lebanon from end to end, and that is as the result of the State's persecution of the founder of the new Mission, and the silence of the people represented by its deputies, judges, men of letters, and journalists, on this crime. And because the dimensions of this terrible prophecy surpassed the logic of the observers at that time, and contradicted the wishes of the iniquitous and the greedy, the Lebanese press took from it a ridiculing stand. But, who dares today to ridicule this prophecy, after the calamitous afflictions that have befallen Lebanon and its people? Indeed, they would have done better had they been rational!


The Sources of the Daheshist Teachings:

The Daheshist teachings have two sources: the miracu¬lous revelations, and the inspired writings of Dr. Dahesh.

A - The miraculous Revelations:

The Daheshist teachings are not derived from the antecedent springs of human knowledge, be it religion or science, although they concord with the fundamental princi-ples of all religions, and with the established final results of science. The primary source of the Daheshist teachings is the revelations affirmed by miracles. It is mainly of four kinds:


1 - The Spiritual Answers:

By way of explanation, I am going to relate the following typical miracle:

Mr. Edward Noun is an eminent lawyer in Beirut, and a former Government Minister. He had been sent to Dr. Dahesh by the Lebanese ex-president, Beshara el-Khouri, in order to report back to him intelligence about the man, and to look into the truthfulness of his miracles. The miracles he came to witness intrigued him greatly, and wishing to increase his spiritual knowledge, he wrote at home seventy-two questions relating to the history of humanity, its obscure origins, and intricate matters concerning man and religions which science has not yet decided upon their final truths. He distributed them over thirty typing papers, and left an empty space between each of the questions and the other, allowing for the answers to be inserted. He, then, went to Dr. Dahesh's residence. Those present were many, and they all went through Mr. Noun's intricate questions. The papers were then put inside an envelope, and the Spiritual Session was held. Suddenly, Dr. Dahesh touched the envelope containing the papers saying: "You have the answers now". The astonishment of those present was tremendous when they opened the envelope. In a glance, 72 answers had been clearly inscribed, under the 72 questions distributed over 30 pages. These miraculous documents required more than two days for their mere transcription.

What took place with Edward Noun took place with me also, and with scores of those who used to visit Dr. Dahesh.

2 - The Spiritual Messages:

Very often Dr. Dahesh used to request his visitors to pick up blank sheets of paper, and to fold them inside their fists, after having examined them on both sides, and frequently after signing their names on them. Then, at a glance, while still inside the hands of the witnesses, these blank papers were filled out with revelational writings containing counsels and clarifications, personal or general. The like of these miracles took place with hundreds of those who visited the Man of the Spirit.

3 - The Spiritual Narratives:

Often Dr. Dahesh was inspired to place before us a pack of blank papers, or a blank notebook, and, at a glance, the Spiritual Power filled them out with narratives that explain the secrets of life and death. I, myself, have been a witness to quite a few of them.

4 - The Spiritual Interpretations Accompanying the Miracles:

These interpretations are numerous; the Divine Spirit pronounces them in the course of performing the miracle. They are recorded in addition to the revealed teachings. Examples of them shall be given later on
B - The Inspired Writings of Dr. Dahesh:

Dr. Dahesh set forth in his inspired writings his views about the different aspects of life, the individual, society, and humanity; and, based on his sublime inner inspiration, he clarified a great deal of mysteries relating to the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the conditions of Heaven and Hell, Mythology, the cosmic civilizations, and the destiny of mankind. However, it should be asserted that all that the founder of Daheshism has written differs by its source and the way of its writing, from what men of letters write generally. For, he does not plan what he is going to write, neither does he think it over, nor does he erase or correct; rather, he writes with a prodigious speed, irrelevant to what the subject matter might be. And quite often, I used to observe him in the course of his writing, and when he was done, transcribed what he had already written in preparation of printing, and I used to find that what took him one hour to write, took me several hours to transcribe.
The historiographer of the Daheshist Chronicles, the poet Halim Dammous, had preceded me in witnessing Dr. Dahesh writing his book entitled Memoirs of a Dinar2. This story of intricate interwoven events, and amazing facts, whose epi¬sodes cover the entire Twentieth Century from beginning to end, encompassing two World Wars, and closing with an apocalyptic universal annihilation due to a nuclear war; this story of complex structure, of about 300 pages, did not take more than nine hours for the Man of the Spirit to write, whereas it took Mr. Dammous seven days to transcribe.
These are the sources of the Daheshist teachings: Miraculous revelations, and inspired writings.
The Prophet Moses has founded his religion upon Ten Commandments inscribed by a Heavenly hand onto tablets of stone; and the Prophet Mohammad has founded his religion upon revelations whispered to him; these two ways join in forming the Daheshist teachings that are furthermore affirmed by miracles. Now, what are these teachings?

The Daheshist Teachings:

They may be summarized in the following fundamental principles:

I - God:

Daheshism believes that God is the Power that has created the universe, the known of it and the unknown; that He is the Beginning and the End, the Mystery of Life, the Lord of reward and punishment, and the Source of every knowledge, power, and pure love. To Him Dr. Dahesh and the Daheshists raise their prayers, and from Him they ask forgiveness and help, and in Him they see a compassionate Father for them and for the entire creation.

The Daheshists refrain from exploring the essence of Deity, because they are certain that it is beyond human reason, and that nothing could be derived from such discussion except more intellectual confusion.

2 - The World of the Spirits:

This world is the beginning of the Creation and its end; It is the Divine Mind administering the universe, and controlling its laws; It is eternal and everlasting, beyond material bonds of time-space. It is made of Heavens constituted of 150 spiritual degrees. Its beings are the Holy Spirits, the origins of every creature; they are pure, glorious, free of any blemish, corruption, or any trace of matter accordingly, none may enter this world of perfection, save he who has attained spiritual perfection.
That is why Daheshism believes that the purpose of every being should be to strive, in every way, towards a continuous spiritual transcendence, aiming at freeing one's self from the attraction of the materialistic tendencies, in order to attain the Heavenly World of the Spirits where the absolute true happiness lies.
To have faith in God, and in the immortal World of the Spirits, is the general purpose of all Dr. Dahesh's miracles. And many are those who have entered his home atheists or doubters, and left, after witnessing his miracles, believers.
Here is an example among hundreds of others:

A Newspaper Created Five Days Prior to Its Issuance:

Mr. Philip Hadshiti is an educated young man, who lived for some time in Paris where he was influenced by the materialistic intellectual currents to the degree of denying the existence of the Spirit as well as the existence of God.

One day, in Beirut, he heard of Dr. Dahesh's miracles, and visited him at his home, on November 28, 1943, in order to ascertain for himself their authenticity.

The visitor was promised a Spiritual Session, wherein the power of God would manifest itself, but he did not believe it. That day, he had with him the daily Lebanese newspaper, <<Le Jour>>, published in French. He went through it, writing in the margins questions that came to his mind and that he intended to ask during the convened Session.

The Session was held in the presence of many. Dr. Dahesh asked him: "Do you believe in God?" And Philip Hadshiti replied: "To tell you the truth, Doctor, I do not believe in His existence and that's what I used to say when I was in Paris." And Dr. Dahesh answered him: "What do you want in order to believe in Him, and realize your grave

error?" He said: "I want a miracle." And Dr. Dahesh replied:

"Look at the newspaper you have with you". When Mr. Hadshiti looked at his newspaper for a while, he let a cry out of his great astonishment. For the issue which he brought in with him bore the date of November 28, 1943; however, all of a sudden, he found the issue had become that of December 3, that is five days prior to the issuance of the issue, and the questions which he had written down in the margins were still the same. And after the issue of December 3 had come out, he compared it with the issue which had been formed miracu¬lously five days earlier, and it was the very same in its entirety and with all local and international news and events. It was a miracle of creation comprising within itself thousands of prophecies.

Philip Hadshiti had entered Dr. Dahesh's home an unbeliever, and left it a believer in the power of God, the Omnipotent.

3 - Christ, the Prophets, and the Guides:

Daheshism distinguishes between "Christ" and Jesus of Nazareth. The word "Christ", in Daheshism, does not refer to the person of Jesus of Nazareth, who has been known throughout history by the name of Jesus Christ; rather it refers to a Spiritual Divine Force that constitutes the highest degrees of Heavens. This Heavenly Power is the spring of the infinite pure love, and it is the only living eternal way leading to the Creator. It is impossible for any Spirit to be united with the Creator-Power before it is united with the divine power of "Christ". In this light, Daheshism understands the meaning that Christ is a god, that he is the First Begotten Son of God, that he is a Spirit of God, and the Head of the Creation. These designations do not refer to a human being, but to the supreme, Celestial Power itself.

To this Heavenly Divine power there are spiritual extensions in all the material worlds, including the Earth. These extensions, that Daheshism calls "Spiritual Fluids", are incarnated into the prophets, among who are Moses, Mohammad, and Jesus of Nazareth known historically by the name of Jesus Christ; they are incarnated as well, into the Guides, among whom are Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates, and Gandhi.

Accordingly, Daheshism believes that the Prophetic and Guiding Fluids of all the Prophets and Guides are derived from one Divine Being, who is the "Christ". But these Fluids are of different degrees of spiritual elevation, for the Heavenly Spiritual World to which their origins belong consists of many degrees.

By this concept, the fundamental conflict between Christ¬ianity and Islam is dissipated. Jesus of Nazareth (the Issa of the Koran), is a human Prophet. As for the "Christ" (the Heavenly Spiritual Power), of whom Jesus is a part, as well as every other prophet, he is a god, for he is the image of God.

4 - The Intrinsic Unity of Religions:

Through this conception unifying the prophets and the Guides, Daheshism looks at all religions, and sees them as chapters in one book - the book of Spiritual Guidance. And among these chapters there is integration not contradiction. Each one contains a part of the Spiritual Truth, not the whole Absolute Truth, and each one is true as far as the believers in it are concerned, that is in relation to their intellectual and spiritual levels. For religions differ on the levels of knowledge and spirituality comprised in their teachings and practices, as much as the human groupings for which these religions are meant differ. For God does not oblige a •soul with more than it can endure.

This intrinsic religious unity, according to Daheshism, does not only embrace the greatest monotheistic religions, by which I mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also includes all the other religions in their origins, and before their distortion by worldly interests and unfounded speculations.

The international religious brotherhood, preached by Daheshism, has become a human need. Mankind cannot escape it if nations were to avoid tragic wars and conflicts. Confessions, in many parts of the world, are trying to avoid these historic strives, or hide them by calling the people to co-existence on the basis of mutual respect of beliefs, or on the basis of religious accommodations made by pointing out similarities between them, while disregarding the essential differences. Those points of disagreements remain the deter¬mining factor in rekindling the embers, because these differences have not been dissipated by means of a unifying faith.

The belief in the intrinsic unity of religions, as well as in the unity of the Prophets, is a way that leads to the unity of humanity, and through which alone the love of each believer broadens to encompass believers of all faiths.

5 - The Truth and Religions:

Daheshism believes that the whole Absolute Truth is the Creator-Power Himself, and His image does not exist except in the Heavenly Spiritual World, which is the image of God. Therefore, in vain do scientists, theologians and philosophers search for the whole absolute truth, because it is beyond the reach of men.

Therefore, Truth on Earth is partial and relative, in all religions as well as in science. Religions should not then pretend a monopoly over the whole spiritual truth, because that is impossible even to the inhabitants of Paradise themselves, who belong to the most advanced cosmic civiliza¬tions.

6 - Cosmic Civilizations or Paradise and Hell:

Daheshism distinguishes between Heaven (which has purely a spiritual existence, Divine greatness, and infinite spiritual happiness), and Paradise comprising glorious material worlds of highly advanced civilizations, having religions, letters, arts, and inventions, unreachable by human imagina¬tion, and of great happiness, and immense material and spiritual blissfulness. This Paradise comprises billions of stars and planets distributed over one hundred and fifty spiritual degrees.

Hell. However, comprises material worlds, wherein civi¬lization is backward, and ignorance, stupidity, psychological and physical suffering are great. It comprises, in its turn, billions of planets distributed over 150 lower spiritual degrees.

Earth is situated at the spiritual threshold of Hell.

And it is not imperative for the stay to be everlasting, neither in Paradise nor in Hell. For, in each one of them the being is faced with temptations and tests relative to his spiritual advancement, in accordance with the spiritual laws applicable to his world. Therefore, if he succeeds in passing the tests and temptations, he elevates himself to a higher spiritual degree, otherwise he exposes himself to fall to a degree determined by his acts, thoughts, and tendencies.

