1st: Almighty God


A gentle word, sweet, transparent, ethereal, holy!
A word uttered by the lips with shiver and reverence!
A word repeated by awe and submission!
A word sought by every miserable and desperate person.
A word known to praia from ancient times.
A word that a child knows in his early years.
The word is a healing balm for tired hearts.
A word that is not matched by (Al Kawthar) in its sweetness!
A word that contains the whole secret of life!
A word above any known and unknown word.
Word is strong, strict, erratic, deep.
A word that it chose (the Existing Power) to symbolize it.
A harsh word, but compassion!
Awesome word, but sweet!
A deep word, and its depth is limitless and endless!
Celestial word, not earthly.
A word sacred, eternal, eternal, eternal!
A word that includes within it the secrets and secrets of eternity!
A mighty word overwhelms all others.
A vengeful word, but just reassuring!
A crying, joyful, painful, hopeful word!
The word musical pronunciation, spiritual meaning.
A word is the beginning, and it is the end!
What a sweet and timeless word!
A word includes mountains, seas, plains and rivers,
And forests and wasteland, and plains and valleys,
And all that is known and unknown,
From the visuals of this life,
And the other life! ..
Yes, what a sweet, timeless word:
God! ..

Jerusalem, January 1935