2nd: the realm of The soul



Peace be upon that luminous immortal spiritual world!

Peace be upon those lights that are always bright!

Peace be upon that glorious divine glory!

Peace be upon those lands that I ever yearn for!

Peace be upon that Immaculate eternal fullness!

Peace be upon his righteous dwellers, who will see his bright Sunni lights!

Peace be upon the unknown world that has no fear and no fading!

Peace be upon those fragrant places!

Peace be upon those whose sanctity enabled them

From entering that hippocampus, Secretary!

Peace be upon those who were persecuted and tortured for the sake of their true fixed belief!

Peace be upon those who have tasted dishonor, and drank his bitter cup to its intoxication!

Peace be upon their happy souls from eternity to eternity!

Peace scattered him on this crayon

From a heart broken, throbbing, sad, grieving, torn!

Peace be upon a world other than our vile materialistic world!

Peace fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, not material, infested with a dirty one!

Eternal peace to his just and enforceable judgments!

Peace from this despicable world,

Send him to that great sublime world!

Peace of the poor who filled the universe with his sins,

And he beseeches God to forgive his sins, and to seek Him with His mercies that included beings and overshadowed them.

Yes, peace, peace, peace!


Paris, April 23, 1935