The Daheshist's heedfulness of the lowly rank of Earth makes him realize the long arduous way he has to cross, while struggling against his low Earthly tendencies, to deserve entering the First Paradisiacal degree, wherefrom he could also pass to higher degrees all the way through to the end.

As far as Daheshism is concerned, the existence of Paradise and Hell, in other words, of the cosmic civilizations, is an incontestable truth. For the Founder of Daheshism has not only written several works descriptive of the conditions of Paradise and Hell, bit also among his miracles there are those that confirm this truth in a tangible way. The following miracle is an example:

The Incarnation of Nada:

This miracle took place in 1943, and its witnesses were many; among them were Dr. Georges Khabsa, the renowned Lebanese dermatologist and professor at the French Faculty of Medicine in Beirut, Mr. George Haddad, brother-in-law of the then Lebanese President of the Republic, and his wife the lady of letters, Mary Haddad.

While they were meeting with Dr. Dahesh in a Spiritual Session, a pretty young girl was suddenly incarnated before them, in full light. They were all overwhelmed with astonish-ment, and thought they were imagining things; however, the girl surprised them by saying: "Do not think that you are being victims of your imagination, for what you are seeing is a real truth. My name is Nada, and I have come to you from another material world." But they could not believe their eyes, and rushed forward to touch her with their own hands, and found her flesh and blood just like other humans. Nevertheless, she was wearing a dress and carrying a handbag that was not in style in 1943.

Nineteen years later, the same young girl visited Dr. Dahesh; she had become one of the inhabitants of Earth. She was of the same age in which she had been incarnated nineteen years earlier, and she was wearing the same dress, and carrying the same handbag.

Dr. Dahesh explained to those present at that time, and among them were some of whom had witnessed her appear¬ance nineteen years before, that this divine miracle confirms decisively the continuity of life, and the reincarnation of the Fluids, and their transmigration after death, from one life cycle into another whether it be on Earth, or from one planet into another, in accordance with their degree of merit.

7 - The Fluids:

The Fluid is an everlasting vital energy, of relativistic capacity of conception, driving will, different tendencies, and functional properties. Its substance is a spiritual radiating essence, that is impossible to be perceived by the senses because it is characterized by an extremely high frequency, and because the human being is limited by a network of senses that range between two thresholds: a maximum and a minimum, which he cannot tresspass.

And the substances of the entire cosmos, and of its beings, from atoms to galaxies, are spiritual Fluids of relativistic structural material forms.

These Fluids, whether they are on Earth - in man, animal, plants, or inorganic bodies - or whether they are in the stars, planets, and all heavenly bodies, do not differ from each other except in the degree of their spiritual elevation, and in the functions they are allowed to exercise within the confines of their material existence, and the spiritual laws that govern it.

On the other hand, the substance of matter - in all its forms, one of which is the human body - is a condensed Fluid made up of constitutive elements, some of which have been discovered by science. However, the spiritual Fluids are made up of constitutive elements immensely less condensed, which science has not been able to discover, because they do not fall within the range of perception of the senses, nor within reach of the apparatuses of observation, because all of these are restricted by material elements and ruled by their laws.

In consequence the "material" structural Fluids unify the universe in its "matter", also, the spiritual Fluids unify the universe in its essence. The miracle that follows explains this unity:

Giving Life to a Bird in a Painting:

Mrs. Mary Haddad is a writer and a fine artist who has numerous paintings, one of which is exhibited at the Luxembourg Museum in Paris. A painting of hers represents a bird perched on a tree. Once, prior to the persecution, Dr. Dahesh was taken over by the Spirit, and pointing at the painting, the colors started moving in it. The bird in the painting took flesh, blood and feathers and hopped into the lap of the painter. She put him in a cage, and kept him there for years. His place in the painting however, remained blank. This same Fluid took its first material form in the shape of a bird apparently inert, and by a divine power was animated into a living bird.

The immortality of the Fluids is confirmed by a great number of miracles performed by Dr. Dahesh. Tens of times we burned out sheets of paper filled with writings inscribed by our own hands, and Dr. Dahesh brought them back to their initial form, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

8 - The Spirit and the Soul:

The Fluids - whether they are in men or in beings other than men, living in the paradisiacal or infernal material worlds - are different from the Spirits. For, the Spirits are divine beings that do not commingle with bodies, and are unblemished by any material condensation, since matter is a contingent resulting from imperfection and defilement; where¬as the Spirits' habitat is the world of perfection.

Each Spirit is Mother-Origin to many Fluids emanating from it; and these Fluids exist in incarnations that differ in the degrees of their spiritual elevation; they are dispersed in various worlds of Paradise and Hell, and are connected to their Mother-Origin by imperceptible radiating ties.

The degree of the Spirit in its world is affected by the degrees of its Fluids that are scattered in the expanses of the universe. The more purified Fluids it is able to regain, the higher the degree of elevation it would reach.

The Greatest aim of the Spirit is to be reunited with its divine origin (The Creator-Power). However it can never achieve that unless it has already regained all of its Fluids, had been first united with the Divine Power of "Christ", and has reached the highest degree of the Heavens.

And as every Spirit longs to return to its Father-Creator, so too every elevated Fluid, whether in humans or in any other beings, cannot escape feeling the longing to return to its Mother-Spirit; for solely through this return is its true salvation and happiness.

As for the soul of the human, it is nothing else than the ensemble of his vital Fluids.

And within each soul, every Fluid has its own peculiar activity, which could be independent from the activities of all the other Fluids within the oneness of the human personality, or could be in some sort of a harmony with them. This reality is reflected in the individual's desires and motivations that are sometimes conflictive, and some other times coordinative, as in his thoughts that are sometimes discordant, and some other times concordant. And in view of this fact, it is justifiable to say that the human personality is composed of an ensemble of partial personalities, which are the Fluids, and at the same time, it is part of a more inclusive spiritual entity, whose Fluids are dispersed in the expanses of this universe in both its Paradise and Hell, and whose brother-parts are linked to the Mother-Spirit.

9 - The Spiritual Causation:

Daheshim believes that what is called "Coincidence" does not exist at all. For there are causes to every happening, or condition, or existence. But behind the material causation there is a spiritual causation hidden from humans, and it rules individuals and societies as well as all other beings.

When we become afflicted by illness, we refer the cause to certain microbes, viruses, or else. This is the material causation. However, when Jesus Christ healed the long time

invalid, he told him: "Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you" (John 5:14); by that saying he had pointed out to him the spiritual cause. Therefore, we should look for the causes of what befalls us in our own transgressions and in what we have done.

All of our physical, social, economic and psychological conditions, wealth and destitution, intelligence and stupidity, diseases and infirmities, peace and war, gain and loss, mutual attraction or repulsion, traffic accidents on land, sea, and in the air, natural catastrophes, etc... all of them have spiritual causes hidden from us, and that is why we assign them to "coincidence." Their general rule, however, is one, and that is the merit and the just deserts.

Spiritual causation occurs according to divine laws, and takes place on Earth through the natural laws reigning over it. The miracle that follows is an illustration:

Two Watermelons Go Up Into the Air by an Invisible Power Then Fall Down Into Pieces:

While Dr. Georges Khabsa was accompanying Dr. Dahesh close to the Hamadeh Pharmacy in Beirut, Lebanon, the Man of Miracles, suddenly, was taken over by the Spirit, and addressing his companion he said: "Look at that peddler." And right across from them, a few feet away, a vendor was standing by a cart of watermelons. Dr. Dahesh made a hand signal, and immediately a watermelon rose up into the air, then fell to pieces on the ground. He repeated the signal, and another watermelon rose up and fell down to pieces. Dr. Khabsa asked him wistfully: "But, why did this happen? This vendor is poor, and this loss will cost him dearly." The Holy Spirit answered him through Dr. Dahesh: "I have done that before you, in order to show you that justice applies to all beings of all statuses. It takes effect in a natural way, without people recognizing the manner of its application. This vendor, for example, gained today more than he should have, and his impermissible profit though little, was rightfully lost by the crash of the two watermelons. And had I not shown you this by the miracle in order to draw your attention to the fact, the cart would have anyway slid into a pit inadvertently, and the same two watermelons would have rolled over and fallen to pieces.

10 - Reincarnation:

The concept of reincarnation in Daheshism differs from its concept in all the other beliefs that confess it. For, based on the fact that the soul of the human being is not a whole unit, but rather an ensemble of Fluids of different spiritual levels, and based on the principle of just deserts, every Fluid that leaves the human body, whether during his lifetime, or at the time of death, is reincarnated into the material body which it deserves, and accordingly the bad Fluid receives its punish¬ment, and the good its reward.

And the transmigration of the Fluid from one Earthly form into another, within the worlds of humans, animals, plants, and inorganic bodies, continues for six thousand cycles of reincarnation, before it is condemned to fall into Hell, i.e., the lower worlds.

This spiritual system is undoubtedly a mercy to man. If we subtract from the life span of the individual the time spent on sleep (more than one third of a lifetime), illness, food, and earning a living, plus fifteen years• which is the non-¬responsible childhood period, all that would be left out is no more than a few years, and perhaps a few months. That is not adequate time for man to immerse himself in spiritual meditation, and achieve the purification of his soul, and the overcoming of his many obdurate base tendencies. Conse¬quently, man would be imperatively condemned to damna¬tion. The mercy of reincarnation lies then, in giving the human beings thousands of opportunities to reform themselves. Therefore, at the end of these cycles, if no elevation of the soul has been achieved, condemnation to Hell would, then, be a just punishment.

Reincarnation explains then, why people are born with infirmities, hereditary or natural diseases, bad conditions of stupidity or destitution. For, the present incarnation of the human being is but the result of his acts, tendencies, and thoughts in his previous life, or lives. It is in man's power, through will and effort to improve his conditions from bad to better.

At birth, man inherits his psychosomatic Fluids (body and soul) from both parents. These Fluids become common to all of them. However, the principal vital Fluid (that gives life to the fetus) is connected to one of them only.

The Koran says: "Lo! God changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their heart... " (Surat Thunder, 11).

And since the Fluids of the father and mother extend into the children and grandchildren, thus parents could be punished, for what they have done, through their children and grandchildren. In this light we would explain God's second Commandment to Moses, when He said in the course of his speaking about the images and statues: "You shall not bow down to them or serve them. For I am jealous God and I punish the father's fault in the sons, the grandsons, and the great-grandsons of those who hate me" (Exodus 20:5).

Man could also acquire in the course of his life some other Fluids transferred to him, according to a spiritual system, from other beings (human or non-human); however these Fluids are spiritually connected with his principal Fluid, in other words, they are his own.

Therefore, the entity of every individual is a direct psychosmatic extension of some of his Parents' Fluids, and an indirect psychic extension to other beings he may not know.

And the relationships of the individual with others of his contemporaries, men and women, are affected to a large extent by the former attitudes of his Fluids towards them, and the attitudes of their Fluids towards him in previous life cycles. Thus, the killer will be killed, the robber will be robbed, the oppressor will be oppressed, and the offender will be offended, in order for the scales of justice to be even.

11 - Dissimilar Fluids and Dissimilar Humans:

Fluids are dissimilar between one individual and the other, in number, spiritual degree, level of conception, and general characteristics. This is the cause for the dissimilarities in physical powers as to health or sickness, in sexual distinctions as to male or female, in mental and intellectual qualities, in predispositions, talents, and tendencies among people. These dissimilarities of Fluids exist even in environ¬ments having exactly the same social economic and material constitutive structure, and even among brothers subject to the same external conditions, because what one child inherits from his parents differs from what his brother or sister inherits.

12 - Mutual Attraction or Repulsion:

The transmission of the hereditary elements from the parents to the child does not imply imperatively the equality in the number of Fluids transmitted from both of them, nor in their kind, effectiveness and all of their characteristics. For, the child may inherit the principal traits of characters of his personality from one of his parents to the exclusion of the other. Hence the strong unconscious attachment that is felt between a child and one of his parents reflects the existence of shared common principal Fluids between the two parties attached to each other. The educational and environmental circumstances may increase the strength of this attachment, but they do not create it from nothing because the influence of these circumstances is posterior and not anterior to the existence of an eventual psychic attraction between the two parties starting by the formation of the fetus in his mother's womb.

