The persecution of Dr. Dahesh and his followers

The persecution of Dr. Dahesh and his followers

Excerpt taken from New Light on the Founder of Daheshism and His Miracles, by Ghazi Brax, Ph.D., Melhem Chokr, Ph.D., and Fares Zaatar, Esq.

Soon after the author, Youssef El-Hajj believed in Daheshism, a number of literary and scientific figures, as well as members of the elite society in Lebanon also believed in Daheshism. Of those was the author Marie Hadad, the president of the Artists Association and the sister-in-law of the former Lebanese President, Bechara El-Khoury. She, her husband, and members of her immediate family all believed in Daheshism after they have seen his irrefutable miracles.

As a result of this expansion in the new belief that infiltrated the Lebanese society in all of its religions and acted to unite them by eliminating illusions and worthless traditions, thereby creating a buzz in the Lebanese and Arabic press. The family of Marie Hadad and her siblings—especially, her sister Laure and her brother Michel Chiha—who were devout Catholics, were afraid that the power of the Catholic Church in Lebanon would weaken, so they plotted against the Man of Spirit, supported by President, Bechara El-Khoury and his gang and coconspirators from the clergy, thus destroying whatever hope may have existed for the Lebanese people to live in a spiritual social unity.

They tried first to convince Marie Hadad to renounce her new belief, however, their efforts failed. Then they resorted to direct the authorities to falsely prosecute the Man of Spirit on made up charges, accusations, and allegations. However, their efforts failed as well, because the Attorney General, Mr. Dimitri Al-Hayek, who was assigned by the President to pursue the matter, preferred to resign his position than to falsely accuse Dr. Dahesh and he ended up believing in his Spiritual Mission.

At that point, the authorities resorted to the use of pressure and convincing Members of the Parliament to enact a law that prohibits “séance,” and by doing so Dr. Dahesh would not be able to continue his activities and the performance of miracles—knowing that the miracles of Dr. Dahesh has absolutely nothing to do with “séance,” however, the illeducated authorities at that time insisted to label the “Daheshist Spiritual Sessions” as “séance,” so that it can be used as an excuse to prosecute the innocent Man of Spirit. This tactic by the authorities failed as well, so they resorted to defame the righteous Man of Spirit, in cooperation with the Christian clergy, by making up all kinds of cheap stories and spreading rumors about him to the people and in churches, schools, and newspapers. Daheshists were forbidden to respond to the campaign of despicable lies.

Finally, the authorities resorted to devilish methods to fight the Man of God, so they arrested him on August 28, 1944 and placed him in jail without a trial. Then they arrested and imprisoned without trial prominent Daheshists—including Marie Hadad. On September 9, 1944 the authorities revoked his Lebanese citizenship in an arbitrary way, thus violating the constitution and then threw him outside of the country after they had tortured, whipped, and insulted him. He was then thrown into the Turkish borders by a conspiracy between Bechara El-Khoury and the Mayor of Aleppo.

In this manner, the Man of Spirit became homeless and subjected to serious dangers without a single voice in Lebanon from a Member of Parliament, journalist, judge, or citizen to defend him. It was only voices across the ocean that voiced its disapproval with anger. The loudest of such voices was that of Gibran Massooh, an author and owner of the “Mukhtasar” magazine published in Buenos Aires, Argentina and what he said in his campaign against the persecutors of Dr. Dahesh that lasted two years: “All the enemies of Dahesh will be defeated and what is worst than their defeat is the carrying of their remorse to the grave, because this crime cannot disintegrate into thin air and its elements cannot melt in space and will accompany, be stuck to, and combine with the cells of its perpetrators. The crime will be remembered every time they are mentioned and they will be remembered every time the crime is mentioned. This will be a lesson for all future generations.” (Vol. 1, No. 10, September 1946)

The Man of Spirit reprimands and warns in a prophecy:

After the founder of Daheshism had been expelled for a month, he was able to secretly return to Lebanon on 09-10-1944. From his lion’s den he was able to launch a horrific media campaign that earth has never witnessed anything like it against the tyrants and their thugs, despite the thousands of men awaiting to trap him. He wrote and distributed on a wide scale 66 Black Books and 165 flyers that dealt with the men in power and those who conspired against him. He exposed their indiscretions and evils; unveiled their secrets and conspiracy against the people; and made them the talk of foreign diplomats and the presidents of many countries. These Black Books and pamphlets helped to awaken the people and made them revolt against the tyranny of the rulers. Bechara El-Khoury fell from his seat of power in 1952 and was replaced with Camille Chamoun as the President of the Lebanese Republic. President Chamoun reinstated the Lebanese citizenship to Dr. Dahesh at the beginning of his term in 1953.

Prophecy of the destruction of Lebanon:

On January 4, 1948, the “Hyatt” newspaper of Beirut and other Lebanese newspapers published a prophecy by Dr. Dahesh that can be summed up as follows: Beirut will be burnt with fire and sulfur and that destruction will engulf the entirety of Lebanon. Such destruction will take place because of the persecution of the government of the founder of Daheshism and for the failure of the people to react to this crime represented by their Members of Parliament, judges, literati, and journalists. The implications of this horrific prophecy exceeded the talk of observers and contradicted the wishes of the cruel, greedy, and opportunists and the Lebanese press treated this prophecy with ridicule. However, after the travesty of Lebanon and its people, it is history that ridicules them.