Introduction to Dahesh Voice Vol. 2 № 1 Issue # 5, June 1996





The release of the current issue of ''DAHESH VOICE” (June I, 1996) not only marks our first-year anniversary, but also coincides with the eighty-seventh birthday of Dr. Dahesh. This is not a mere coincidence. Although there are several reasons behind our decision to launch and publish ''DAHESH VOICE” on the birthday of its namesake, there are two factors that most strongly convey our motivation. Most importantly is that, for us, the birth of Dr. Dahesh symbolizes the birth of the new truths he has announced and the values he has incarnated. These truths and values should be spread across the world. Dr. Dahesh, originally from the Orient, possesses a spiritual and human disposition that exceeds geographic and political boundaries: he addresses all mankind, every human being. Among the rich facets of his personality, there is a cultural splendor- where

culture is an intellectual standard expressed in the return to reason, the adherence to idealistic behavioral values, and the love of true beauty.


Moreover, through the journal’s spiritual and humanitarian line, we wish to introduce the heritage of Dr. Dahesh and to discuss his literature and philosophy. Through the inspiration of Dr. Dahesh, we aim to publish all that is original, truthful and righteous, whether that is in art, science or literature. It is for this reason that this journal proudly and justly bears the name ''DAHESH VOICE”.


In this felicitous issue, it is our pleasure to publish a speech from Mrs. Marie Hadad, former president of the Lebanese Union of Artists (see p.56 Arabic Section). Translated from French, this tribute was made to celebrate the 57th birthday of Dr. Dahesh. In addition to the admiration and the veneration of those that knew Dr. Dahesh, this speech demonstrates the extent and magnitude of his nobility.


It is important to note that Mrs. Hadad made her mark in history due to her fearless struggle and the repression she endured because of her faith in the. teachings of Dr. Dahesh during the reign of her brother-in-law, Lebanese president Beshara EI-Khouri ( 1943-1952).


We are taking the occasion of our one-year anniversary to make, a promise to our readers: we will continue to improve upon all facets of this publication—the layout, topic diversity, discussions and analyses. Circumstances oblige us to publish our review quarterly; however, we hope, to produce, in the near future, a monthly magazine. The letters we have received from you, our readers, have encouraged us to proceed in this direction:

“ You are an oasis in the desert of our foreigners. You are the candle that illuminates the black of our trip in this strange world. ”

(George Nicolas El-Hage, Ph.D.)


“Truly, it is a magnificent review. Our people have an urgent need of such a publication and such extraordinary topics. ” (Reverend Labib Copti, Ph.D., Editor-in-chief, AI-Boushra Review)


Despite the numerous challenges involved in publishing an Arabic cultural review in a foreign country, we promise to deliver the quality of publication that our readers expect and deserve. Not the least of our difficulties, is the fact that we are not a commercial publication; yet, we aspire to maintain a uniquely high literary and intellectual standard. In return, we ask that our readers share with us their much-appreciated opinions—we gratefully welcome all serious comments and criticisms.


Happy Birthday Dr. Dahesh and long live DAHESH VOICE!


Editorial Board