Likewise, there may exist among a number of persons, not necessarily the progeny of the same ancestry, a shared Fluid, and that explains, sometimes, the strong mutual affectional or intellectual attraction among certain persons, notwithstanding the different families and nationalities which they belong. And the explanation of the mutual attraction by the similarity of tendencies and thoughts is not enough; for these are but an expression, in other words, a specific activity produced by a power existing within man, which is the Fluids.

On the other hand, the mutual attraction between two individuals may have its origin in affectional interrelationship between their Fluids in a past reincarnation; and in the present cycle the affection reawakens.

The like of this unconscious mutual attraction may also exist between man and certain animals, or plants, or inorganic objects, without his being able to understand its mystery. Its explanation, however, follows the same pattern.

As for the unconscious mutual repulsion between one individual and another, its source is either the enormous disparities between the degrees or tendencies of their Fluids, or the enmity that existed between some of their Fluids in a past reincarnation. The slaying of President Kennedy is an illustrative example.


A Prophecy On the Slaying of President John Kennedy:

There were incongruous explanations and interpretations of the cause that had motivated the killer to commit his crime, yet no conclusive adequate result was reached.

Dr. Dahesh, however, had prophesied about the slaying of the American President, a long time before his death. And in order to avoid any complications, the Man of Miracles gave to a number of persons copies of the written prophecy, and urged them not to make it public except after the occurrence of the incident. One of those people was the former Government Minister Mr. Edward Noun who had been handed over a copy of the prophecy in an envelope, which he kept in his safe. On November 28, 1963, he was requested in the presence of a group of journalists to open the envelope enclosing the prophecy. It was found to contain the date, the hour, and the minute, in which President Kennedy was to be slain, as well as the number of bullets that will pierce him, their places in his body, the name of his killer, that of his killer's killer, and the duration of his stay in the hospital. Dr. Dahesh explains the cause of Oswald's slaying Kennedy by referring it to the circumstances of their past reincarnations. For, Kennedy was Abraham Lincoln, and his killer was Booth, Lincoln's murderer. And the killer's inimical motiva¬tions remained alive within his Fluids, after his death, because all the Fluids' tendencies remain alive. When life brought them back together in America, his hostile tendencies reawakened, and rationalizing his hostile feelings towards the President, he lived under the pressure of his motivations until he killed him.

The prophecy was published in the Lebanese newspaper "Al Jaridah" on November 29, 1963.
13 - The Fluids' Tendencies and the Psychological Equilibrium:

In general, the Fluids of every individual tend to have three kinds of tendencies: Spiritual transcendent, material Earthly, and evil base. The relative equilibrium would not be realized within oneself unless there occurs among one's Fluids a hierarchy in which the group of spiritual tendency controls the two other groups.

The Fluids of spiritual tendencies, (such as pure love, mercy, humbleness, chastity, contentment, renunciation, self-sacrifice, generosity, and courage of the spirit) are the only ones that may leave the Earth to the paradisiacal worlds; whereas the Fluids of Earthly tendencies (such as gluttonness, cowardice, ostentatiousness, and indolence of the Spirit) remain within the spiritual attraction of the Earth. As for the Fluids of evil tendencies (such as the tendency to killing or stealing or harming, or such as envy, hatred, arrogance, debauchery, falsehood, drunkenness, stinginess, and greed)

They put themselves, by their evil and perversion, within the attraction of the infernal lower worlds.

14 - The Value of Acts Is in the Nature of their Motivations:

Good deeds, such as alms-giving, spreading out the belief in God, praying, fasting and so on, are all apt to lift man's Fluids upwards when they are attached to lofty motives. But these selfsame deeds, when they are motivated by ostentatiousness and worldly glory, or other base motivations, lose their sublime meaning, as well as their spiritual reward.

Did not Jesus of Nazareth say about the benefactors, and those who pray and fast who do what they do for show-off and worldly glory that: "they have received their reward" (Matthew 6:3,6, 17)?

15 - Mercy and Grace:

God's treatment of people is based upon the general rule of justice; what man has sown, he will reap. Nevertheless, the Heavens are merciful, and their mercy is infinite. And that is why reincarnation exists.
Divine Mercy manifests itself in many ways: it could be in deferring punishment to sinners, and giving them an opportunity to repent; or in lessening the severity of the punishment by apportioning it on different times, or in substituting it by another, and so on. But mercy, according to Daheshism, does not mean at all the complete elimination of sin, or punishment, otherwise the scales of divine justice become unbalanced.

Grace, however, is a special spiritual assistance granted solely to those who deserve it. Man would not be worthy of it, unless he has exerted a distinguished effort to reform and elevate his soul by undertaking actions of lofty purposes, or by a lengthy spiritual strife. Thus, according to Daheshism, a gratuitous grace has no existence. Christ's redemption is for his own, for those who believe in him and execute his commandments; those whom he has loved and prayed his Heavenly Father to protect from the evil One because they have kept his words (John 17).

On the other hand, Jesus' healing of the sick in Palestine was not haphazardly; for he did not heal all of the sick, but special ones, those who merited the grace of healing after a period of endured suffering. The sick, who were by the Sheep Gate Pool in Jerusalem were many in number, and all of them longed to be miraculously healed, yet the Nazarene selected one from among them who did not know him previously nor anticipate to be healed at his hands: that was the long time invalid, whom he healed.

An Insane Paralytic and a Woman Leper,

Healed Through Dr. Dahesh by the Power of the Spirit:

What has taken place at the hand of Jesus Christ, also took place at the hand of Dr. Dahesh.

Elie Maalouf, a Lebanese child, was afflicted with paralysis and insanity, and medicine was unable to cure him; that is why his grandfather and his mother carried him to Dr. Dahesh, earnestly requesting him to heal the child. And it was that the Spirit healed him at his hand, in a glance.

Miriam Mizrahi, a woman from Palestine, was afflicted with the official leprosy in Jerusalem. She had been treated for a long time, but the horrible disease overcame her and reigned supreme over her body. Her fingers, nose, and parts of her lips and ears had been putrefied, and she reached a miserable state, and a horrific appearance. Upon hearing of the news of Dr. Dahesh's miracles, she set out to see him in Beirut, accompanied by her brother. A Spiritual Session was held for her, attended by more than thirty highly educated indi¬viduals, among whom were five physicians: Abdel Ahad, Khouri, achi, Abou Suleiman, and Khabsa, who had all verified the incurable nature of her disease. The Man of the Spirit had previously addressed an invitation to all the Lebanese physicians; however, they were apprehensive to attend. During the Spiritual Session, Dr. Dahesh touched with his hand the body of the sick woman, and immediately new flesh appeared; the crevasses in the body got filled out; and every deseased part restored to good health; and the withering away body, being called upon by death, regained its freshness.

These two miraculous healings and tens of other miraculous healings that took place at the hand of the Founder of Daheshism would never have occurred had not the healed individuals merited the healing grace.

16 - Death and Birth:

Death occurs to man when the last vital fluid leaves him. But, most of the times, death occurs gradually during the course of man's life. For each time one of his Fluids leaves him, his intellectual or physical power diminishes.

And the instant of Death is pre-determined by the Divine System since man's birth, in relation to his past reincarnations and the degree of his Fluids. However, free willful acts that elevate or lower one's spiritual degree, might change the time of death by delaying or speeding it.

And death is not annihilation; rather it is a transmigration of the Fluids from one form into another. When the Fluid frees itself from the shackles of the body, a spiritual awakening occurs to him. Dr. Dahesh says: "Death is a beautiful awakening sought by everyone whose soul has been refined, and spirit purified, and feared by everyone whose thoughts have become heavier and sins greater.”

In the other worlds, outside the Earth, the manner by which death occurs differs according to the difference of the systems in each world. For, death may be an instantaneous disappearance of the form of the being, or a gradual shrinkage until evanescence, and so on.

As far as birth is concerned, a human being would not be born unless one of his parents has a fluid of the same degree as the Earth, or if the Fluid is permitted to descend to Earth, otherwise the to be born infant would not come. This is what people call infertility ignorant of its causes regardless of the states of ill-health and infirmities that prevent from giving birth.

In the other Non-Earthly worlds, the manner of birth differs according to the difference of the cosmic systems of those worlds, and the same applies to death. For, it could be a sudden incarnation, or by way of coming from one planet into another, and so on.

17 - Relativistic Cosmic Spiritual Systems:

Natural laws, such as gravity and others are but facets of the cosmic spiritual systems, which science had the opportun¬ity to discover. And as the force of gravity is relative from one planet to the other, every spiritual system is relative as well.

The concept of good and evil is relative. And what is licit and illicit are relative. For, some people's consciences shake at the killing of a bird and consider it a crime, while some other people's consciences might not budge at the killing of a human being.

Jesus of Nazareth has increased the obligations of Christians and their responsibilities, because their spiritual level became different from that of the Hebrews. Thus, the anger with a brother has become on the same footing as murder, and looking at a woman lustfully has been placed in the same scale as adultery (Matthew 5). And religious canons become more stringent in relation to the harshness of people's hearts.
This relativity which is evident on Earth grows stronger in the other worlds.

Furthermore, the temptations which tend to lure the being into spiritual fall are also relative, and are greatly dissimilar from one world to the other. Therefore, the more spiritually advanced man should be mindful of his responsibility in helping others of his own people sublimate their souls, and in awakening and invigorating their consciences; in other words, he should be more forgiving towards them, and should understand them as they really are.

18 - Preservation of Forms, Recording of Thoughts, and Filming of Acts:

The Daheshist truths revealed that for every being and all other things, there is a duplicate that is preserved spiritually in specially designated worlds, when the vital Fluid is disengaged, and its material form disintegrated. Moreover, for every act there is a picture, and for every thought or wish or dream a record, all of which are preserved in these worlds as proofs upon the life of the being, and his conduct and acts, so nothing that existed would be lost, no matter how trivial it might have been. And here is a miraculous example that would explain the foregoing:

Noah's Dove Re-incarnated:

On June 11, 1943, a Spiritual Session was held, attended by the man of letters Joseph Hajjar and his wife, and the Historiographer of the Daheshist Chronicles, Halim Dam-mous.
And as soon as Dr. Dahesh was taken over by the Spirit, those present began to hear the fluttering of invisible wings, immediately followed by the incarnation of a snow white dove that appeared suddenly in the space of the closed room. It alighted upon the shoulder of Mrs. Hajjar, and in its beak was a green olive twig dripping with water.

The Holy Spirit explained, through Dr. Dahesh, that this dove is but the selfsame dove of Noah, and that its Fluid had been preserved, in a special world, after its death. The same was of the water dripping from it, for its Fluid had been preserved after its evanescence. And so it is with every existing being after it is no more.


The dove remained in the house of the Daheshism Mission well over six months, during which it used to fly from one room into another, alight upon the shoulders of visitors, and eat out of their hands peacefully . However, in the morning of December 27, 1943, those gathered in the house saw the wondrous dove suddenly soar around the head of the Man of the Spirit; it kept soaring over him higher and higher, diminishing in size little by little, until it became the size of a bee, yet preserving the shape of a dove; and it kept diminishing to the degree when the eyes could not see it anymore. And that is how it went back to the world from which it descended.

Furthermore, many a time, we were surprised, when visiting Dr. Dahesh, to see him reveal to us our conversations recorded literally, and our secret unspoken thoughts written down thoroughly, and our various postures photographed in details; although we were, at the time of our conversation, or thinking, or acting, secluded in our homes, far away from him.

19 - Man and the Universe:

Daheshim believes that most of people's Fluids emanated from the First Man called Adam. And before he was incarnated upon the Earth by the Divine Will, Adam was a great host of Angelic Fluids existing throughout the various levels of Paradise. However, after disobeying the Divine Commands, in which act these Fluids co-participated, they were condemned to fall down to Earth congregated into one human being, that is Adam.

Out of Adam's Fluids Eve was created; and from both of them the new humanity propagated, up to the time when all the people were wiped out by the Flood. None of them was saved except the offspring of Noah.

That is why it is impossible for man to be the end and loftiest being of the Creation, as it is impossible for the Earth to be the central point of the universe.

And in order to drive the human civilization forward, the Divine Providence permitted the Fluids of "Christ" incar¬nated into the Prophets, the Guides, the Wise men, and the true Reformers to propagate their good work on Earth. However, it also permitted other beings, belonging to other worlds more advanced than Earth to visit our planet from time to time, and contribute to grafting the Fluids of the humans with Fluids that would assist in the progress of their civilization, by marrying some of their daughters.

From this sprang the first mythological legends that are not totally bereft of a true core, which people have interpreted according to their mental powers, and surrounded it with fancies of their imagination.

