August 28, 1944 another day

August 28, 1944, another day that lives in infamy!


On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Forces attacked Pearl Harbor. In addressing the American People, President Franklin D. Roosevelt referred to this day as “a day that lives in infamy.” In the future, Daheshists, whose number would have swollen to represent a sizeable percentage of the world, will also recognize August 28, 1944 as another day that lives in infamy, for on this day that a great crime was committed against our Beloved Prophet, Dahesh, the returning Christ. Why?

In the 1930's Dr. Dahesh took up residence in Beirut. On March 23, 1942, he declared the beginning of a spiritual movement named Daheshism. He called for the unity of religions and the return to righteous human behavior. His supernatural powers gave him credibility as a Prophet. Can you imagine how many people would have believed in Jesus Christ had he not exhibited supernatural powers? At that time only a handful of people believed in Dr. Dahesh as a Prophet. These included Marie Hadad-the sister-in-law of the then Lebanese President, Bechara El-Khoury-and her immediate family. Religious leaders in Lebanon and Bechara El-Khoury opposed Dr. Dahesh and, with the help of Bechara's wife, Laure El-Khoury, tried to force Marie Hadad and her family to abandon their belief in Daheshism. When she and her family refused, the President ordered her imprisonment on several occasions. At one point she remained in jail for one year. He also had her committed to a mental institution, where the physicians found her to be completely sane and had to release her.

When political tactics failed, Bechara El-Khoury and his brother-in-law, Michel Cheeha, employed thugs to assassinate Dr. Dahesh, but all attempts failed. On August 28, 1944, Dr. Dahesh was ambushed, beaten, jailed without cause and due process of the law for 13 days, deprived of his Lebanese citizenship (in direct violation of the Lebanese constitution), and expelled from Lebanon.

Two thousand years prior, Jesus Christ was also persecuted by the ruling elites, the clergy, and by King Herod the Great and his descendants for preaching a universal message of brotherly love, compassion, and righteousness. The connection between the persecution of Jesus Christ and our Beloved Prophet is mind-boggling. I have reviewed certain Daheshist documents that explain the connection: Bechara El-Khoury possessed a Sayyal (Spiritual Fluid) from King Herod the Great and another from Pilate Pontius. The evil that stirred them to persecute Jesus Christ stirred them to persecute Dahesh. God protected Dahesh throughout his ordeal and about a month after his expulsion from Lebanon and his placement in harm’s way at the Turkish-Syrian Borders, he returned to Lebanon to begin a campaign against his oppressors. He published and distributed 66 black booklets and 165 black pamphlets exposing the shameful and dissolute behavior of Bechara El-Khoury, the clergy, and the elites. During this period, Bechara El-Khoury, the clergy, and the politicians who ruled Lebanon did not leave a single prominent Daheshist free. Just about all were imprisoned to include George Hadad and Halim Dammous. There was plot to assassinate Dr. Fareed abu-Suleiman, Dr. Khabsa, and others. Dahesh Knew about the plot and the only way to save them was through an act of redemption by Christ. How did the act of redemption take place?

A Spiritual Personality of Dahesh materialized in the Iranian region of Azerbaidjan in 1947 and was caught by the authorities. The Personality had no papers to prove his identity, and because a bloody revolution was taking place, he was mistaken for a spy. As a result he was blindfolded and executed by a firing squad in Azerbaidjan on July 1, 1947. The execution of the Personality of Dahesh was photographed and documented by the Iranian press. Word got out to the Iranian government and the Iranian Ambassador in Lebanon, Mr. Rahnama, officially relayed the news of the execution to the Lebanese authority. In Lebanon, Al-Hayat and other magazines and newspapers published photographs and news of the execution.

However, it was not Dr. Dahesh the human who was executed. It was a look-alike Spiritual Entity that took his place. The same thing happened at the time of the Crucifixion. Daheshist are very aware that a Spiritual Personality materialized and replaced Jesus, the human, at the time of Crucifixion. It was the Spiritual Personality of Jesus that was caught, put on trial, placed on the cross, and then resurrected on the third day, while the human Jesus lived discretely for more than 20 years helping out his Disciples spread the teachings of Christianity—in particular St. Paul. The Spiritual Personalities of Dahesh materialized from the Worlds of Paradise and were witnessed by many Daheshists and visitors alike. At times, as many as six Personalities would appear, transgress the natural laws of the universe, talk to the audience, and then disappear. People saw Jesus Christ on the cross, but the Koran says: " they killed him not, Nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them." (Sura iv:Nisaa 157) In other words, a look-alike was crucified. Because the look-alike is a spiritual entity, it doesn't obey the laws of nature. Jesus Christ's look-alike was resurrected, and so was the look-alike of Dr. Dahesh. In Daheshism, the Spiritual Entity is referred to as a Spiritual Personality. It was allowed for 6 Spiritual Personalities of Dr. Dahesh to materialize during his life. As Bechara El-Khoury celebrated, Dr. Dahesh, the human, was already in Lebanon, preparing a large-scale media attack on his oppressors.

During this entire period, no one in Lebanon stood up for Dr. Dahesh's rights. Dr. Dahesh was baffled by this fact and in some of his writings mentions that in the nineteenth century, Émile Zola risked his life and career when he stood up and defended Alfred Dreyfus, the Jewish French military officer accused of treason, but that in Dahesh's own case, no one dared stand up to his accusers. The news media in Lebanon closed their eyes and ears and allowed this to happen, thus conspiring with the Lebanese government. Dr. Dahesh wrote and distributed leaflets, pamphlets, and books known as the "Black Books." These publications attacked the character of the Lebanese President, his wife, government, the clergy, and the media using photographs and factual documents exposing their dissolute character. His prophecies about Bechara El-Khoury and the destruction of Lebanon all came true and were published by the press. Through these daring publications, Dr. Dahesh presented the true facts of his case to the public, where he exposed the nature of the Lebanese president and his scandals. The contents of the Black Books contributed to the general public uprising against the regime of the Lebanese President on September 18, 1952.

The reader may wonder how come Jesus Christ did not revolt against the authority, so why did Dahesh do such things. In Revelation (2:5:28), Christ says: But until I come, you must hold firmly to what you have. To those who win the victory, who continue to the end to do what I want, I will give them authority over the nations, to rule them with an iron rod and to break them to pieces like clay pots. I will also give them the morning star [Daheshist Star used in the Holy Ramz]. Christ returned as a disciplinarian. In Psalms (110:1) David says: “The Lord said to my lord, the king, “Sit here at my right side until I put your enemies under your feet.”