Introduction to "The Song of Songs"


Song of Songs


Who does not know the Song
THE great king and prophet,
Solomon the wise.
Sang three thousand years ago?
It still resounds throughout the ages,
Its charming verses preserved
for generations to come.
In the Song of songs, a binding spell
Charms and captivates the heart',
with sweet expressions
Seducing those who know it,
transporting them to the highest heavens
As long as they hear the melodious refrain
of this unique chant.

He who reads the song of songs
Will surely come to know
That when the heart
Of the prophet Solomon was touched
By the magic fingers of love
His deep springing passion burst forth
He felt troubling pains
And pleasing sweet hopes
So he resorted to his pen
His over flowing emotion poured abundantly
Revealing what was heading
In the depths of his being
In his eternal song,
He disclosed his secret of secrets.
Generations will pass away,
Peoples will disappear,
Civilizations will be obliterated,
Cities destroyed
.. all gone without a trace ..
but the Song of Songs will live forever
throughout the ages
so long as love
.. so long as man and woman ..

Dr. Dahesh