And some archeological remnants of the great civiliza¬tions which are still visible in the world, for thousands of years, are traces of these cosmic visitations; among them are the temples of Baalbek in Lebanon.

In the Old Testament there are certain indications of cosmic interventions. It is mentioned in the Book of Genesis (6:1-4) about the children of the gods who took for themselves wives of the daughters of men, and from their offspring were born the giants and the great heroes of Ancient times. It is also mentioned in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel about the wondrous spaceship that came to land before the Prophet.

According to Daheshism, the two personalities thought by Lot to be two Angels, were but two envoys sent by the ruler of one of the highly advanced planets in a spacecraft travelling at the speed of light, pursuant to a Divine command, and who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, after their inhabitants had gone overboard in their perversions, and rejected every spiritual warning.

As it has been permitted to man to conduct scientific experiments upon certain Earthly creatures, it has been permitted as well to the inhabitants of certain planets of greatly super-advanced civilizations far beyond the civilization on Earth to conduct scientific experiments on man and all other Earthly creatures.

In this light, a rational man, should realize his proper place among other cosmic beings, and turn away from conceit and pride.

20 - The Cycles of Genesis and the Spiritual Missions:

Daheshism believes that Earth went through many cycles of creation, wherein life used to be wiped out, and then returned to spread out anew. The number of these civilizational creations according to Daheshist Spiritual Revelation has reached 760 cycles that took tens of millions of years. These are the cycles that preceded our own present Creation cycle which began with Noah.

Each cycle ends usually by reaching a high degree of technological and scientific advancement, and the appearance of a new Spiritual Mission that begins the next cycle. The Adam mentioned in the book of Genesis had been preceded by dozens of his reincarnations in the previous creation cycles.

Furthermore, the Daheshists believe that the end of the present cycle has come; and nothing could be more indicative than the piling up of the weapons of total extermination.

However, so long as our planet is fit for life, and has not been annihilated, the life cycles will keep going on upon it, and Spiritual Missions will keep reappearing pursuant to a Divine system; for, there is no ending to the Missions on Earth except when life itself ends, and Planet Earth is no more.

21 - Man and Earthly Beings:

Each being has a special role in the cycle of cosmic life; no being has ever been created in vain, no matter how worthless he may appear to man.

Man feeds on many animals and plants. Germs feed on him, and multiply on his account while he is living, and the worms of the Earth feed on him after his death.

The writings of Dr. Dahesh are filled with affectionate communion with flowers, trees, birds, and the beautiful and mighty elements of nature. Such communion is not figurative or mere literary metaphors; it is rather a real coexistence with these beings and elements. For Daheshism believes that birds and the various kinds of plants, in general, have exalted Fluids, which could be loftier, sometimes, than the Fluids of the humans. And the meaning of spiritual transcendentalism in trees and birds, discovered intuitively by ingenious poets, the Daheshists consider it a spiritual truth.

The Founder of Daheshism, by emphasizing communion with these beings in his writings, prompts us actually to learn interrelating with them as people interrelate with each other; in other words, to be good to them, and benefit from them.

Each life cycle of man is a ring in a chain of connected rings, but man cannot remember his past lives, because his Fluids which were congregated together in his previous incarnations would now be scattered, and only one or some of them would be left in his present incarnation. Thus, an individual's entity in one reincarnation may be compared to a sheet of paper upon which a life story had been written and then was torn to tiny pieces and scattered. If you happen to find one of the torn off pieces bearing a letter or a word, you will never be able there from, to know the whole story.

On the other hand, the Divine System has granted animals the faculty to remember past lives in order for them to know the causes of their reincarnations into animals, and to avoid falling again into what lead to such causes. Thus, they may be able to elevate their souls. This applies to animals with lower spiritual degrees than man.

In the beginning of the seventies, serious scientific studies began to be published about the power of conception of plants and their feelings, after tens of books have been already published about the power of conception of animals and their feelings. Daheshism, however, had affirmed that, since its foundation in the early forties. And in the narratives of Dr. Dahesh there are many clarifying examples of the lives of animals, plants, and inorganic objects, and of the intelligence, feelings, and spiritual responsibilities they are endowed with.

22 - Man's Freedom and the Divine Will:

Daheshism does not believe in the existence of an extrinsic fate subjugating man to its unjust rules, and playing arbitrarily with his destiny, as every man's fate is carried over by his Fluids from one life cycle into another. In vain then, man tries to assign the liability of what befalls him to God, or to the fates; for nothing befalls him unless justly deserved by him; and he reaps nothing save what he had sown knowingly and freely.

But man's freedom is limited by the spiritual system controlling the Earth and its beings. For man may strive, for example, on the plane of knowledge, to discover medicines and ways to fight various kinds of illnesses. However, if certain people should die or suffer by a certain illness, then the Divine Will would not permit the discovery of the effective drug for its treatment.

And on the plane of conduct, a criminal, for example, has absolute freedom to make up his mind to kill his neighbor; but if his neighbor's hour of death has not struck, then, the Divine Providence, inescapably, will save him in one way or the other.

In this light, the consequences of earthquakes, natural catastrophes, and wars, should be understood, for they afflict certain individuals but not others. Merit, finally, is what explains each situation.

This does not preclude the intervention of the Divine Will in people's affairs, when necessary, without breach of the principle of merit. And among the miracles of Dr. Dahesh a great number shows this. The following miracle is an illustration:

Exact Simultaneous Movement Executed by Hundreds:

In 1971, Dr. Dahesh was in Egypt. One day, sitting in a car, in one of Cairo's broad streets, he was accompanied by a few friends among who was Mrs. Zahid, a cultured lady of society. He was suddenly taken over by the Spirit and said: "Look over there". All of a sudden, hundreds of Egyptians that were walking in the street began to run. All of them, with no exception, old and young, men and women were moving in the exact same manner.

This surprising strange scene brought laughter to those who were watching, as much as it filled them with astonishment.

A few minutes later, Dr. Dahesh made a hand signal at the jogging crowds, and suddenly, all at once, the hundreds of them returned to their normal calm walking. For a second time, this scene was repeated. Then, the Man of the Spirit told his friends: "I have shown you this to demonstrate to you how people turn into what is similar to machines, if the Spirit wanted to inspire them into doing a certain act. And the power that made hundreds move in the exact same manner can move hundreds of thousands and millions as well by one idea that would lead them to war or to peace, according to their merit, and without realizing that behind their actions is a Spiritual non-human power. Adequate justificating reasons would then be introduced into their minds to do what they must do." It is in God's power, if He wants, to unify minds and hearts, but He gives them freedom in order to justly deserve their reward or punishment.

23 - Virtue and Intelligence:

Virtue is a fundamental condition to the Fluid's salvation from the attraction of the infernal worlds. However, if it were combined with stupidity, it cannot get salvaged from Earth.

The Paradisiacal world would never be entered by a stupid Fluid even if it were of virtuous conduct. For, the true spiritual improvement must combine both the tendency and the intellect together. And since each Fluid has his own tenden¬cies as well as his own level of the power of conception, therefore, the elevation of his tendencies alone does not allow him to get freed of the spiritual attraction of Earth in order to enter Paradise. Yet the stupid Fluid has the chance to improve itself through several cycles of reincarnation, in order to deserve reaching the paradisiacal worlds.

For the first time in the history of religions, a Spiritual Mission asserts the importance of combining virtue with intelligence to attain salvation. The inhabitants of Paradise are beings of superior spiritual tendencies as well as intellects.

Virtue is a living conscious practice; if it were not accompanied by a conscious perception it would have no meaning. Therefore, the mumbling of prayers in a mechanical way is worthless, and every religious practice that does not lead to the real spiritual elevation of the essence of the Fluid is a profitless practice.

24 - Liberty and Justice: Of Dr. Dahesh's words:

"The Daheshist considers the defense of liberty a holy celestial obligation. He defies death in order to protect its sacred ground; for it is the gift of the Creator to his Creation of all confessions and groups."

Based upon this principle, the Founder of Daheshism mightily fought the tyranny of the former Lebanese President (Beshara el-Khouri), and did not desist until the people brought this tyrant down from power.

Daheshism is for the absolute freedom of individuals, and peoples, and against all sorts of oppression and terror, and does not accept any restrictions upon liberty save the moral restriction in its broad sense; that is, the restriction upon harming the physical and spiritual interests of others; because moral licentiousness if protected by the State would under¬mine both virtue and intellect altogether. In other words it would do away with any likelihood of a true advancement of civilization.

And justice is a divine prerequisite, like liberty, about which every honest noble-spirited person must never be silent. For, if some people have been afflicted with injustice, Daheshism would call upon them to resist the unjust, armed with the weapons of truth, spiritual courage, and struggle; for he who is on the side of right, God is his helper.

Of Dr. Dahesh's words we read:

The subjugated servile people to its oppressor ruler should be yoked instead of cattle and donkeys.

It would be an act of justice to burn alive a judge, who yields to his criminal President, and answers his request of wreaking injustice upon the innocent.

Furthermore, Daheshism goes beyond the narrow bounds of nationalism, because of its belief that the little cycle is not limited by the physical frontiers of countries. For the metamorphoses through life cycles, in their continuity and inclusiveness, melt together all the nations and peoples, and shuffle societies and nationalities. And Daheshism calls for social justice, cooperation among nations, and universal brotherhood.

25 - Who Is Dr. Dahesh?

From the preceding exposition, a particular picture of Dr. Dahesh, no doubt, becomes clear:
He is a man endowed with a supernatural power which had manifested itself in him since his early childhood. His miracles have been attested to by hundreds of established testimonies, of his supporters and opponents as well. This power is not derived from a scientific source; rather it is a non-human power. And based upon the fact that it has been combined with a Spiritual Mission aiming at restoring faith in God and the Prophets, and the sublime spiritual values, to those who had lost this faith, it is therefore a Divine Mission.

On the other hand, the Founder of this Mission had been cruelly persecuted, tortured, and expatriated; yet he fought back his persecutors mightily, and triumphed over them; he is, therefore, not only a Guiding Messenger, but also a Divine Punisher.
I have been closely associated with him for about twenty years. Others have known him for about forty years. I have found him, as they have too: Infinitely humble, despite his supernatural power; chaste throughout his life, and he has taken no wife. We have known him to renounce the earthly pleasures, longing for death in order to return to his paradisiacal world, merciful even to those who did hurt him, generous, compassionate towards the poor and the needy. How many a miserable family did he provide with assistance secretly?

We have witnessed palpable qualities in him throughout our association with him, as we have seen them in all of his writings.
In addition to these apostolic, spiritual qualities, the Founder of Daheshism is endowed with other qualities, which have not been simultaneously present in other individuals than himself:

First - Although he has not attended school, nor been tutored, he acquired by himself an enormously broad education, which is reflected in his books that have exceeded one hundred and fifty in number.

Second - By his personal efforts, he has established a private library, which is the greatest among the private libraries in the Arab world, for it comprises about two hundred thousand books.

Third - By his personal efforts, he has established a fine arts museum matching the well-known museums of the world, and which will soon be opened to the public.

If we were to study the details of Dr. Dahesh's life, we would find it a sequence of continuous painful events, and in reading his books, we would clearly see the suffering he has endured. Those of us who associated closely with him, know for sure, that it was for the Daheshist, that he suffered. For in a miraculous palpable way, that could not be doubted, he bore in his own person our illnesses. He has taken upon himself our physical pains and afflictions, thus relieving us from them... Therefore, to the Daheshists, who believe in him, and to those who will believe in him, he is the Divine Guide and the Redeemer.
In this light, we believe that Dr. Dahesh is the latest incarnation of "Christ" in the history of the world.

26 - The Non-Human Personalities of Dr. Dahesh:

Jesus of Nazareth performed many miracles, and Dr. Dahesh performed similar ones, and others quite different. Yet the most wondrous of his miracles are his non-human Personalities.

After the Founder of Daheshism had been stripped of his nationality, and expelled out of Lebanon, he was forced to live in hiding, in order to complete his Mission. As a consequence, he entered the Iranian territory, on June 28, 1947, and was arrested at Azerbaijan where a bloody revolt was taking place. Since he had no official papers on him to identify his nationality, he was accused of being a spy making an unauthorized entry into Iran. He was therefore executed by a firing squad on July 1, 1947, and was buried in Azerbaijan. This was confirmed by an official proclamation issued by the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, as well as by the Lebanese authorities. The Arab press published the pictures of his execution.

But, on that same day, Dr. Dahesh reappeared in Beirut to his disciples; and after some time, he began receiving visitors again.


Jesus Christ died on the cross, about two thousand years ago, and was raised from the dead on the third day; he reappeared to his disciples, at intervals, during forty days. And Dr. Dahesh was killed and buried in Azerbaijan. He came back from the dead immediately, and continued receiving his followers, visitors, and people of the press, who have photographed him and his miracles for a period of about thirty years.

However, despite all of this, the Daheshists do not say that it was Dr. Dahesh, the human being, who died and was resurrected after his burial, but they say that a divine Fluid belonging to a divine world, a Fluid that is one of Dr. Dahesh's spiritual extensions existing in the Paradisiacal worlds, that had descended thence, and took exactly his identical form and sacrificed itself for him, pinning down the blame for the crime of murder upon his persecutors. Yet, this Divine Fluid is not subject to death, for death is but an Earthly law, whereas this Fluid is from a world where human death does not exist; and that is how it was resurrected from the dead to go back to its world.

The same thing, the Daheshists believe, happened to Jesus of Nazareth. And this clarification eliminates the doctrinal conflict between Christianity, that affirms the Crucifixion, and Islam that says that Jesus of Nazareth was not killed, and was not crucified, but an identical person had taken his place. The Koran reads:

And because of their saying: we slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Allah's Messenger - They slew him not, nor crucified, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! Those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain (Surat 4 Women: 157).

Daheshism affirms the Crucifixion clarifying that the "Iden¬tical One" who was crucified was but one of his Fluids. The appearance of Dr. Dahesh in identical incarnations is an incontestable factual truth as far as the Daheshists are concerned, and even to many who are not Daheshists; because it is a truth which they have seen and touched. It has been proven to me, and to hundreds other than myself, that Dr Dahesh has six non-human Personalities, other than his own human person. These Personalities are Fluids belonging to him, existing in different sublime worlds of Paradise, and by God's permission they are sometimes permitted to be incarnated in Dr. Dahesh's identical human form in order to accomplish spiritual objectives or purposes of crucial import¬ance. And he, who happens to be in their presence, can converse with them, touch them, and eat with them, but he cannot distinguish them from Dr. Dahesh the human being except if he notices what Dr. Dahesh is wearing before the appearance of one or more Personality. And many are the times when they would suddenly appear or disappear before us, while we are looking at them, or addressing them. Two, three, or more Personalities up to six, may appear together in one place, and they may be incarnated at the same time in different far apart places. It has been proven to me as to many others, that these Personalities are not subject at all to the natural laws of the Earth: For they pass through barriers and walls, move with the speed of lightning from one location to another, even if it were to be from farthest East to farthest West. And they control gravity: Go up in the air, walk on water, increase or decrease their weight immensely. And they are able, by God's permission, to perform, what the Spirit performs, of miracles.

One of the most astonishing of the miracles of these Personalities is what happened to Mrs. Zahid, a highly cultured lady. Once, in 1966, from her home, in Beirut, she called the home of Dr. Dahesh in order to speak to him. The call was answered by Miss Zeina Haddad, daughter of Mrs. Mary Haddad, who said: "Dr. Dahesh is in Tripoli (which is about one hundred kilometers from Beirut), visiting the Al-Mullah family. He went there yesterday, and spent the night at their home. If you want to speak to him, here is Al-Mullah's telephone number."

Zeina gave Mrs. Zahid the Al-Mullah's telephone number which begins with the digit (9) as do all the numbers of the Tripoli region, whereas the phone numbers in Beirut begin with different digits.

Mrs. Zahid dialed the number which begins with nine. Dr. Dahesh answered her directly. She had a conversation with him, and then hung up. She called back the home of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut to thank Zeina for giving her the Tripoli number, and to tell her that she had actually spoken to Dr. Dahesh at the Al-Mullah's. And here the surprise was! For it was Dr. Dahesh himself who answered her call from his home in Beirut! She was greatly astonished, because, only a few moments ago she was speaking with him; but he was in Tripoli then.

She asked him: "How could this be, for a few moments ago, I was speaking with you, and you were in Tripoli?"
He answered: "Never mind, never mind, you can call me at any number you wish, and you'll find me there."
Mrs. Zahid could not believe what she heard, because it is beyond the limits of reason. She hung up, and again dialed a number, which was that of the home of one of her friends living in Hurj Beirut, situated at seven kilometers from Dr. Dahesh's home. And, suddenly, the great surprise recurred, for it was Dr. Dahesh himself who answered her at her friend's home! Mrs. Zahid could not utter one word from her surprise, yet, she controlled herself, and asked him in amazement and confusion: "How could this be possible, while we are still subject to the natural laws of the Earth?"

The man of miracles answered her: "Wherever you call me, there you will find me; for I will be everywhere you would look for me."

No sooner had Mrs. Zahid hung up, than her home's doorbell rang, she hastened and opened the door; and there she stood face to face with Dr. Dahesh!
The persons, she had called at their homes swore to her that Dr. Dahesh was with them at the very minute she had called, thus affirming his simultaneous presence at four different places far apart from each other.
Based upon the truth of the Personalities, the Daheshists believe that the same thing happened to Jesus of Nazareth. For, the one who walked upon the sea, and appeared to his disciples after his crucifixion, then reappeared to them several times, then was lifted up from among them disappearing into space, was but one of his non-human Personalities; in other words, a glorious Fluid who used to descend from the worlds of Paradise taking identical form. However, it seems that the matter of the Personalities was not explained by the Nazarene to his disciples for some spiritual reason. Yet, Jesus himself had lived in hiding after the crucifixion and resurrec¬tion of his Divine Personality, for more than twenty years, and it was he who had directed the expansion of Christianity. His survival remained a secret in order to assist, in the best possible way, the accomplishing and spreading out of his Mission at the hands of his disciples and the believers in him. This matter is one of the revealed truths in Daheshism.

27 - Dr. Dahesh, the Herald of Universal Destruction:

As Noah had forewarned the world of the Flood, so Dr. Dahesh forewarns the world today of the flood of fire. Nothing will lift off this terrible approaching danger except the peoples' belief in a new Heavenly Mission, in which all the, religions will be unified. It will be a deterrent to individuals and states from the injustices they wreak upon each other, and from the moral perversion which, in the name of the sacred freedom, undermines the spiritual values and the progress of civilization, and converts humanity's tree into a hollowed tree that would no longer produce humanitarian fruits; a tree that would be good for nothing but to be burned in fire. And now the ax has been placed upon the trunk of the tree, and the greatest fire has been prepared. Has not Jesus said: `Just as it
was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the Flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed" (Luke 17:26-30).


That was an overview of the life of Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism.
Two thousand years ago, in Palestine, some of "Christ's" Fluids were incarnated in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, in who believed everyone who felt an attraction to his Fluids. But Christians today, have in their majority, moved away from the true Christian life, and their nations fight each other, and exploit each other. To their state of affairs applies Jesus'
saying: "Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 7.•21).
And fourteen centuries ago, in the Arab Peninsula, some of "Christ's" Fluids were incarnated in the person of the Prophet Mohammad, in whom believed everyone who felt an attraction to his Fluids. But Moslems today resemble the Christians in their lives and their mutual fighting.

The twentieth Century plunged the humans into two World Wars, and is threatening them with a third that would bring their universal destruction. For, they are, in their majority unbelievers or doubters, having no greater concern in their worldly lives except the satisfaction of their bestial passions, egotistic tendencies, and aggressive social inclinations. Majorities of humans are living the tragedy of anxiety, emptiness, and absurdity, in the vortex of doubts triggered off in their souls by the discoveries and inventions. And nothing could bring more decisive evidence of the existence of the Spiritual World than miracles.

As if the Divine Providence, having heard the cries of the despairing world seeking light and comfort, allowed the Fluids of "Christ" to manifest themselves in Palestine, and Lebanon, in the person of Dr. Dahesh bringing with them miracles and a Mission befitting this Century.
Whoever ponders the history of religions will find that each religion awaits a redeeming Messenger to whom it gives a designated name. And the Daheshists today who belonged, originally to the various religions and sects known in the world, have been united within Daheshism, in their belief that Dr. Dahesh combines in his person the personalities of all the Messengers whom people were promised their arrival.

Every religion, and even every religious sect, has set forth peculiar signs for the coming of the "Promised Redeem¬er." These signs differ in their particulars and conditions from one sect to the other; yet, they all share certain common elements, the most important of which are: The occurrence of formidable changes on Earth, the existence of a general perversion, and a tragic apprehension of destiny, especially of a universal destruction threatening humanity. The question is: "Do not the present international times with their dazzling discoveries, inventions, technologies, absurd materialistic, intellectual, and doctrinal currents, do not these tragic circumstances combined with the existence of nuclear bombs piled up by the superpowers, and sufficient to annihilate humanity more than fifty times over, constitute a sufficient answer to those who ask about the time of "The Coming Back?"

Those who want the coming of "Their Christ" according to peculiar signs in his person, in the manner of his return, and in the events of the world; signs which their mentality, sect, and ambitions can approve of, and reject every other sign because it does not fit their interests, are in the same situation as that of the Jews in the days Jesus Christ appeared. For they were then awaiting the coming of "their Christ" in the image of their greed, ambitions, and their own concepts of values; thus, when he came, they persecuted him, and did not know him. And Jesus prophesied about the destruction of Palestine and the Diaspora of its people, because they had rejected him and persecuted him; and his prophecy came to pass.

In this era, Dr. Dahesh has preached the people of Lebanon, and performed numberless divine miracles before them; but the people in their majority did not believe him; rather they persecuted and banished him; and it was that Dr. Dahesh prophesied about the destruction of Lebanon. And his prophecy is being fulfilled to the letter.

Will this be enough for people to see the new Guiding Truth, or will the world re-enact the role of Palestine and Lebanon?
We do believe that Dr. Dahesh is the Coming Christ, in whom the prophecy of the Prophet David is fulfilled: "The Lord Said unto my Lord; Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thane enemies thy footstool" (Psalm 110:1).




Ever since Jesus Christ has preached his disciples Lord's Prayers
"Our Father in Heaven. May Your Name be Glorified and Your Realm be Forthcoming", no one was so far able to compose supplication Prayers to which soul aspires and in which spirit appeases as such, which if recited, Man will feel entire submissiveness and serenity of a master soul. Simple as they are, words of such prayers capture spirit and go deep in the heart. For these though facile are unattainable.
For over two thousand years, these prayers recited by millions of Christians remained until Daheshism Founder came to scene and introduced spiritual prayers for Daheshists composed of words alluring spirits, dwelling in bosoms and sublimating to spirituality where there lie purity and sanctity, eternity and immortality.

"Halim Dammous"

This Spiritual prayer is:

"Prayer of The Prophet, the Beloved, the Guiding"

It is a Heaven-sent message to Earth for a believer to recite. It is the course ushering to the Realm of the Creator, glorified be His Omnipotence. At recitals, Man feels his soul haunting joyfully in the glistering world of Paradise goes into rapture and becomes overpowered by a sacred feeling mastering his soul. He is captivated by the grandeur of words enshrined in this monumental submissive prayer:


A Selection from Prayerful Supplications.

My heavenly Father and Father of Creation!
Have mercy upon our bequeathed infirmity.
Strengthen our hearts to believe in Your Omnipotence And speak of your miracles.
Implant in our depth seeds of love,
Compassion, mercy and tenderness.
Hold away from us actions alluring
And snaring us to the dark abyss of sins.
Guide our steps to the road of the right,
Light and conviction.
Spell away from us evil thoughts
And spare us apprehensions thereof.
O Lord, You are the Creator of all creatures.
Your mercy and tenderness envelop all beings,
To us known and unknown.
O Lord, have compassion upon us
And judge us not as we deserve
Lest we should perish.
Make not covetousness overpower our souls
Drifting us in merciless waves.
Let contentment fill our hearts
So that we pray for not save bread.
Highly exalted is Your Name.
Expel away from us those wicked
And those poking fun of words of God,
And in-stead tinges insights with light.
Purge sinners' souls, convey down to them
Glints of Your Divine Light so that they kneel
In submission to Your Greatness.
Spare us hazardous stumbles and slips.
Envelop us with Your Vigilant Divine Providence'.
O affectionate Lord, Whoever relies on you?
Observe Your Commandments, sacrifice for Your Name,
Despise worldly desires, discard earthly pleasures,
Show mercy to the wretched, preach your miracles,
And believe in Your Prophet, the Beloved, the Guiding
Will attain delight, exaltedness, Light and majesty
There where brightness and glamour
They will live in eternity with those preceding
And forever enjoy glistering Light

August 13, 1942


A Selection from The Paradises of Goddesses studded with the Sacred Lotus.

Seated in a glamorous Godly Thorne,
So did I visualize myself alone?
With the sun I was belted,
With the moon turbaned
And with stars ornamented.
Lightning in my right rested,
Thunderbolts in my left vested,
Storms incessantly escorting,
Torrential rains to my heels sticking,
Gallant meteors ever flanking,
And nebulae in submission yielding.
As fast as light I proceeded straight
To the human land
Where vile debauchees dwell.
So far and fathomless is the distance
To be cut for profligate-torn land
Teeming with unforgivable.
From my lofty summit shall I dart upon it,
Turning it upside down with their heads underneath,
For they committed unbridled fatal evils
And perpetrated disapproved profilagacies.
Hence, ordained my irrevocable will
To turn every human being to naught
On this libertine dissolute Earth.
Determined was I to exterminate all creatures
With none spared.
Ultimately, Procession came to destination,
Whereupon, I commanded earthquakes and volcanoes
To hit every quarter of the Globe.
Then erupted resounding thundering noise
That was never heard of before.
There erupted thousands of volcanoes
With lethal conflagrant lava.
Seas over flooded, Great Ocean overflew.
I commanded rains
To mercilessly topple down.
Flashlight of dazzling lightning over swept
The Earth in its entirety.
Thus, extremely terrified creatures
Could be seen in panic,
Bewailing bitterly and sorrowfully.
Unendurable horror turned their mains
Gruesome and awful.
Horrors and awes bulged their eyes out,
Thus, terribly impressing beholders.
I then released thunderbolts
This persistently sounded and crushed the Earth.
I loosened the chains of the storms
To rush out in mighty,
Laying mercilessly waste every corner of the Globe,
Leaving it debris.
Mountains collapsed as if made of spider's web.
Terrified screams came out of jerky throats
Sounding alarmingly in emptiness.
Land profligate dwellers were no more.
What a cruel fate was theirs!
Land traits were blurred
And once for all obliterated
And to the past belonged.
Written while on board the airliner
leaving Agadir for Casablanca at
12:45 p.m.
August 29, 1976.



A Selection from memoirs of a Dinar.

I missed none of those memorable meetings, I, Dinar, listened attentively to every word that was uttered. I had occasion to analyze the statements made by these eminent men and to ponder the problems that came up for discussion by world leaders. I became acquainted with their aims and the workings of their minds. I was appalled. I had a first hand view of their secret ambitions. I could read their thoughts like an open book where I stared at the facts in all their starkness. I saw the facts for what they were and not as men wished them to be. Shocked and outraged, I stood up on an impulse and gave vent to my indignation:

"What causes have you to applaud this eloquent orator? You are gathered here in response to noble aspirations that demand positive action for their fulfillment. Are you sure that your efforts were directed wholly to that end. You must realize that the outcome of your deliberation shall weigh on future generations. I listened attentively to the speeches made by your representatives. As they succeed one another, each one lowers his pail with the others. Some pull it up and find it full of water, while others pull it up and find it full of air. Those derived their forcefulness from the strong and powerful, while the rest were supported only by slaves and lackeys. Look over there. This little man in that chair sitting in mock modesty; he is a veteran politician seeking to hide the tremendous power at his command as representative of a superpower behind this meek and humble posture. But when the occasion arises he will bare his teeth and show his true mettle.

"Remember, this is the age of speed; the age of tyranny and violence, the age of deadly weapons where `right is might'. If in the fever of enthusiasm, you have forgotten then let me predict that soon you shall wake up to the devastations of the atom bomb that will blow you and your descendants to pieces.

"Do not applaud, for I see what you fail to perceive. Hidden things have been revealed to me. In a moment of illumination I saw startling visions. I tremble at what I saw, and I shudder with fear at the things that were revealed to me. I wish to God that you could see and know, so that you be on your guard. I saw the yoke of the powerful oppress you; I saw their deadly weapons destroy your homes and take your lives.

"What is this conference but a conspiracy to which you are committing your respective nations and where you yourselves are being immolated at the altar of greed and ambition? If intentions were genuine there would have been no need to call you or to put you to such inconvenience. I assure you and I loudly declare that this conference is intended only to enslave you and deprive you of will-power.

"Good will shall never reign, gentlemen, so long as the soil yields riches and precious metals, and oil wells spring from the bowels of the earth. How can good will exist side by side with imperialists who thrive on the fat of the land?

"Why do you rejoice then, and why do you applaud that coward?

"And the Atlantic Charter? What have you done to it? Where did you have it interred? `We know not', you say, `Are we the keepers of the Charter?' `Cain! Cain! Where is your brother Abel?' `Am I my brother's keeper?'

"You make vain promises that you never honor, you hypocrites. Those who trusted you have long since faced death.

"Why do you cheer the mealy-mouthed liar?

"You who possess material resources, you who control atomic energy, you who claim to love humanity, if peace be your aim, if justice be your target, prove it. Restore their rights to those from whom they were robbed. Liberate the oppressed from their oppressors. Uphold the master of the house under his own roof, for the best knows its secrets. But you reverse the situation; you have lost sight of the objective. You force the master into subjection, availing yourselves of the spoils.

"Why do you applaud hollow words?

"You claimed that the enemy, having classified the races of mankind, declared himself master. Now that enemy lies defeated and powerless. Did you restore those ignominious-ly marked as inferior to their proper rank? Do you treat them as your equals? Did you withdraw your armies from their territories, and have you ceased to exploit them? Have you fulfilled their desires and granted their wishes? What rights have you to rob them of their freedom, their God-given right? Man is brother to man, whether you will admit it or not. Why then, do you applaud the high and the mighty? You claim to be inveterate politicians. You claim you are expert in handling shrewd capitalists. It is easy to acquire high-sounding epithets but how difficult to live up to them.

"If you were as deft as you claim to be, you would stand in the face of tyrants and boldly declare that past experiences as well as future portents have never failed to prove the futility of such conferences. You would demand proof of their good intentions. Make them honor their commitments and they shall be blest by the skies. Or else let them discard the garb of hypocrisy and appear in their true light. You will then disband and each of you will go home after the truth becomes known and all things are clear.

"Only the servile accept bondage. The comedy of such assemblies leads only to failure. "And since you are gathered here to lay the foundations of universal peace where total justice reigns, why then do you prepare your weapons; each one of you holding a brand in his right hand while in his left he carries a knife, waiting for a chance to dip it into his neighbor's back.

"Take it from me, gentlemen that neither conferences, resolutions, nor negotiations shall stand in the way of a devastating third world war. So long as the fiends of greed possess you, that fearsome hour cannot be far behind. Then all hell shall break loose, all the demons shall be unleashed, and all creation will come to an end.

"The sword, gentlemen, is more truthful than the scriptures, for its edge determines what is to be. As for that fearful hour, it is nearer than you think.

This is my prophecy. I have spoken it."


A Selection from Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables. Vol. II.

Princess Hadba sat making up before the mirror while Zola, her Negro servant, was setting her hair. The princess was urging her on, for the man of mysteries, Daham, was soon to arrive upon her invitation to have lunch with her.

He was very renowned. The miracles he performed were the talk of Timbuktoo, where he lived. On one of his travels round the world he had stopped at Cairo and the Egyptians were all talking about him when his news reached the princess. So she sent him her lady-in-waiting with the invitation card. He accepted with thanks and gave her an appointment.

An Extraordinary Miracle

All of a sudden as she sat at her dressing table, she heard the door creak, then it was thrown wide open and the man of mysteries stood before her. The princess was astounded while Zola ran away shrieking in terror. He introduced himself and they shook hands.

"Mr. Daham," said the princess, "what you showed me now by far exceeds what I hear about you. Do tell me, for God's sake, how you manage to command objects. Raising the iron locks from this door by an invisible hand is a miracle only gods can perform. How do you explain such a miracle?"

Strange Questions and Exceptional Answers

"Princess," he replied, "It is through a spiritual power given to me by Providence." "But there are millions living on this globe," rejoined the princess, "Why were you chosen and not another?"

"I shall ask you a question in turn," said the man, "If you answer it I shall let you know my secret. Would you agree?"

"Ask me, strong giant, and I shall answer."

The man of secrets said: "Why was no creature of this earth able to perform a miracle or near miracle such as Jesus Christ performed? Why did not the hungry lions devour Daniel? How did the raven know that the prophet Elijah was hiding in the bushes when it brought him bread and cheese? Why did not the flames devour Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego because they refused to worship the idols? By what power did the earth open and the bears came out and tear up the children who mocked Elisha crying `thou bald head.' And what is the chariot of fire that came to take up the prophet Elijah to heaven? And so many other miracles that I cannot remember."

"But those were prophets,” said the princess, “there is nothing astonishing in their performing miracles, but you, are you a prophet?"

"I leave you to reply to that," said the man, "think carefully before you do."

People Are Foolish

"No doubt what I have seen just now can only be accomplished by prophets. But what puzzles me is the stupidity of people. They see your miracles yet they attribute them to magic. Who ever saw a magician who can cause the locks of a well barricaded door to open" said the princess after some thought.

My Experience is Human not Spiritual

They sat down to a delicious meal. Great was the princess's astonishment when she saw the man of mysteries motion to the dishes and the latter come quickly on their own, while those sitting round the table looked on, opening unbelieving eyes.

After lunch the princess took her guest to show him round the palace. She listened to his comments with interest for it was obvious that he spoke with the assurance of a connoisseur.

"I wonder," she said, "if you know about these things from experience or through your spiritual power."

"I know from experience, Princess," he replied.

Mutual Love

The princess felt a profound love for the man of mysteries, but her pride kept her from expressing her feelings toward him. Suddenly, he said to her:

"I thank you for your feelings towards me. And I, from the moment I saw you, I felt strongly attracted to you. And be sure, princess that we will return to meet again in future lives. And as I am now older than you, in the future lives, I will be in the winter of my days and you will be in the spring of yours. But there will come a time, when we will be of the same age and overwhelmed with love and happiness. But now, princess, there is a barrier between us, and I cannot divulge its spiritual secret.

A Terrifying Prophecy

They sat together in the thicket of the garden among the beautifully colored flowers, caressed by an enchanting soft breeze. And they smelled the sweet scents in ecstasy. Zola, the dark black Negro maid came to serve the coffee, and when she left, he said to the princess:

"Your maid will lose her life as a result of her love affair with the servant of the neighboring palace. Advise her to keep away from him. And do not be surprised if I told you that the same servant is the real father to her four children. Her husband is sterile and he does not know it. And since everyone is responsible for his actions, soon her life will be ended through her son. A Spiritual Fluid will make him talk during his sleep about his mother's relationship with that servant. And that will be the cause of the disaster. She will then be reincarnated as a black cat in America.

The princess was astounded at what she heard, not knowing whether to believe or not.

We Will Reincarnate and Meet Again

The man of mysteries took leave of the playful princess, and how very much she wished him to stay, but he asserted to her that he had to travel to India to visit its temples and should arrive to India at an appointed time without delay. She reluctantly bid him farewell, and asked him: "By God, tell me, when I would see you again." He answered: "Time flies away no matter what. But be certain that we will meet again for certain. And at that time you will have worn the body of a Arab woman other than your present Egyptian one. However, your spiritual Fluids will not change at all; your father will be Saudi Arabian as in a previous life cycle, in the days of the prophet Mohammad, he was a slave, and had had an illicit relationship with an influential woman while he was of a humble origin. And because of this relationship of his you will be his daughter, and that influential woman of the past will be your mother. I reveal to you that nothing perishes, and nothing dies. The relationship that casually existed between the woman and the slave will last for many successive generations and future lives. Man commits good or evil acts, that do not just happen to him. It is in man's own hands to choose between good or evil, and he is the only one who could make good or bad follow him according to his deeds."

Princess Hadba Rebukes Her Maid Zola

Princess Hadba called her maid, Zola, and blamed her repeatedly for her relationship with the servant. Zola was stunned, and her eyes opened widely wondering how the princess came to know her deepest secret? Suddenly, she repeated saying:

"It's the magician; the magician is the one who told you my kept secret, he wants to keep me away from him. He told you that I will lose my life if I don't break my relationship with him. But all this talk is nonsense, and his power is but magical. I will go to another magician and will get myself a talisman that will guard me from harm. Be sure, that my life is tied up to his, and I would rather die than stay away from him."

The princess patted Zola's cheeks, and asked her to stay away from the servant lest the terrifying prophecy of Daham would come true.

Some Words Spell Death

Zola's sons were cleaning up the adjoining room to the one where their mother and the princess were talking, and they hear their conversation. Their surprise was immense, then, Munaf is not their father! One of them cried:
- "That is why I did not have any love for him, not knowing he is not my father. And the others confirmed his words and repeated:
- "We have the same feeling as you."

The Fatal Tongue

At midnight, Zola's husband, Munaf returned home. His alleged sons were fast asleep at that late hour of the night. No sooner had he settled down, than he heard his son, Sami speak in his sleep. He said:

`We should have known that Munaf is not our father, and that 'Asem', the servant at the adjoining palace to princess Hadba's is the one. Indeed, my sister Rashida looks so much like him; she is an exact copy of him.

Wild Madness and Murder

Munaf flew into rage; his blood boiled to a fever, he breathed fire and fury, and his nerves were strung up. He foamed at the mouth, his eyes reddened, his hands shook, his legs trembled, his cheeks swelled with rage; he stuttered his hands stiffened, and his teeth were grinding: he had a touch of madness. So, he gripped a deadly sharp dagger, ran as a madman in the direction of princess Hadba's palace, and rang the doorbell with extreme nervousness. His wife, Zola, leaned out of the window asking: "Who is knocking at this late hour of the night?" When she heard the voice of her husband saying: "Your son has had a fatal accident, come quick."

She ran madly down, flung the door open, as the sharp dagger cut her open, spilling out her intestines, and bringing her end.

In one of the American States, in 1978, a black cat gave birth to four kittens. One of these kittens seemed to be stillborn. In fact, it was born alive, but the mother bit it in the neck and killed it, as it was the same one who had revealed in his sleep her relationship with the servant `Asem' and had caused her death. She, in her turn, caused his death.

As to the other three kittens,

And unlike what is known of cats, she did not take care of the three other kittens, except rarely.
This black cat is Zola, herself, who was reborn in this life cycle as a cat according to her previous deeds, just as Daham had prophesied. This black cat came back to live again under the protection of princess Hadba, who herself was reincar¬nated in this life cycle with the name of Hadia. And the cat, when she will hear this story, will disappear that same night. Praised be He, who has put down the system of reincarnation and the recurrence of lives.

These are some of the Koranic verses which support the theory of reincarnation:

1. "How can you deny Allah? Did He not give you life when you were dead, and will He not cause you to die and then restore you to life?"
(The Cow: 28)

2. "0 man! What evil has enticed you from your gracious Lord who created you, gave you an upright form, and well-proportioned you? In whatever shape He could have surely moulded you according to His will."
(The Cataclysm: 6-8)

3. "They shall say: `Lord, twice you have made us die, and twice you have given us life. We now confess our sins. Is there no escape from Hell?"
(The Forgiving One: 11)

4. "It was we that ordained death among you. Nothing can hinder us from replacing you by others like yourselves or transforming you into beings you know nothing of."
(That Which is Coming: 60)

5. "Say: `Shall I tell you who will receive the worse reward from Allah? Those on whom Allah has laid this curse and with whom He has been angry, transforming them into apes and swine, and those who worship false gods. Worse is the plight of these, and they have strayed further from the right path.' "
(The Table: 60)

This is only some of what came in the Koran about reincarnation. Here is also some of the verses of the Holy Bible that assert and confirm reincarnation according to what came from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christian religion.

A. The Confirmation by Christ of the Truth of Reincarnation.
And his disciples asked him, saying,
"Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?" And he answered and said,
"Elijah is coming and will restore all things;
but I say to you, that Elijah already came, and they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also the son of Man is going to suffer at their hands." Then the disciples understood that He had spoken to them about John, the Baptist.
(Matthew 17: 10-13)

And these are the words of Jesus Christ concerning John, Jesus says:
"And if you care to accept it, he himself is Elijah, who was to come."
(Matthew 11:14)

B.The Belief of Christ's Disciples in Reincarnation.
"And His disciples asked Him saying, "Rabbi, who sinned this man or his parents, that he should be born blind?" Jesus answered, "It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was in order that the works of God might be displayed in him."
(John 9: 2-3)

C. The Belief of the Jews in Reincarnation at the Days of Christ.
"But others were saying, "He is Elijah." And others were saying, "He is a prophet, like one of the prophets of old." But when Herod heard of it, he kept saying, John whom I beheaded, he has risen!"
(Mark 6: 15-16)

And it came about that while he was praying alone, the disciples were with him, and lie questioned them, saying, "Who do the multitudes say that I am?" And they answered and said, "John the Baptist; but others say, Elijah, and others, that one of the prophets of old has risen again."
(Luke 9: 18-19)

Writing start:9:25
in July 29, 1978





A Selection from Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables. Vol. II.

"My branches shade this cottage", said the tree speaking to itself, "they sway in the playful wind, a pleasing sight to the onlookers. And the singing birds that alight on my branches delight the ears with charming songs. In spring the wood is covered with soft grass scattered with golden flowers. And the wind playing on my branches sings the songs of nature, and squirrels run up and down my trunk. Days, months and years have passed over me, and I still stand where I was born. How I wish I could be released if only for one hour so I could move to the interior of the wood and greet the other trees. We are all in the same plight. We are all fated to stand in our places until the day axes or electric saws get to work on us so that human beings can have wood to keep them warm or run their factories. That is our destiny.

We give pleasure to those who observe us from distance, yet they cannot imagine the pain we experience for not being able to move from our place until we are overcome by old age. Our branches dry up and the life drains out slowly, and then we disappear from the material world and we move on to live in another one. For this is the will of Him who created us and laid down an order for us to follow from eternity to eternity.

I confess, I the towering tree that stands near Honey wood cottage that many times I fell prey to various thoughts, some lofty and some base and that I was perplexed at their discordance. Sometimes I had evil thoughts like wanting to hurt the little birds that used to stand and sing in my branches and gave so much delight. One day in spring one of these birds built its nest in one of my branches, under a leaf that protected it from prying eyes. There the female laid its eggs. Suddenly, I saw a great serpent slowly edging its way towards it. I was seized by a persistent wish to urge the serpent on and make it destroy the eggs. At the same time I felt an opposite wish. "That would be treachery". I said to myself, "if I betrayed this harmless creature which took refuge beneath my leaves". "And what do I care if the serpent ate up those eggs", said another voice, "I won't be hurt". And so it went on, while I was torn between wanting to hurt and not wanting to commit an evil act. It is the struggle between good and evil, between virtue and vice. Two contradicting powers. Human beings are mistaken if they believe that they alone are torn between the good and the bad.

For trees possess the same liberty to do good or evil. God gave us the freedom to choose between the good and the bad within a certain work. If we are guilty of an injustice great shall be our punishment. On the other hand if we do good great shall be our reward at the hour of reckoning.

For this reason God invested us with certain powers unknown to men. If they knew this secret they would be greatly astonished. We are able, for instance, to direct an invisible Fluid on a serpent or any other creature and make it climb up a tree and commit an infamy. Just as we can stop from doing that by directing a contrary fluid that will prevent it going up and drive it away from the tree.

Evil triumphed over good. Part of the tree that is, myself, directed its Fluid on the serpent. Just as he was crawling away, it made him turn back and climb up the tree until he reached the bird's nest and swallowed up the eggs. Upon seeing this mother, crazed by anguish, started to peck madly at the serpent while the latter tried to sting her. I was pleased and at the same time displeased at the sight. That is, my left side delighted in the scene while my right side was revolted, despite my will. At last the serpent got at the bird.

It gave a feeble flutter and fell dead to the ground. My left side which was thrilled at what happened was responsible for this misfortune. I was sorry to see evil triumph over good.

Squirrels too, would frequently meet their death, climb¬ing up and down my trunk. For my left side would direct its Fluid on them, and they would get hurt on account of the evil that dwelled in the leaves and branches of that side. How many times I struggled with it in vain. Every time it would break its promise and return to its evil ways.

When I saw it was no use, and that evil was too deeply engrained in it, that there was no escape from punishment if I did not separate from my evil half, I summoned up all my strength, one day in 1950 and gave a loud cry asking God to deliver me from that half.

Suddenly, the tree, - that is I - was rent in two. Thus, I was separated from my evil half, so that now, I was no longer responsible for what it did. I stood on the right and it stood one the left. I thank God who delivered me from my evil half and remembered the words of Christ in this connection, two thousand years ago: "And if they right eye offend thee pluck it out... for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell".

This is the story which the tree narrated. I put it down on record for those who seek to know the secrets of the unknown world.
U.S.A. July 16, 1978.




A Selection from Strange Stories and Wonderful Fables. Vol. 1.

The planet Fomalzab drew near the earth and stood at a distance of one light year away. This planet boasts a most highly developed civilization. Once every two billion years it takes up a position near the earth where it remains for an entire year before returning to its original place.

The Emperor of the planet ordered the preparation of three spaceships to be sent to earth, the planet, for the planet, after coming close to planet earth, returns to its cosmic centre, and a spacecraft cruising at the speed of light will take one and a half billion years to reach it. Every two billion years its orbit brings it within one light year from earth.

The first ship carried two hundred men. The second contained the electronic equipment which allowed the men to keep in touch with their planet and to see one another during a cosmic communication. It also carried sophisticated gadgets which could level mountains or dig deep wells should the need arise, as well as equipment permitting the lifting of heavy weights by remote control. Devices for manufacturing food were placed in the third ship. These could convert waste and remains into delicious food in one minute, by kneading them into a paste which in turn would be shaped into delicious breads. It could also flavor foods to taste. In addition the ship was equipped with a device to control temperature as well as the weather, keeping it clear or rainy at will.

Inside it a contraption, resembling a carriage, was fitted,

Which could carry six space men over land, water, or through space?

The three spaceships, each consisting of six stories, were ready for takeoff. The propellers were started silently and the ships shot up in a flash out of sight, before a crowd of statesmen and high officials who had come to see them off.

Four pilots were in control of each ship, which was oblong in shape, although the interior is helical. The pilot sits in front, holding the controls, while another sits at the rear. The other two sit on either side. Before each pilot there is a bullet proof window through which he can see his way.

The ship then was systematically driven by four men. One of them was the leader. If the ship needed to turn right, it would be difficult to do so for in trying it would cover thousands of miles and thus deviate from the course. This being the case, a violet light would be turned on in front of the pilot sitting on the right who would then lead it in the right direction. If the aim is the left side the violet light would be turned on before the pilot sitting on that side and he would guide it immediately while the front and right-hand propellers would be turned off. If the ship is to take an opposite course the violet signal would be given to the pilot sitting there and he would direct it on its course.

Two hundred men onboard the first ship sat listening to the music of their planet while their ship shot through space with incredible speed. They were dwarfs, the tallest measur-ing not more than 35cm, yet they were endowed with extraordinary power. For instance, they could lift weights which ten ordinary people from the earth cannot move. They conversed in a language of their own by blowing through their mouths or sometimes through their noses. Occasionally they would emit a sound like whistling. They had eyes resembling the head of a nail and their ears were elongated. Their size was in proportion to their level of intelligence.

Only one woman was on board with them. She was the wife of the leader of the expedition, and measured about 30cm. Hardly a thousand years old; she was highly cultured in spite of her young age. The people of Fomalzab normally had a life span of about 6000 years, sometimes 7000 years.

Like most women, the pilot's wife was keen on appearing attractive at all times. Every now and then she would blow into a tiny gadget no longer than a finger which produced a round shaped substance where she could see her face reflected. Then the substance would melt in the air and the mirror would vanish.

Her husband, less cultured than his wife, was 2000 years old. He would have preferred not to have her present on their mission, but he was powerless before her insistence. He was aware that men admired her. She bewitched them, and they were totally under her spell, always competing for her favors. Each one of them longed to have her for a wife was she to leave her husband. Happy was the man she would choose. For this reason he gave in when she insisted, and she accompanied the expedition.

For a whole year, the ship floated in space, cutting its oceans with the speed of light, observing the earth with its good and evil by means of its wonderful instruments which enabled it also to obtain copies of the papers and magazines issued on earth. Those were translated into their own languages by means of an electronic apparatus. In this way, they became familiar with the writings of the inhabitants of the earth, which compared poorly with their own fine literature and culture.

Savalia, wife of the leader of the expedition, spent most of her time in the garden where she sat among the strange plants of Fomalzab, picking flowers, pinning them to her hair, feeding her vanity as a woman. She would listen to the songs of the colorful birds echoing in the air like a melody from heaven.

One day, in a spell of enchantment with her beautiful surroundings Savalia burst into song:

I am the fair Savalia
Aloft in the spaceship Yatania shooting at light speed
As I sit in the paradise of Fomalzab, my beloved planet,
Among the wondrous blooms,
Where nightingales of my planet warble,
Joined by birds from the land of my birth
Where I long to return
I long to reach the planet Earth
And see a world other than mine,
There to roam the hills and plains and valleys.
Then I shall long for Fomalzab, city of my dreams,
And I shall return to the land of my birth,
To die and lie buried in its sacred soil.

They had agreed on a landing spot. Now they were coming near it at an altitude of twenty million miles. All ships stopped their engines and started another set at normal speed as they prepared to land until at last they came down on a vast plain.

Their landing happened to coincide with a passing caravan gaping with astonishment; the men came near for a closer look when they were blown up into the air. They saw a number of dwarfs blowing excitedly. They understood from their blowing and their gestures that they were being asked to go away immediately, which they did, shaking with fear.

The propellers stopped.

The pilot of the mother ship pressed a button and a large dome, somewhat like a tent, blew out, casting its shadow on the ship. The other two pilots did the same. By now the villagers had gathered around the strange creatures, hardly believing their eyes. The little creatures scuttled away to a near-by wood at half an hour's distance, followed by the curious crowd. Then they climbed up the trees, inviting the villagers to follow them. They tore the leaves off the branches and placed them in huge containers. Then they exposed them to some green rays that came out of a small machine. The leaves turned to dough. They cut and shaped them into small loaves which they ate, sharing them with the villagers who found them very pleasant to the taste.

They obtained water by exposing a vessel to some yellow beams which caused water to collect inside. It tasted like the water of mountain springs and its temperature could be regulated at will.

Each dwarf carried a hollow metal stick 31 cm long and 20cm thick; open from the top with wheels fixed to the bottom. Each one of them entered his stick and immediately they raced back where their spacecrafts were standing, leaving behind them an incredulous crowd.

The men of Fomalzab chose a vast site in the village where they collected their electronic devices. From the first week of their arrival they began to build a large temple to commemorate their visit to earth. They took heaps of sand and stones, which they kneaded together with their electronic machines and proceeded to cut them up into huge columns and blocks of stone. They raised the columns upright with their strange machines and fixed a huge capital on top of each. Then they laid the roof by means of interlocked pieces .of stone, and built a high wall all around the temple. A huge block of stone made of the mixture of sand and stone was left lying on the ground where it still stands, known as the cornerstone. The whole structure took no longer than one month in the building thanks to those fantastic devices. Many of the people from Fomalzab married girls from earth who gave birth to boys and girls after the strange creatures departed.

They departed six months after they arrived. Huge crowds of villagers came to see them off. Each side had learned a little of the other's language.

The propellers were started and once more the ships shot into the air and out of sight, returning to their planet, deep in the reaches of endless space.

They left behind them the Temple of Baalbek, proudly defying the generations, a living memorial of their visit to earth.

New York, 2:25p.m. 29 March, 1977


A Selection from Thunder and Lightning.

In vain do millions of philosophers
Try to fathom Divinity.
Yet Time adversities do clothe them
And gluttonous graves open gates wide
Swallowing them.
All come to naught save God and Heavens.
God's hidden intents of creating us
Are disclosed not even to prophets.
In supplication shall we pray
To attain eternal Paradise.


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37 - The Wanderer In The Desert Of Life.
38 The River Of Pleasures.
39 - Dust and Mirage.
40 - A Singing Spirit.
41 - Winged Poems.
42 - The Lyre of Love.
43 - Songs of A,-Worshiper.

The Paradises of the Goddesses
Studded With the Divine Lotus
(In Ten Volumes).

44 - The Lover of Quaint Maidens.
45 - Our Hopes Are Illusions.
46 - The Fountain of Happiness.
47 - A Poet's Bird- Songs.
48 - The Songs Of Lakes.
49 - The Mtntntain of Delights.
50 - The Grove Of Violets.
51 --The Chanting Nightingale.
52 - The Songs of spring.
53 - The Songs of Cupid.

The Daheshist Travels Around The Globe.

54 - The First Travel: From The East To The West With Dr. George Khabsa In 1969.
55 - The Second Travel: Five Journeys To The Aral) Emirates, Saudi, Arabia, Rome, Malta, Libya, Cyprus,
And Africa, In 1970.
56 -. The Third Travel: To Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Senegal, And Rome, Iii 1971.
57 The Fourth Travel to Athens, Libya, And Egypt, l n 1971.
58 - The Fifth Travel: To Iran, Cairo, Istanbul, Bucharest, and Vienna, In 1971.
59 - The Sixth Travel: To the European Countries, In 1972.
60 - The Seventh Travel: To Russia, In 1972.
61 - The Eighth Travel: To Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland, In 1973.
62 - The Ninth Travel: To France, In 1973.
63 - The Tenth Travel: To France and Italy, In 1974.
64 The Eleventh Travel: To New York, In 1976.
65 - The Twelfth Travel: To Boston, In 1976.
66 - The Thirteenth Travel: To Morocco, In 1976.
67 - The Fourteenth Travel: To Montreal, Canada, In 1976.
68 - The Fifteenth Travel: To Disney World in Florida, And To Cape Kennedy, In 1976.
69 - The Sixteenth Travel: To California, Nevada, and Arizona, In 1977.
70 - The Seventeenth Travel: To Quebec, Canada, In 1978.
71 - The Eighteenth Travel: To Virginia, In 1978.
72 - The Nineteenth Travel: To France, In 1978.
73 - The Twentieth Travel: To Greece, In 1979.



1 - Lightning’s and Thunders.
A Poetry version, by Halim Dammous,
2 - Illusory Mirage,
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
3 - Astarte and Adonis.
A Poetry Version, By Salah el-Asir.
4 - A Spirit Mourns.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
5 The Paradise. (Three Volumes).
6 - The Paradise.
A . Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
7 - The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh.
The second and the third Volumes.
8 - The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
9 - The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh.
A Poetry Version, By Sheik Abdullah el-Alaily.
10 - The Repose Of Death.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
11 Memoirs Of A Dinar.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
12 - The Six Goddesses.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
13 - Emotions and Storms.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
14 - Arrows and Spears.
A Poetry Version, By Halim Dammous.
15 - The Gospel of Love.
16 - The Hallways.
17 - The Forest's Revelation.
18 - The Book of The Divine Guide.
19 - The Difference between Catholicism and Daheshism.
20 - The Secrets of Death.
21 - My Secrets.
22 - Memoirs of A Porter.
23 - An Innocent in Chains or the Diaries of the Prisoner Of Treachery And Treason. (Two volumes).
24 - Writings Inspired By Imprisonment, Denationalization, Exile, And Displacement.
25 - Somber Darkness’s.
26 The Depravities of the Outcast Pervert Abdu el-Rahim el-Sharif The Galilean.
27 How Did I Cast out the Depraved treacherous Abdu el-Rahim The Not Sharif (The Not Honorable).
28 The Cutting Sword.

Works In The Exposure of Charlatanism And Imposturing:

29 - Unveiling the Trickeries and Exposing the Deceptions Of The Charlatan. Dr. Salomon.
30 - Uncovering the Deception and Trickery of the Charlatan el-Hawi Nour el-Dyn el Jawi.
31 - Unveiling the Non-sensual Trickeries of the Impostor Charlatan Tahra.
32 - The Secrets of Hypnotism.
33 - Exposing The Charlatans In The Name Of Hypnotism And Uncovering Their Imposturing.




1 -The Prodigies Of Dr. Dahesh And The Unity Of Religions, By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
2 - The Prodigies of Dr. Dahesh and the Unity of Religions, A French version, Translated By Mary Haddad.
3 - The Prodigies of Dr. Dahesh and the Unity of Religions, an English version, Translated By Antoine Touma.
4 - Daheshism Is A Spiritual Truth' Attested By Miracles, By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
5 - Daheshism Is A Spiritual' Truth Attested By Miracles, An English version, translated By Antoine Touma.
6 - A Psychological Study Of Gibran In The Light Of The Daheshist Principles, By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
7 - The Voice of Dahesh, By Elia Hajjar.
8 - Daheshism and the Effect of Morals In The Life Of Nations, By Nicolas Daher.
9 - How Did I Believe In Daheshism, By Majed Mehdi.
10 - I Am A Daheshist, (In French) By Antoine Issa.
11 - The Death Of Dahesh, By Pierre Roufail.
12 - Magda, the Daheshist, By Karam Melhim Karam.
13 - The Memoirs Of Magda, By Karam Melhim Karam.
14 - The Elegies Of Men Of Letters, Poets, Journalists, Physicians, Attorneys, Clerics, Statesmen, And Judges, In The Founder Of Daheshism.
15 - The Opinion Of Men Of Letters, Journalists, Politicians, And Clerics, etc... In The Founder Of Daheshism.
16 - The Miracles And Prodigies Of Dr. Dahesh, Related By the Journalist Loutfi Radwan, former Chief Editor of the Egyptian Magazine Al-Mousawar.
17 - How Have I Known Dr. Dahesh, By Sheikh Abdullah el-Alaily.
18 - Dr. Dahesh And Spirituality, By the First Believer, Yusuph el-Hajj.
19 - Studies and Articles Of Men- Of Letters, Writers, And Journalists in "Memoirs Of A Dinar."
20 - The Opinions of The Men Of Letters, The Poets, And Journalists In The Boo, "Repose Of Death."
21 - The Evaluation of Dahesh's Literary Works by Men Of Letters, Poets, Writers, and Journalists of the Arab Countries.
22 - Dr. Dahesh, the Giant Man Of Letters amidst His Literary Planets, By Najwa Brax.
23 Memoirs Of A Dinar, Translated into English By Fawzi A. Burgess, with A study about it presented' as a thesis for the Master's Degree in English Literature, translated into Arabic By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
24 The Gardens of the Gods and the Paradises of the Goddesses, 20' Books of Dr. Dahesh who’s paradisiacal Gardens are Explored By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
25 - In the Temple Of Dr. Dahesh And The Holy Of Holies Of His Literature, By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
26 Dr. Dahesh, The Prodigious Man Of Letters, A Comparative Study Of Two Giant Books "Dahesh's Inferno" and "Dante's Inferno," By Dr. Ghazi Brax.
27 - The Miracles Of The Founder Of Daheshism And His Wondrous Prodigies, By Halim Dammous.
28 The Astonishing Daheshist Miracles And Prodigies, By Halim Dammous.
29 - The Miracles Of Dr. Dahesh And His Spiritual Pro¬digies, By Mary Haddad.



1 - The Daheshist Chronicles. (In 20 volumes), By Halim Dammous.
2 - Dahesh, the Beloved Guide.
His miraculous life and Works, His Wondrous prodigies. and His Amazing teachings, B\, Dr. Ghazi Brax.
3' - The Messenger of Good Tidings and the Forewarn r, By Dr. Ghazi Brax,
4 - Dr. Dahesh The Founder Of Daheshism,
His childhood and youth, literary writings, Miracles and Prodigies, Death and Resurrection, By Basil' Daggaq.
5 - Dr. Dahesh amidst His Envious and Beloveds.
6 - Dahesh between the Tide and the Ebb.
7 - The Life of the Founder Of Daheshisn And His Miracles, Written in French By Zeina Haddad.
8 - The Life of the Founder of Daheshism and His Miracles, An Arabic version, translated By Najwa Brax.
9 - The Crime Of' the Twentieth Century. By Attorney Khalil Zaatar.



The Wife of the President Of The Lebanese Republic
And Letters with Her own Handwriting to her Sister
The lady Of Letters And Fine Artist
Mary Haddad The Daheshist
Requesting Reconciliation
Her Request Was Met With Unreviewable Rejection
And The Exchanged Letters Between Them Shall Be
Published With Their Facsimiles
In A Historic Book.



1. The Carmel are hills in Palestine that were planted gardens. They are a natural extension of Mount Lebanon that was famous for its forests. The spiritual symbolic meaning of the expression, which will become clear as we go on, relates to the translocation of the Divine Mission from Palestine into Lebanon.

2. A Dinar is a golden monetary unit.